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 Post subject: Story: Alicia and the chain
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-- author's note: the story is in a fantasy setting. It also starts out slow, but it gets better :) --

-chapter1:the procedure-
Life is so unfair. And it does not hesitate to remind you of that fact. I certainly did not forget it while walking the sandy streets of the Piercer. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let me tell you my pre-story first.

First, about myself. I am called Alicia nowadays, I used to have a second name, but that is meaningless now. I am (or at least was) a proud female member of the Saintly race, the leading race of our known world, before my exile. I am said to have a beautiful face, with bright blue eyes, high cheekbones and straight blonde hair, but I was always more proud of my body. I measure my height at 170 cm (~5,6 feet), and sporting an athletic body - I am a fighter, after all, even though I rarely fight nowadays. My chest measures a perky E cup - I used to have a smallish C, but my short trip to Multipede has seen it expanded.

Second, the reason of my exile. You see, the Saintly race is kinda prudish, and by kinda, I mean a lot. Since the gender ratio of the Angelic race is 10 female for every single male, you just cannot help having the hots for the only handsome male you have ever seen more than a couple of seconds. Since boys are so rare, it is a privilege to even see them, much less getting friendly with them. Since every regular girl dreams about bearing a child for the Saintly empire, it is an endless race with the other girls for the prize.

The fact that the process of babymaking consists sex as well is lost on most of them - not on me, however, and when I was found out giving a blowjob to the only male I have ever known for more than a passing second, I was immediately banished to the land of Judgement at the ripe age of 20 for being "possessed" by an evil lust demon or something.

Not that they weren't at least partially right - I was a hundred times hornier than any other Saintly girl I have known. I was already an addict of masturbation when most girls did not even know what those "devices" between their legs did. I took my fighting training seriously (especially the ones that shape your precious butt muscles) because I knew that I have to be one of the best to be chosen as a potential mother, my only real legal solution to have actual sex. Well, I kinda spoiled that chance for myself by being too lewd, or rather, too careless by getting caught.

That mistake still hurts me, even though 3 years have passed. I used to have a comfortable life, where safety, food and accommodation were a given - those are kinda luxury in the land of the Judgement, you see. Not that I can't stand up for myself, but surviving is much more difficult when you can only rely on yourself.

One more thing changed - namely, my morals. I was considered a lust-possessed demon in the lands of the Saints, but when I arrived to Conservatory, the city that is closest to the Great Barrier, and is the most prudish out of all the places of the Judgement, I quickly realized that I was like a nun to those people. That changed pretty fast - I lost my vaginal virginity on the third day of my exile, and my anal one was fast to follow.

All of this was a long time ago. During the 3 years of my exile, I have changed a lot, becoming a truly lust-crazed, sex addicted woman. Currently I am earning my keep in the tavern called "to the drunken Gorgon", a watering hole for humanoids and lamias alike in the outskirts of the Piercer. My job usually is to be a waitress, serving drinks all day, being felt up all night, a pretty tame job overall of you consider the loose morals of the place. However, I was not really happy with it - the pay was poor, only barely enough for living, with really long working hours, and barely any time to have any actual sex if you discount being groped.

My boss was Sherry, a bossy and busty lamia girl. She saved me from a personal economic and emotional breakdown, gave me my current job with some minimal payment, and a roof over my head, all I had to do was to be one of her waitress. The job was a-okay for a while, but me being ambitious, I wanted more.

"Hey Sherry..." I asked her after one of my really long work sessions one night "I would really like to be one of the dancers. They work less and earn more, and I am pretty sure I got the moves and the looks for the job. What do you say?"

"Hey Ali" she called back to me. "Come here for a sec." She gave me a tight hug, one that let me feel her huge soft boobs on mine, including her ridiculously big nipple piercings under her tight leather vest. "Your moves are definitely alright, I have seen you dance on a few occasions, and your past as a warrior thought you how to handle your body. On the looks front, however, you definitely need some improvements," she told me while letting me out of her hug, then slithering around me for a bit.

"You are like a diamond in the rough - but a rough diamond at that. We are in the Piercer, and your looks are much too conservative to really make a splash, and I DO like my dancer girls making splashes. Sorry girlie, but you really need to turn it up - my advice is to finally get those juicy nipples pierced, and that's just for a start," she said while pinching the tip of my teats. "Then maybe I will think about it." Oh, you will think about it pretty soon all right, I thought to myself.

At this point, I was completely piercing-free - not even my ears were pierced at that moment. I had an alternative plan to get the dancer job, a body modification that will change my whole life, and also Sherry's opinion of my qualifications as a dancer. The famous all-the-way-through chain, or just simply The Chain.

The Chain was one of the signature body modifications of the Piercer, the home of piercings, because it was so extreme that even here it was pretty rare. Still, both my money situation and my sex life needed a shakeup, and it was supposed to help in both - the fact that I needed to gulp down a freakishly long chain, have it come out of my butt, then unify it with the other end hanging out of my mouth is totally worth it, right? Frankly, the whole process was fairly terrifying, and on top of it, mostly permanent - once connected, the two ends of the Chain did not come apart easily. It was enchanted heavily with magic, which helped your digestive system adjust to the fact that it will share space with a 2,5cm (1 inch) wide chain in its entire future, and also helped the chain withstand the years to come engulfed within a body.

