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 Post subject: Story: Tattooed Housewife
 Unread post Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 7:52 pm 

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Just some background context. Firstly this isnt my story, (so if the original author has issue with the story being posted here then please pm me and i will removed it,) it comes from the long defunct, in its original format it had illustrations unfortunately I cannot find them on my hard drive so you'll have use your imaginations.
Also, sorry for wall'o text. Enjoy.

Danni was a vivacious redheaded mother of two whose marriage had reached the comfortable but unexciting stage. Her husband worked in the city, their children went to private school and she did all the family things at home. Life was safe, there was money for her not to have to work and to live well, but there was no excitement so she jumped at the chance to get out with some old college friends for a weekend when they called unexpectedly. Actually her husband would be away on business that weekend and she could palm the children off on her parents which would allow her and her friends the run of the house from Friday until Sunday evening. A weekends relaxation,drink and conversation with old friends was just what she needed. She waved goodbye to her husband and children that Friday morning and arranged the house for her guests. There would be four of them in total, Mary, Allie, Debs and herself sharing the house, just like old times.
The ‘phone rang. It was Mary saying that the girls were going to meet in the city at a wine bar at 1 o’clock for lunch and would she join them there. She would. She went and changed into her smart but conservative clothes and took a taxi into town. She arrived on time but was not surprised to see her friends already sitting with half empty glasses before them. God how they had changed over the past ten years.
Mary, the rebellious one, now settled in the country with a wealthy farmer, the only sign of her previous life the nose stud she still wore in her left nostril and now that was a diamond rather than the silver she used to wear. Allie had been Danni’s closest friend as they had seemed to be the most alike each other. Now she seemed to have taken Marys place as the centre for alternative life. Multiple earrings jangled under her long hair, a stud protruded from under her lower lip and from her nose, while she dressed more like a gypsy than a middle class mother of two. Only Debs appeared much as she had been at college, with jeans, boots and a white blouse. She still looked like the law student that she had been and was still single. They sat, ate, drank and reminisced for hours until the light faded. After six or seven hours, Danni had lost track of time, Debs stood up and said she would have to go, she had an appointment in the centre of town. The others, except Danni, stood up and said they would go with her. Debs looked at Danni and asked if she would like to come too. Danni said sure so they found a cab and set off, continuing their chat in the back. After 20 minutes or so the taxi pulled up in a quiet street in the city centre and the girls got out. Danni found herself standing outside a brightly lit window with some pictures stuck on the inside. Purple neon strip lights surrounded the door and a brightly painted board saying “Daves Tattoos” hung above it.
Debs walked through the door and the rest of the girls followed, Danni bringing up the rear. She looked around and saw hundreds of pictures on the walls, some in black and white but most in colour. There were dragons, fish, birds and many other animals covering the walls. To one side she saw a board covered in pictures of flowers and orchids, all exquisitely drawn and coloured while thick, black designs covered another part of a wall. Another wall carried drawings of naked or topless women. Debs had spoken to the heavily tattooed man behind the counter. He put down his paper, checked the book and led her behind some curtains. Mary and Ellie followed her and beckoned Danni into the room with them. She watched her friends while they gathered around Debs as she shrugged off her blouse and jeans leaving only a camisole and her thong on.
Danni hardly noticed the underclothes though, for she saw that her friend was covered in brightly coloured tattoos across her chest then from her shoulders to mid forearm and down both legs to her knees.