Since "The Chain" was the signature body modification of the city, the major of Piercer city provided the chains themselves for just a token price, and on top of it, you could also design it to your preferred style and size. The most popular style, the same I have preferred, split into 2 parts just as it exited the throat going upwards, came out at the corners of the mouth, went down to the nipples, then finally unified around the navel going downwards to the pubic area. I preferred the chain to go right over my clit and vagina, without piercing anything down there, going right into my anus while remaining taut. This design meant that I had to have my nipples and navel pierced as well to get the rings that will keep the chain in its designed place in the future, but it was no biggie, especially compared to the chain itself.

I was initially concerned with my mouth, since the split part was supposed to exit at the corners of my mouth, but the official of the procedure told me that I will get used to it in no time, and to make adjusting easier, and to make the back of my mouth less crowded, they will remove my wisdom teeth as well.

The decision to get such an extreme, and on top of it, permanent modification to my body did not came easily, but the constant exposure to the whole sexed up world of the Judgement apparently changed me more than I thought. I was just unable to get the whole thing out of my head once I contemplated the idea of getting it done; the way it will change the act of lovemaking (or rather, fucking - love is a rarely associated with it in these parts); the inconvenience and sexual stimulus it will cause on a daily basis even while doing mundane, daily tasks; the feeling of slightly handicapped - it was way too kinky for me to pass up. I have become corrupted by this world.

So here I am, strapped down into one of the piercing chairs reserved for such modifications, naked as the day I was born, while Nelf, my appointed piercer and body modifier professional is busy applying the numbing gel to my nipples and navel. She has a sly smile in the corner of the mouth.

"Enjoying yourself?" I winked at her.

"To be honest, yes." She answered after a brief pause while flashing me a smile. "You are quite brave if you are willing to go through the whole process - or rather, if you are willing for the chain to go through YOU." She winked back at me. "It's not like it is dangerous - it might have been in the past, but we had plenty of time to fix any issues about that. It's just that it will turn your sex drive into overdrive, even by Piercing standards. Everything you do will remind you of sex, because there will be constant friction either on, or IN every erogenous part of your body. And, on top of that, you will have to relearn - well, everything." She said while she casually pinched my left nipple, making sure it was erect and ready for the piercing to come.

"Eating or taking a shit is going to be messy, you will come to prefer fluid diets from now on. You have to be careful while bending over, to ease the stain on your digestive system, or naughty bits. Hell, even breathing will be different. Taking a deep breath can have unexpected results." She explained casually while piercing my nip with her enchanted needle. There was barely any pain, and literally no blood - these people knew their job very well.

"Actual sex is going to be an entirely different thing," she continued explaining while prepping my other nipple. "People already go crazy when they see heavily pierced girls - trust me, I know," she told me while licking her lips, casually letting her tongue travel further to the corner of her mouth to caress the large golden piercing ring she had there. I'm pretty sure she was right on the subject - by being a piercing professional herself, and by sporting multiple golden hoops and barbells in her lips, ears and eyebrows - and god knows where else. "But seeing a chained one is an entirely different matter. You will have no shortage of potential partners, and, ahem, investors. A chained one is incredibly exotic - imagine fingering and licking the girl's butt besides the chain... or gently tugging and moving the links around the hole, or pushing a single link inside the anus, letting the tension in the chain pull it out by itself... so arousing..." she daydreamed.

I wondered if I should wake her from her trance, but sudden pain in my right nipple meant that she probably could do a piercing like that with her eyes closed. Looking down, I realized that besides having decently sized nipple rings, I also have gotten pierced in my navel, without me actually realizing it. Damn, Nelf is good or what?

Previously to this, I was already being prepared for the procedure - my wisdom teeth were long gone, my pharynx modified (I wasn't even sure what it was before, since I am far from being a scholar, but, as I later learnt, it separates your breathing from your eating, or something like that...) and I was on a liquid diet for two days, my digestive system already in the process of transforming into something simpler and shorter; so it was hardly a surprise when, after unlocking me from the piercing chair, Nelf told me to wait a minute until she gets the Chain that was designed and personalized for me.

It was beautiful. It wasn't one of those fancy, golden-colored (are those really from gold?) chains that cost you a fortune even after funded by the major, but it did not need to be - I was perfectly happy with the rigid, cool, metallic look. It was really long and cold to the touch, but I was assured that I don't need to worry about either of that - the length was carefully measured to fit me both inside and outside, and it will adjust to my body temperature in time. It split into 2 parts near it's end, so it had a Y shape when stretched out.

Nelf also gave me two pills; one was a modified laxative to amplify the peristaltic parts of my digestive system (and since I was clean inside and out, nothing messy will came out of it), so your body almost sucks in the chain by itself, the other was supposed to loose you up, to reduce the initial discomfort the first insertion of the chain will cause before it's magic can get to work. From what part of the Judgement did she get those, I have no idea, but I was grateful.

After gulping down the pills, I sat down on the piercing chair (that thing is much more comfortable when you are not actually strapped in), and put the "bottom-end" part of the chain in my mouth. It was surprisingly heavy, another thing I have to get used to, but there will be time for that later, I just needed to gobble it down. So I started swallowing.