Her hands flew to her mouth as she followed the designs across her friends body, finally returning to her face. Debs was smiling at her, then she heard laughter and turned to look at Mary and Allie who were both watching her reaction. When she had started breathing again the questions started to fly. Before Debs could answer Dave the tattooist made her sit on what looked like a dentists chair. He flattened it out and Debs turned over. Danni noticed that the backs of Debs thighs were a mass of lines and it was these that Dave was going to shade in. He picked up, what Danni discovered later was, the tattoo gun and a small pot of blue ink. After wiping the back of one of Debs knees he dipped the tip of the gun in the pot then switched it on. A loud buzzing filled the room and he started tattooing.
Mary moved to Debs head, holding her hands as the ink was pushed into the skin and the girls started to explain.Both Mary and Allie had got there first tattoos shortly before they left college. They had met up with Debs again accidently 2 years previously, got drunk and Debs had got her first tattoo. Debs explained that from the following day when she had stood and looked at herself in the mirror she had been driven to get herself tattooed again and again. She had been lucky that it had been Dave who had done her first tattoo because he had sat her down and talked her through various designs and overall themes rather than just a mish – mash of ink. She smiled ruefully as she said she wouldn’t have cared, all she wanted was to feel the ink being forced into her skin – the best pain in the world - and to be able to look at her own personal art afterward. She liked the old school work, but also some japanese styles as well and Dave was able to blend it together. At the moment she could only be tattooed where it could be covered up as her legal practice would disappear if anyone found out. Dave smiled and asked how far she would like to go. She twisted her head and, looking him straight in the eyes told him everywhere except her face. Then she paused before adding that she’d probably enjoy that being done too.
Danni asked the others if they were as covered as Debs. Mary smiled and pointed to an old newspaper cutting on the wall. It was a picture of her taken a few years before
when she had dyed her hair blonde. Danni watched as she rolled up her sleeves to expose the colourful tattoos that covered her arms. Mary explained that they went much further now and that with the exception of her hands, face and neck there was no room on her body for more ink.
Danni looked at Allie who was nodding. She said she was in a similar position but had decided that she would add more ink even though it would always be visible. Dave smiled at her and said she had spoken like a true addict. Danni asked them what and where their first tattoos had been. Mary laughed and lifted the back of her blouse. In the small of her back was a tattoo of a beautiful red peony flower. She explained it had taken almost 4 hours to do, the last hour of shading had been the most painful. Danni looked at her and asked why she had come back for more if it had hurt so much. Mary repeated the phrase Debs had used, that it was the best pain in the world. Allie pulled her blouse down over her right shoulder exposing the pink peony that was tattooed there. Dark blue, almost black ink surrounded it, making it stand out prominently.Dave looked up,saying that he was going to be with Debs for another hour or more so if they wanted to get a drink they could call back. Mary and Allie said OK but Danni said she wanted to stay and watch. Which is what she did, holding Debs hands during the very painful parts, watching the sweat roll down her forehead and onto her own hands , all the time asking questions. She watched as the blood and excess ink was wiped from the back of Debs legs, talking gently to her then asking more questions when the pain lessened.
Allie and Mary returned after 45 minutes with a bottle of wine and something to eat for the others. Dave didn’t drink at work but pointed to a cupboard with cups in it and told them to lock the door. He wasn’t expecting anyone else and didn’t want to be done for having people drinking on the premises. Allie pulled a cork and filled 3 cups with red wine, giving one to her.Danni wandered through the shop looking at the designs. She found she was drawn toward the flowers, especially the orchids or chrysanthemums on one of the walls. She stood and stared at it thoughtfully sipping her wine. Mary came and topped up her cup, asking her if there was anything in the flash designs that she liked. Danni lifted an eyebrow and said maybe.The buzzing from behind the curtain finally stopped and Debs slowly and stiffly walked out pulling her blouse back over her jeans. Dave followed her out and she reached up and gave him a peck on his unshaven cheek. He pulled off his ink stained gloves, took her card from her and swiped it through the machine. Debs keyed in her number and paid for the work and pain.

The 3 tattooed girls started to make for the door when they heard Danni speak.“How much and how long to do this one?”