"The swallowing process used to last really long, like, multiple days long in the past," Nelf said casually while she sat down on a nearby chair. "Thanks to those pills and the magic infused in the Chain, it should only take... a few hours. You don’t need to hurry, we have plenty of time, try to get used to the feeling. Besides, the look is sexy as hell."

The feeling was really strange, especially the first few minutes. While I felt relaxed and at ease, I still felt like I needed to puke. However, as time passed, those feelings merged somewhat, like when you have to puke, but not really, like it is just something that resides in your esophagus that you can't really remove, neither up or down, so you just let it sit there.

Swallowing was much easier than I thought. After a while, I almost did not need to do anything consciously, I just lifted more chain to my mouth the get swallowed. The feeling remained intense however - I felt the chain enter my stomach, and after a few more cm's of the chain, I felt like I just ate a decent meal, my belly getting full. That concerned me - the chain was supposed to just pass through, not bunch up in my stomach like that, so I looked at Nelf to my right, and tried out my ability to speak.

"... hey Nelf, is ith supposeth to... neve’ minth..." I told her, because I felt the chain unbunch somehow, and felt it enter into... deeper parts of me, so I continued swallowing. Talking felt strange, like the chain was slightly resonating in my throat to the sound of my voice in a really arousing way, almost like when I was giving a head to a particularly hung guy. My speech impairment will hopefully be fixed when I get to the part where the chain splits into two, and when I will get some practice.

I was no expert in biology, but I was fairly sure that the guts of the usual humanoid were significantly longer than this chain (even though it was still really long), but I was told earlier not to worry about it, just let the magic of the chain and the earlier treatment to my body solve the problem of length, so I did just that, and kinda stopped caring about the possible complications. Hopefully the people who were smarter than me and had more experience with the procedure ironed most of the problems out already. I wondered if my carefreeness came from one of the pills - maybe it loosened the mind as well as the body. Oh, whatever.

Meanwhile, Nelf became more and more interested in my predicament. She removed her top a while ago, so her perky C cup boobs with their huge nipple barbells became visible. She quickly fixed her shoulder length straight black hair not to cover her face, then went down on me. "Just to help you loosen up," she murmured.

Her tongue and fingers were wonderful. I was already pretty wet down there (this chaining process is much more arousing than I thought), but I released a practical waterfall from my gash when she decided to stop teasing the outer labia and started to actually penetrate me. She clearly had experience, because after just half a minute, I had an earth shattering orgasm - clearly the whole procedure brought me to a very aroused state already, she just pushed me over the edge.

"I probably should not do that," she giggled. "At the moment of your orgasm, you tense up, and that will hinder the whole process for a while. I will just keep you on the edge from now on, and will only reward you when I feel something exciting here," she told me while she pushed her index finger into my butt. After I cooled down a little bit, I examined the remaining chain. I came to me as a surprise that most of it was already gone, so I must be getting really close to the actual flossing experience.

After a few more minutes like this, I felt some movement inside my bowels. "Ith's coming, Nelf" I told her.

"Keep pushing", she answered. "Your inner anal sphincter will need to let it through. You need to let it come inside of you while letting it out outside of you at the same time on your other end." I did as I was told - it was a strange feeling, something like eating and shitting at the same time, even though it was neither. "It's here, I can feel it at the tip of my finger!" Nelf yelled excitedly. How deep was your finger in anyway? Probably pretty deep, because I felt a tugging sensation deep in my anus as she hooked her finger into the first arriving link of my chain.

"I will help you out a bit. Don't worry, I will be gentle." It was incredibly exciting, feeling the pulling sensation transmitted into the core of my body, stimulating every sensitive part inside my anus and rectum. "It's out! I'm so proud of you," she chirped to me. "Now we only have to pull it out until it reaches your navel." I was slightly confused, but then remembered: my navel ring will be the place where the 2 (well, 3, if you count the split mouth-breast parts separately) will be joined into one smooth loop. So I continued swallowing, while not really needing to push on the bottom part - Nelf took care of that.

The remaining chain was really short now, and when I got to the part where I swallowed the beginning of the split part that made it a Y, she stopped me. "That's enough; your part is done, let me finish it for you". I wondered what she really meant by me being "done"; this flossing is permanent, you know! But I figured she just meant the swallowing part, so I just opened my mouth to her and relaxed.

I felt Nelf pulling and adjusting the metal until I felt the left part attached to the back end of my mouth, to the place where my left wisdom teeth were previously. She did the same on the other side, and while I was busy figuring out where my actual tongue should be, she strapped me back into the chair.

"Hey!" I protested.

"Don’t worry, we are almost done, only need to put a few finishing touches in place" she told me while she pulled the bunched up bottom chain out of my asscrack. After this, she pulled the separated mouth chains to each corner of my mouth, then proceeded to put a ring in each corner of my mouth!

"Is this really necessary?" I whined after the sudden pain was gone - it was much more painful than my nipples and navel have been. At least I could talk somewhat properly now, the chain out of the way of my tongue, while still being extremely noticeable and... well, exciting.

"Hush, of course it is necessary. You would not be able to close your mouth, or chew anything if I did not do this." She threaded the twin chains through each of the corner-mouth-piercings, while constantly readjusting it in my mouth. "We are almost done."

After finishing my mouth-part, she flicked my nipples to get them some attention, then carefully pulled each corresponding chain through their respective nipple ring, while the metal gently caressed my upper and lower side of my boobs. I was still savoring the new sensations when I heard her say, "here goes nothing!", then two fast clanking sounds followed by a slight tugging sensation on my - well, chain? Apparently they were already merged together, becoming one loop, the magic in them allowing a comfortable way of doing that. After feeling Nelf unlocking me from the chair, I leaned forward to examine my navel, the tugging sensation (one that is going to become a permanent part of me) got stronger in my... insides, becoming pretty uncomfortable, while becoming a bit more slacky outside. "Careful! No sudden movements for you until you get used to it! The chain is not slack anymore, you have to be careful about bending over or leaning back, you dont want to injure yourself just after getting chained. Relax, let me bring a mirror", Nelf told me.

Wow, now I have really done it, I thought, while Nelf returned with a mirror. I have done one of the most extreme body modifications the Piercer has to offer, one that was mostly avoided even by the most perverted individuals - I became a chained girl, a flossed girl. On top of it, it was irreversible - apparently the chain was really close to being indestructible, and any force that was able to break it (if there was any) was life threatening to the chained person. Did I go overboard or what?

I felt a sharp tug on my right nipple ring (and, as a consequence, on my chain), and heard Nelf's slightly annoyed voice. "Hey, don't daydream now - I thought you were curious how you looked." Oh, I was curious alright - why did you kept pinching and pulling my nipples every time you had the opportunity, Nelf? But first, my outlook, from the top down.

My face looked significantly different than before, my lips pulled slightly to the sides by the piercings, the metal links exiting from the corners from my mouth. The distance between them widened a bit as they approached my big boobs, their cherry with the rings the anchoring point to them, making the outside chain part manageable, and forcing them onto one of my erogenous zones. My breasts and nipples were flattened slightly by the tension, forcing them closer to my body, but I did not worry about it - they were firm enough to withstand the pressure. The chain-parts gotten closer and closer as mirror-image went downwards from my ribcage to my belly, finally meeting at my belly button. The locking mechanism was much simpler than I expected - namely, there weren't any, the chain looked like it was always this way, it were just three links connecting the one of their friends instead the usual two. My belly button ring protruded slightly from my toned abs, keeping the upper parts up there simply by their tension.

I kept looking as Nelf went even more southwards, the chain lifted slightly by my mons pubis, then it stretched at, or should I say, into, my labia. My pussy lips were not really big or prominent, I certainly had nothing on some of the females of Stretchington, where labia stretching was popular, but they were still decently meaty, and, of course, sensitive. My clit was invisible, but I sure as hell felt it - a constant cool sensation and a slight friction over it every time I moved my body in any way. I spread and lifted my legs as she continued her journey downwards, arriving to my (also stimulated) perineum, then finally my anus. The later had a slightly strange shape, forced slightly forward towards my vagina, but there was literally nothing I could do about it - except enjoy it, of course. It was like someone had hooked a finger in there, and constantly pulled on it, a constant source of arousal in the future.

"Want to give your new body a test run?" Nelf winked at me.

"Hell yes - but you have to help me" I replied.

"Of course, you brave girl".

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Alicia and the chain
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-chapter2: the test run-
Sex with Nelf turned out to be an amazing experience. She had organized her living quarters on the first floor of her house, while she kept her work-related stuff on the ground level. All we had to do was to go up the stairs - however, that task seemed easier in theory than in practice. I was tired (gulping down a few meters of chain is hard work, I tell you), and even standing up was difficult - the whole outer part of the chain shifted up a link's distance, causing arousing friction on my nipples and between my pussy lips, and pulling a link out of my anus. I would have fallen if not for Nelf's quick help.

"Don’t worry, sweetie, I got you. I got a massive bed upstairs, and plenty of toys to play with. All you have to do is to climb a few stairs," Nelf whispered into my ears. "I will fix the mess in my room, come, and follow me. You can take your time, get used to these feelings. They are now a permanent part of your life".

She playfully tugged on the left-part of my chain, gently, so it did not hurt, then she rushed upstairs. I tried to follow, but almost lost my footing again, the feelings were so intense - part of it arousing, the other part of it the slightly uncomfortable, slightly handicapping tugging-feeling. I took a deep breath (and regretted it instantly, as it caused extra stain on the chain via my boobs), then started walking towards the stairs, one step at a time. Baby steps.

I figured that if I let my head hang lower than usual, the feelings were less intense, so I did just that, and arrived safely to the staircase. I grabbed the railing and looked up, but did not see anything special up there, partly because moving my head intensified things. Climbing up caused no further problems. When I finished my climb, I carefully looked around.

The living quarters of Nelf's house was cozy, much less sterile and rigid, unlike the hospital-like workshop part. The whole space was dominated by the queen-sized bed at the middle, and crowned by Nelf's slightly skinny but still sexy as hell butt sitting on it, only covered by a flimsy thong. Apparently "fixing the mess" meant stripping, and also included strapping on a big dildo harness I realized as she turned around.

"Oh, you adapt fast," she smiled coyly. I got a good look at her as she strode towards me. I have already seen her boobs, as she already stripped to the waist as I was gulping down the chain, but seeing them in motion I realized I should have paid more attention to them. They were beautiful, and insanely perky, their chocolate colored nipples perking proudly, showing their strength by carrying their huge barbells. Nelf was pretty skinny overall, she lacked the toned, subtle muscles that I had, but that did not stop her from being sexy as fuck. Her crotch was, however, hidden from me - her strap-on thong panties blocked my view of it, so my curiosity was left unsatisfied - piercing professionals usually had pretty extreme metalworks down there. No matter, the massive strap-on she wore promised more than enough compensation.