Dave looked at her, and quoted a price and a time. Danni nodded. Could he do it now? Yes but it would be late before he finished. She looked at him and said it was OK, he could charge her for it.Dave looked at her, nodded and asked her where she wanted it put. She told him. He nodded and pulled back the curtain with his hand. The unmarked Danni walked through the curtain knowing things would never be the same again, followed by her 3 friends.The following morning Danni woke up in her bed alone. Slowly she stretched and then rose and looked in the mirror. She hadn’t bothered with her usual pyjamas the night before and now stood naked before the full length mirror. She smiled as her fingers caressed the clear plastic dressing that covered the newest part of her body. The girls had been right, the pain was the best in the world, now she was left with the same sensation as if she had lain in the sun too long and become sunburned. The shape of the flower was beautifully clear and the colours were bright and glorious, the greens, yellows, reds and blues shone in the early light.The shading had been the most painful, the vibration from the needles punching into the skin over the bone had brought tears to her eyes but a warm glow to her belly. She smiled at the memory and remembered Debs words as she looked in the mirror. Searching her trousers, she found and pulled out a small piece of card from the pocket where she had put it the previous night, picked up the bedroom phone and dialed the number.
She pulled on a stiff satin dressing gown, tying it at the front and went downstairs to make breakfast for herself and her friends, the tattoo on her chest visible above the collar of the gown. She pushed open the kitchen door and to see her friends standing before her.They were dressed in T shirts and undies only, their tattooed arms and legs plain to see.There was a shout of glee as she came through the door and they descended on her laughing and holding her at arms length. The discussion ranged from the pain, the blood and the ink, to the design and the way the fronds followed her collarbones, the petals her breast bone.
The question over the coffee cups were when would she get her next one and what would she tell her husband.The first part was easy. She was going back today, this afternoon in fact, if they would care to join her.And her husband she wouldn’t have to worry about as he hadn’t seen her naked in years.Debs smiled at her and told her not to get too much done too quickly and that her husband would find out soon enough.Danni shrugged back at her and whispered that she didn’t care.That afternoon they all set out again for Daves tattoo studio. He was waiting for them as they walked through the door.
Mary asked him how he knew they were coming back. He laughed as he locked the door, and told them of Dannis phone call at 9 that morning making the appointment. Allie looked at Danni pointing out that the call had been made before she came down to breakfast.Danni smiled, gave Dave some photographs and told them what she wanted done with them. He nodded and held the curtain open for her and the others to enter. She took off her blouse and sat in the chair. This time it stayed upright as Dave took her left arm and cleaned it with the antiseptic. She had seen the flash on the wall the night before and he had already made up the templates for the design, they were common enough, and only needed slight modification He applied the stencils to Dannis upper arm and applied a little pressure. When the backing was removed the design stayed on her arm. He made the changes to the faces, picked up the tattoo gun and started the outline. Danni felt the thrill she had felt the previous night and that morning. The pain was not as bad as it had been the night before and she switched her attention from what was being done to her arm and what had been done to her chest. She loved it all.
That night she and her friends enjoyed dinner in the kitchen of her house, each had dressed to show themselves off to the best. Danni and Debs new tattoos were on display as were Allie and Marys originals. The wine flowed and conversation centred on where each was going with their lives and where they would be. Danni looked at Debs saying that within a year she hoped would have as much ink as her . She wouldn’t worry yet about her husband – maybe he would come round to the idea of having a heavily tattooed wife but if he didn’t then she knew where she could come. The friends smiled, then all raised their glasses in a toast and went to bed.The following day after lunch they were gone leaving Danni sitting topless before the mirror. She looked at her body, decided what she would like done and figured how much she would have completed before her husband found out. The fact that she was in bed before him most nights in her pyjamas meant that he never saw much of her body. Sex was quick, under the bedclothes, in the dark and not very often so that was not a problem. No, the first time he would notice anything would be on holiday next year.She telephoned the tattoo studio and made further appointments with Dave stretching through the autumn and into the New Year and beyond. He promised to work out some ideas for her. So it was that 3 days after the return of her family she pushed open the door to the shop and sat for an hour and a half planning with Dave. A month later the chest and arm pieces had healed completely. Dave opened the door, locked it after her and followed her behind the curtain. She stripped to the waist, lay flat on the chair and the flash was lined up on her chest and belly. With a little adjustment they fitted and, after the design had transferred to her skin, the outlining was started. As she watched a thick blue line traced the outline on her body.