She pulled me down on the bed, then immediately turned towards the classic 69 position. That gave me the opportunity to examine her crotch. However, when I tried to move her thong out of the way, I failed - the small piece of clothing was apparently stuck to her groin, also her black fake cock seemed impossible to move away from the point where her clit was supposed to be under the flimsy underwear.

"Hey, careful down there - if you will be rough, so will I be."

Uh-oh, she probably had quite an advantage over me, me being flossed and all that. She was quite content on just licking my labia lips until now, but after this, she started to pull aggressively on my chain around my perineum, yanking multiple links out at the same time. I was soon lost to the sensations, Nelf's crotch temporary forgotten - the way my chain just emerged from my body, only to be pulled back as soon as Nelf let it go, was incredibly stimulating both physically and mentally. Nelf's other hand went straight towards my clit, replacing the friction of the metal with her hand, probably to save it from being rubbed raw so early in the session. When she licked right into my pussy with her skilled tongue, around my urethra, I instantly came.

After a few seconds of recovery, I opened my eyes to the sight of a giggling Nelf, who apparently turned around while I was out of it.

"I envy you, I really do," she murmured into my ears while she lovingly caressed my hair. "I am not brave enough to get chained, so I will be missing most of the sensations that you now are able to experience. How do you feel? I am so curious!"

I contemplated her question for a few moments; my hands involuntarily went right for her boobs, caressing her nipples.

"I am pretty out of it, to be honest," I answered frankly. "The chain is arousing, that is for sure. My so-far limited experience tells me that I will get aroused by literally everything that involves moving, and that includes breathing. On the other hand, I feel like I have handicapped myself in... a lot of things. I worked as a mercenary warrior not too long ago. That will be really hard, if not impossible to do now. I will also be instantly recognizable as a sex-crazed addict... normal women don't just go and get flossed for life."

And my thought process went even deeper than that - just 3 years ago, I was a virgin, for god's sake, and here I am now, casually pillow-talking with a wicked woman that I barely know, after getting eaten out by her. Life surely has taken a turn for me.

My thoughts were interrupted by Nelf's kiss on my lips. "What you just did was admirable, an achievement in itself. You might be limited in quite a few things from now on, but you will also be a respected member of the Piercer, whatever you do. The major is way to kinky for his own good," she winked at me, then resumed her kissing. I felt her tongue go deep in my mouth, then felt it finding and following the chain that went deep inside me. A sharp tug on my butthole interrupted our kissing session; Nelf's right hand was restless and found my chain. "It is so kinky, almost like I can just... get inside you. Manipulate your very inner body. Even kissing is much more interesting with your additions. But hey, let's do something more... carnal."

Her intentions were clear, I felt her fake cock caressing my navel as she become more restless. "Just keep laying on your side, let me do all the work," she said as she changed positions to get behind me.

"Will you be fine? I mean, are you enjoying this?" I asked, slightly concerned - I did not wanted to sound ungrateful to the girl who spent most of her day to modify me, and as things stood, most of her night-to-come to satisfy me.

"Oh, don’t you worry, girly. It is a privilege on its own to do the Chaining to someone, it is my first time doing that procedure. And on top of it, the sight I will masturbate to in the coming months will be your tight, modified body. I am probably enjoying myself more than you, and that is saying something, because I saw how... deep your recent orgasm was. And I always wanted to do... this to a flossed woman."

With that, she hugged me from behind with one hand, gently caressing my boobs, while her other aimed her dildo right to the entrance of my anus. It was tight, oh, so tight - I really liked anal, and usually had no problem getting a dick into my ass, but the size of the dildo, coupled with the presence of the chain, made things much more cramped. Still, after a few agonizing seconds, her pushing won over my resisting anal ring, and she entered me. The mental image that she just pushed my outer chain a few links deeper into me, coupled with the raw physical sensations, pushed me right over the edge again.

She started pumping, starting slow - I felt like she was trying to be considerate of me, but she was also hella impatient. After my body started to adjust, she pushed in deeper and deeper, faster and faster... I quickly lost track of things, my whole anal region stimulated, her hands (not needing to aim with it now, she used both) pulling, pinching on my nipples and my chain, occasionally going lower to caress and rub my labia... I really started to lose grip on anything not sexual....

When I came to, it was already dark. As I lay in Nelf's bed, hearing her soft snoring from the other side, I quickly assessed my situation. My body was wonderful for sex now, like some exotic treasure waiting to be explored, both by me and by my future partners. Oh, and on top of it, I sure as hell qualified for Sherry's, my lamia landlord's dancer position now, getting one of the most extreme body mods around here.

I carefully rose from the bed, trying not to wake Nelf up, and also not to hurt or arouse myself too much. As I walked down the stairs, I became aware of something in my vagina - oh, cheeky Nelf pushed something inside me during our lovemaking, and it was held in by the chain passing between my labia. First I wanted to remove it, whatever it is, but a quick tug on the chain made sure that I should probably just leave it in there - my clit, my labia, my anus, hell, all of my body protested, not wanting to be rubbed by my chain.