Dave had told her that he would use large groupings of needles in the machine to give thick lines. These were bold tattoos that were not going to fade or run. They would be with her for the rest of her life and probably beyond. She looked at him and laughed.. Did he mean that these were going to be like the others she asked. He smiled. Yes. These were going to be exactly like the others.
He tattooed her for 4 hours, all the time she could afford, as she had to pick the children up from school, the wonderful pain distracting her all the way. That night she stood before the mirror looking at the beautiful blue lines edged in red that ran across her chest and belly, following her curves as they formed patterns and pictures on her body.She slipped into her pyjamas covering them from sight, the warm glow in her belly and the burning in her skin reminding her what had been done to her during the session.She had told Dave what she wanted that Saturday morning after her upper arm was tattooed. She wanted a mish- mash of classic designs tied together with loads of blue ink. She wanted the old style on her body with different designs covering the skin of her torso and arms. She wanted the designs off the wall and out of the books, she was going to be a traditional girl. For her legs she was undecided.
He had tried to talk her out of it saying that it would look better if it was themed but she had laughed saying that she had been upstanding and respectable for so long, now she wanted to be a bit trashy, a bit original. She looked at him seriously and emphasised that this did not mean that the designs or the tattoos would be badly done though. Dave looked back at her . He was proud of his work and wanted the hard work that he put in appreciated. At the end of the day he would do whatever she wanted but it would be good. Then he smiled and walked over to a wall of tribal designs asking her which one she wanted on her lower back. She laughed again breaking the ice that had formed. No tribal she said, only old school. Her husband climbed into bed that night, kissed her and rolled over. She gave a mental sigh of relief as the dressings on her body would have given her away. They would be gone by the following night.And so for the next few months every few weeks she would go and another part of her body would disappear under a layer of ink. Mostly the sessions were 4 hours long, occasionally longer if the children spent the night away and her husband was at work.
By the end of November her chest piece was complete and she had been sleeved to the wrist on both sides with the dark blue and black ink she wanted. She had wanted classic spiders webs over each elbow but Dave had pointed out that they would never have shown up against the dark ink on the rest of her arms. Her orchid had been complimented by a pair of dragons that wrapped themselves around each of her breasts, the soft pink skin having been transformed into the blue, green and black scales of the beasts, while both of her nipples had been tattooed red in contrast. Her belly was covered by a large tiger crawling down toward her pubis, while small multicoloured flowers mingled with the black bringing splashes of colour to her darkly shaded arms. A picture of her daughter as a fairy princess on her right forearm, complimented the pictures on her left arm of her husband and herself. Her sons image had been tattooed on the inner surface of her wrist. She wore her family on her sleeves. Dave had taken the tattoos over her hips to the top of her legs but the final decision about those designs would be made after the New Year.
At the beginning of December he had outlined her back, an old style take on a classical Japanese design of a very definitely male dragon and a naked girl entwined together. She smiled at the sight of it as he hadn’t told her about that, or that the girl would have her face, He had also outlined her lower back piece of flowers and fairies. She twisted round to look at her tramp stamp in the mirror loving the appearance of it and anticipating the feeling as the vivid colours were forced into her skin to make it complete.
But the tattooing in addition to her normal routine was taking its toll on her. That night she had crashed out in bed, lying on her front, when her husband joined her. He had kissed her as usual and then ran his hand over her back. The plastic dressings were easily felt under her pyjamas so he slowly eased the cloth upward and saw the designs under them. Concerned but interested he turned a soft light on and studied his wife's body seeing hints of what lay under the cover of her nightwear. He switched the light off rolled over trying to understand what he had seen.The following morning Danni awoke to the curtains being pulled back and a cup of coffee being presented to her. Still groggy from sleep she thanked her husband and sat slowly up in bed. He watched as she sleepily drank her coffee, the sleeves of her pyjamas riding up, exposing the tattoos on her lower arms.