Dressing was another problem I had to face, and not just because I needed to move my body around to do it. I came to Nelf's house in a tight tank top and a pair of shorts, also wearing a sexy lacy underwear set. My black lacy thong and shorts were alright, only causing moderate arousal while I pulled them on, but my bra and top were going to be a problem - they simply did not fit me anymore, not with the chain tight over my nipples, pulling a bridge to my mouth and to my navel. I guess I have to get used to shelf bras from now on, ones that can go below my chain while still giving me support, because I sure as hell needed their support now, not wanting to just spontaneously orgasm because my bouncing boobs pulled my chain too much. I also wanted something to actually cover my breasts – being topless was fine in the Piercing, but I just wasn't really into it, preferring to only show my tits only to the ones I actually wanted to show.

After looking around for suitable replacements for my top, I settled for a simple scarf that Nelf left around - I will return it later, and it's not like she really needed a scarf in the hot desert weather of the Piercer. I quickly wrapped the narrow clothing around me, placing the knot tactically into my cleavage, then started walking home.

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-chapter 3-
My way home was uneventful - I was getting the hang of walking without orgasming at least. The chilly night air felt good on my heated up body, letting me cool down from the recent orgasmic heights. The streets were mostly empty at this time of the day, so I safely arrived home (a small room in Sherry's inn and pub), and collapsed on my bed, exhausted.

I awoke to the sound of Sherry's, my lamia landlord's voice. "Oh my, what have we here? What happened to you?"

She quickly removed the covers that I must have sheltered myself with during the night. Apparently I slept in the fetal position, which was strange, because I used to sleep on my back - probably my body adjusted unconsciously to a more comfortable position. I still wore my lacy thong, but I must have kicked my shorts off during the night, and the scarf around my boobs became untied as well.

It was troublesome. It's not like I was embarrassed by Sherry's looks on my close to naked body, in fact we had sex several times in the past. However, I wanted to show my recent modifications to her in my own terms - it was my bargaining chip for the dancer position. It was meant to be a surprise. Why was Sherry even in my room? Sure, it was Monday (I timed my flossing to the weekend), but the inn was closed before noon anyway, so I should have ample time to get ready for work. Maybe she had more sources of information than I thought.

"You should take a shower, you are all sweaty. Let me help you, I want to examine you anyway," Sherry told me. Well, no point resisting now, the cat is out of the bag, and I really could use a shower - a bath, even. Every sleeping room in Sherry's inn had its own bathroom, free of charge - a tribute to Sherry's generosity, or maybe she really liked her employees clean. I let Sherry prepare the hot tub for me, she seemed eager enough to help, so I could examine myself in my full-length mirror.

I looked exotic. Despite my hair being a mess, and my skin sweaty all over, I looked hotter than ever. My muscled calf and thighs leading up to my high-cut black lacy thong, my chain only causing subtle bulges along the way under the clothing. It became much more blatant, however, when the thong ended, rising from my nether regions towards my navel.

The contrast between the metal chain and my toned, slightly bronzed abs was huge. The links forked into a "Y" shape at my belly button, held in place by a thin ring, almost invisible, from the same material as the chain was, then continued upwards my nipples. They no longer rested on my skin, the height of my boobies lifting them up from my body - that was something that I did not account for previously, because this will make my currently owned upper body clothing fairly impractical. They arrived to my nipples, the nips themselves pretty much hidden under the chain that was held in place by identical piercings as in my navel, then continued upwards, again, breaking away from my body, until they each arrived to the respecting corners of my lips, again, held in place by almost invisibly thin rings. I opened my mouth to check inside, watching the links go around my teeth then disappearing into my throat along with my tongue. Kissing and eating will never be the same.

Done with checking myself out now, I watched as Sherry finished applying the bathing salts to the bathwater. She was quite good looking herself - even though I still found lamias quite freaky, even after living with them for a while - they certainly had a strange allure to them as their humanoid upper bodies descended into a smooth, scaled tail. And Sherry herself was no pushover - she had beautiful long brunette wavy hair, hanging down straight to her buttocks - well, if she had an actual butt, that is. Her face was slightly plump, as well as her body, but not overly so - she was just looking soft all around, and radiated a somewhat matronly feel. Her bust was massive, currently covered in a few layers of fancy, silky clothes, but it was impossible to really hide due to their sheer huge size. She also wore a tiara for some reason, she looked festive today.

"Your bath is ready, milady," she said mockingly. It was usually me helping her in stuff like this - I was her employee, after all. "Come, don't let the water cool now..." she said, keeping her earlier mocking tone." Do I need to undress you as well?"

Well, she really didn't need to, but she did anyway, pulling my thong down with her index finger hooked around the strap. It was obvious that she was determined to at least bathe me, with the promise of more sexy time in our near future. I gingerly stepped into the hot tub, careful not to boil myself (lamias usually used really hot water for baths, much higher temperature than us, saintly humans use), but Sherry was considerate enough, the water felt really good. I slowly lowered myself into the water, my movements measured and calculated to avoid hurting myself. After sitting down, I just let Sherry do her thing, she was more than eager to wash me.