“Nice tattoos. Are they just for you or will you share them with me?”

She froze.

Then she put the coffee cup down and got out of bed without saying a word. Looking him directly in the eye she slowly unbuttoned her pyjama top and let it fall to the bedroom floor. Her husband gasped, his mouth dry as he took in the tattooed body of his wife before him. Danni slipped out of the pyjama bottoms and turned around slowly exposing him to every piece of ink that had been pushed into her skin. He put down his coffee cup and walked toward and around her, scrutinising every part of her tattooed body. She stared defiantly at him waiting to see what his reaction would be Softly, he took her face in his hands and kissed her gently and then with more and more force until she felt his hard penis pressing against her belly.The family Christmas card that year showed them standing together, her sleeved left arm resting on his shoulder, Debs, Allie and Mary received one - Debs laughed out loud when she received hers.
Their relationship changed after that for now they talked to each other again. Sex was with the light on and the covers off as he explored her new body. It was as it had been when they first met. He told her how he had found out that night and what a turn on it had been. He asked her why, then why not, how far she would go and who would know. She told him of her plans for her body, watching him becoming more aroused. She paused for a second, then told him that only he and the children would ever know – and her friends of course. He waved a hand ,it was her body. She promised that she would get nothing done that couldn’t be covered then asked what his favourite was. With a dry mouth and a raging erection he said her chest and breasts. She asked why as she gently ran her fingers over them and he told her what he wanted to do to them.

She told him to do it.

Afterwards he smiled to himself and asked if he could watch her being tattooed. She asked how comfortable he would feel with another man seeing her naked below the waist while she was being tattooed. OK, he said, he saw her point, but could he watch her back being finished.? Yes.So in January he went with her to Daves studio and watched her back being filled and coloured. It took all day, the children were with her in laws,and her husband held her hands while asking questions until the beautiful pain took her breath away. Her sweat stuck her hair to her brow then dripped onto his hand as the shading was done. He was given the machine to colour the last petal of her lower back tattoo. He took his time, listening to her breathing as the pain increased, both of them loving every second. He gave her one black petal to go with the red ones.
They got home late that night and she fell asleep naked, apart from the dressings on her back in bed and woke in the morning, feeling him inside her as he took her from behind, studying her new back.In January, when the children were farmed out to the in laws again and her husband was away on business the decision about her legs was made. She decided to go Japanese one Friday evening with Debs, Allie and Mary watching Dave shading her sides and bottom. OK said Dave as he listened to wine being drunk from his cups again After he had finished with Danni, Allie took her place.Dave looked her in the eye and asked her if she was sure she wanted him to do this. She nodded without taking her eyes off of his.