"You don't do things by half, do you," she said while washing my back, her hands occasionally creeping forward to the side of my boobs. "When I told you to get yourself pierced, I really only meant something like a barbell in your nipple, or a few rings in your labia, something much more tame. Pussy piercings are all the rage right now anyway." She cupped my right breast with her right, while tugging on the attached nipple chain with her left hand.

"But these.. These are much more serious business. You realize that your career as a mercenary is probably done for good now, right? I have no idea about fighting, but I cannot imagine you winning a brawl with these in the way, and with the distraction they cause." Her hands tracked the way of the chain downwards, only stopping at my pussy lips. She peeled my labia away from the metal, gently lifted my chain away from my folds, then started drawing circles around my clit. All I could do was whimper. "However, your looks are certainly improved by the local standards. People would pay to see you perform." That sounded reassuring, I thought at the corner of my mind, but most of my attention was dedicated to the events between my legs. Sherry certainly knew what to do with her fingers, she brought me to a quick orgasm in just a few seconds. "Just to help you loosen up," she winked at me.

After a while, when we both agreed I was perfectly clean both inside and out (Sherry really did not mind helping me clean my orifices at all), I stepped out of the bathtub, and let Sherry towel me off. She was not reserved at all, she spent at least as much time groping me and tugging on my chain as actually toweling. She also used the end of her tail as well.

After I was sufficiently dry, my lamia landlord told me, "get dressed on your lower body, I don’t have firsthand experience with legs and stuff, but your standard uniform should still fit you. And leave your upper body clothing for me."

Oh damn, was it that late already? Apparently it was, judging by the height of the Sun as I looked out, maybe that's why Sherry visited me to check me out. I have decided on a white, plain thong for my underwear to wear under the tight waitress uniform skirt (skirts were convenient at the bar, because they fit both the human girls as well the lamias), because showing my panties was not necessarily expected of me as a waitress. Maybe, if and when I get the dancer job, but I probably will eventually get it, if Sherry's comments were anything to go by. Speaking of witch, she was already in my doorway, holding up a piece of silk for me that looked like one of her own tops.

"Traditional lamia clothing," she told me smiling. "It should fit even your altered body, and the size is easy to adjust. Wear it proudly". It was black, matching the skirt, and it had a really smooth feel to it. It was actually similar to the scarf I wore earlier, it wrapped around the body in a similar fashion while letting my shoulders and belly bare, but it had an actual closing mechanism at the back, was much more elegant, and covered significantly more skin than my make-shift clothing I was forced to wear yesterday. After checking myself in the mirror, I decided I looked hella sexy in it, a good mix of elegance and plain sultriness (I was showing a lot of skin), while obviously being really kinky with the chain and all.

"Good luck with the customers, you will certainly get a lot of attention," Sherry winked at me while slithering to the door. "I would really enjoy to supervise you today personally, but I got to go, I have a meeting with the major." Oh, so that's why she dressed so fancy today. "We will talk about the dancer job tomorrow. Have fun."

Sadly, her wish just hasn't come true, as it turned out hours later. I did not lack attention normally anyway, as I was pretty attractive, but with my new chain in plain sight, it became too much. The afternoon was bearable, the amount of the customers being fairly low, but the inn got a lot more crowded towards the evening, and the density of drunk people also increased.

"Hey, Ali, bring me my wine already!" Fildon shouted at me. He was an exile like me, a fairly rare sight around these parts, mostly because the male Saintly people were just cherished more south of the Great Barrier, the wall that separated the land of the Judgement from the Saintly country. He turned out to be a great disappointment. We had a similar past, both of us exiles, and we both worked as sellswords at some point in our life, and on top of that, our genders were different. While sex with females was something that I appreciated a lot, meeting a soulmate who was more than just a sex partner was something that I yearned for, and I always imagined that special someone as a man.

Fildon, however, turned out to be crude, rude, and a drunk - about as far from a soulmate as I can imagine. On top of it, his skills with the sword was seriously lacking, but he tried to compensate for it by talking big.

"You decided to floss yourself, eh? You were never a big fighter anyway, being a whore as a career choice suits you much more!" he shouted in my face after I set the wineglass on his table.

Truth be told, I was not the best warrior to ever roam the land of the Judgement, but I was still pretty good, and I was much better than this drunk shithead. The reason why I stopped fighting was much more about ideology - killing monsters seems easy at first, but when you realize that they are actually sentient, feeling people as well... I lost my will to fight. I might talk about it later.

When I turned to leave, I felt his rough hand go straight under my skirt, right for my chain that just emerged from my hole, and yanked hard on it through my thong. It was really painful, I screamed while I fell on my butt, my combat experience helping a bit in softening my fall. I was furious, and I became even more frustrated when I stood up and turned around, watching him and his 2 sellsword buddies just laugh at me. However, I realized that in my current predicament, I was no match for Fildon, let alone him with his two buddies together. Since the inn's only bouncer was soundly snoring just two tables way, totally drunk, I had no hopes of retaliating for now, so I just stormed off, not wanting to hear Fildon's insults anymore.

I hurried to the bar, where Cecil, the barmaiden was giving out drinks. She was the unofficial second-in-charge at the inn, probably because she was also a lamia, as her other qualities (or lack of them) made her quite unqualified for the job. At least she looked good.

"Sorry, I cannot continue this today, I need the rest of the evening off," I told her. Her eyes narrowed.