Starting with the left he took her hand and extended the design past the wrist and onto the back of her hand. After 2 hours the back of her left hand sported a butterfly with the continuation of the design from her forearm. Dave put some Japanese symbols on her first 2 fingers and a snake curving around her thumb, the other fingers he shaded with red. Danni watched in awe as she realised her friend would never again be able to cover all her tattoos. She found it very moving and very erotic.
Then Dave took her right hand and extended the design onto the wrist but not onto the back of her hand. Finished he stood up. He looked at them and asked if anybody else wanted anything visible. Danni and Debs whispered yes but couldn’t, Debs because of her job, Danni because of her promise. That evening the 3 friends sat around Dannis kitchen table.The atmosphere was charged as the friends ate and drank, all having dressed to expose as much of their tattoo work as they could while still preserving there modesty. Finally Danni stood up and took off the rest of her clothes saying that they were all friends and had seen it all before. Anyway they had seen all her tattoos, now she wanted to see all theirs. The 3 girls burst out laughing at her seriousness and pulled off their clothes. The next hour was spent studying each others bodies, for Danni it was a way of seeing how her tattoos would change over time and gave her ideas for how they would evolve. The outlining of her legs took place a few weeks after the get together. She had been taken to Daves by her husband and while she had undressed the men had talked. After she was settled in the chair, her husband explained that rather than finish at the ankle Dave would extend the design over her foot to keep the continuity. It would be fine as it wouldn’t be visible with her shoes on. She would keep her promise. She looked at Dave and nodded, then smiled at her husband.
They arranged a short holiday in Tenerife a week after her legs and feet were done with strict instructions from Dave that she must stay out of the sun. A compromise and total sunblock meant that she could laze by the pool for short periods of time. It was the first time that other people had seen her tattoos. It was the first time the children had seen her tattoos and both were enthralled by the changes their upper middle class mother had wrought on her body.They crawled into bed in the morning, pushing there father out of the way, to gaze at her, to run their fingers over and marvel at the pictures in her skin.
Whenever she tried to put trousers over her legs, her daughter would complain that she couldn’t see the pictures. Again, a compromise was reached and she was allowed to wear thin white trousers and tops that meant that her tattoos would be shaded but still visible.She thanked those who spoke positively and complimented her tattoos and laughed at those who scorned – at the end of the day getting tattooed had been the best life decision she had ever made on so many different levels. Her relationships with her friends, her husband and herself had changed so much for the better.
They flew back to snow, sleet and high winds and a few weeks later she had a long session under Daves needles as the dragon on her left leg was shaded. When he had finished only the eye of the dragon and the sole of her foot were ink free. She stood before the mirror that night inspecting and caressing her beautifully inked leg. She posed in different ways and watched how it looked in different positions. Her naked husband joined her and pulled the velvet dressing gown away from her leg. He murmured in her ear as he ran his hand over the plastic covered tattoo,making her smile, close her eyes and open her legs for him.
She was back at Daves studio a week later, before the left leg had finished scabbing to get her right filled and shaded. This would be her last session for a while as she had other commitments. Again she walked from the shop with a beautiful ache and the start of the burning all over her leg and foot. Her husband was away again on business but would be back in 2 days. She wished now that he wasn’t for she wanted him to share this with her. She also wished she had more skin for she never wanted this to stop, she never wanted the tattooing to finish. She waited nearly 3 months then went back for some final shading and for both dragons to be given eyes. Dave also lengthened her daughters hair on her right forearm, just to make it a bit more difficult to hide he laughed. It now curled over the wrist bones, just before the back of her hand. It would be her final session until whenever and when he had finished she threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek before watching him swipe her credit card . That evening she decided to save one last bit of her skin. This would be the last piece of her that she could have tattooed when she could stand it no more and was desperate for the cold kiss and sting of the needles again.
After the children were in bed she stood before the mirror admiring her legs and feet in her heels. She opened the dressing gown to expose her untattooed pubis and vagina. She would save this and the area between the cheeks of her bottom until the longing got too much.For now she would have to be satisfied. Her family life had never been better. She was relaxed and enjoying her new sexually aroused husband. She’d had to restart the pill after almost 5 years. The children loved having a tattooed mother – she was different and cool. She had regained her confidence with spades, on occasion allowing some of her tattoos to be visible. This had meant buying shorter tops than usual, as she loved showing her tramp stamp, it just set her so far from the usual dowdy, professional mothers. The young au pairs were always asking where she got it, why she got it and did it hurt? It was if they caught a glimpse of the tiger on her belly that all but the really adventurous stepped back for a second. So life was good for her when a few months later her husband, unexpectedly, took her to Daves again. It was the anniversary of her strip show in the bedroom and her husband had made the appointment for her. As she walked through the door and smelt the antiseptic then saw Dave reading the paper behind the counter the ache of loss welled up in her. Dave smiled, put his paper down and stood up. He held open the curtain for her and she slowly walked through. She was puzzled for her husband had not told her why he had brought her back here.
Dave motioned to her to sit in the chair then took hold of one of her hands. His smile widened as he looked her in the eye and started to gently wipe her fingers with antiseptic, first one hand, then the other.
Then he asked her.

“Which one is LOVE and which one is HATE?”

She looked at her husband, her heart pounding wildly, her mouth suddenly dry while the rest of her body started to sweat.

She cocked her right hand.

“This one is love.”

Her eyes never left his as the thick, black letters were tattooed into her fingers.

The end

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Tattooed Housewife
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Nice, thanks for sharing

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Trying to upload the original with pictures but system won't allow the file extension ( whatever that is)

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piercedoc wrote:
Trying to upload the original with pictures but system won't allow the file extension ( whatever that is)

Can you upload to a file sharing site and post the link here?

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