"Awfully fussy today, aren't you? Your work today was slow and sloppy, and you made a scene multiple times already. Just because you got flossed doesn't mean you get special treatment, you know!" came her answer. Sure, as if I wanted to be groped or something. I mean, when a cute guy or girl cops a feel here or there, it's fine, but when your chain gets yanked, or your nether parts get blatantly grabbed, it is too much.

"I know you probably want to be one of the dancers," she pointed towards the dancing poles and the girls occupying it, "but that job is not nearly as easy as you think. We are also filled to the brim with applicants for that job, you might not even be able to get it," she spat at me. At least they had their own dancing space, protected by a few spells, so the only time they got touched was when they let themselves to be touched. I did not wait for her to continue, I had enough bullshit for today, so I just left her, surely making her even more angry, and went straight to my room.

I was so angry and frustrated at that point, that when I entered my room, I had to fight back my tears. Was this really what I wanted? Sure, getting the dancer job might turn things around, but I would still be ogled for multiple hours a day. I lay down on my bed, trying to rest, but sleep only came after I released my frustration by masturbating myself twice to an orgasm. That was, unlike working, easy at least with my modded body.

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-- chapter 4 --
--Author's note: switching to 3rd person--

Alicia awoke determined - she is finished with this whole... entertainment business. Serving drinks to drunkards was not her dream job, and upgrading said job meant stripping for the same drunkards instead of serving them. It meant an increase in her payment, and a decrease in actual working hours, but is this really the future she should be pursuing?

The answer was no. Of course, it "might" have been better to realize this before getting flossed, but what is done is done, she thought. At the bare minimum, she would take the day off, and she did not care whether or not Cecil or Sherry allowed it or not. But first she needed a bath to gather her thoughts.

She heated up the water, then stripped down. Climbing into the tub caused no further problems - she was getting used to this. She let herself soak for a while, idly pulling on the butt-part of her chain, enjoying as it got sucked back in. Maybe things weren't so bad. If she can get used to this, she could work as a mercenary again, getting her daily money and excitement as in the past. Sure, she has to actually work hard again, and it might take a while to get back into shape, but it would be worth it.

With newfound energy, she jumped out of the tub, gasping as she felt the chain pulling on her insides. Moving slower now to avoid hurting herself, she pulled on her favorite thong and leather pants combo. She always wore thongs - fighting in vanilla panties caused awful wedgies, making thongs the much better choice. Feeling frisky, she pulled the straps way above the pants - it might seem trashy, but she felt like bringing a guy or a girl to bed today. She pulled on her scarf-like black top over her breasts - they still covered only a little, but they were decent and stylish. After checking herself in the mirror, she left her room.

No one was present in the main hall, so she just left a letter to inform everyone that she won't be working today. It was better this way - no one to argue with. After that, she left the inn.

Her first destination was Charles's armory. Charles was a good friend of hers - not much of a romantic interest, more like a good comrade. During her few years on this strange land, she and Charles had many successful missions together. A big chunk of the reason Alicia retired from active fighting was because Charles retired as well.

Charles's blacksmith workshop was located fairly close to the inn, catering to humans and lamias alike. The sign was nothing fancy, the man was not known for his taste in aesthetics, but his work (smith and mercenary jobs alike) produced good results. Alicia went in and looked around.

The place was spacious, and filled to the brim with armor for all races and sexes. A particularly fancy looking one caught her eye, so she went there to examine it. It was designed for a lamia wearer in mind, with a humanoid upper body part, while the lower body part looked similar to a metal tube. It was decorated with ornate looking vine motives, twisting and turning into every crevice of the armor.

"Liking my new design? Even though you always said that heavy armor would just slow you down?" The familiar voice behind Alicia was Charles's deep voice. "This one is quite nice. I usually don’t fluff it up with any decorations, but there is a market for everything. And figuring out how to make a full plate mail for a lamia was quite a challenge, even for me."

Alicia turned around to meet her old friend. "Hi, Charles." He was a rugged veteran with a stocky, muscular build, black hair and facial hair, and scars all over his face and body. He was in his 50's, but he looked 40 something - he kept himself in shape, the only telltale sign that he was older was a patch of grey hair on his head.

"Hello, Ali... holyshit. Is that chain what I think it is? Did you just got yourself flossed?"

Alicia bowed her head, blushing. "Yes, I'm afraid so. Truth be told, I came for your advice, considering my predicament. Can you spare a few minutes of your time?"

Charles looked around. "Sure. There is not too many customers this time of the day, not that they would take priority over you. Here, have a seat... uhm, you can sit, right?"

Alicia smiled slightly. "I'm not a cripple, Charles. I just... swallowed a few meters of chain, let it come out from my backside, then connected the two ends. At least that's the gist of it." She sat down carefully on the offered chair. "And it has quite a few advantages as well, even though I'm not really using it to its... full potential at the moment."

She waited for him to bring a chair for himself, then continued. "To be blunt, Charles, I'm in a middle of an identity crisis right now. I retired from fighting the same day you did. You did because of age, I did because I got tired of fighting. You know, before my exile, combat was my life. I was brought up to be a warrior. However, after my expulsion, the world around me suddenly became extremely lewd compared to my past. My moral versus my bodily needs, and let me tell you, my body was needy as hell. I had a very hard time coping with all that pent up sexual frustration."

"Understandable," replied Charles. "And all that pent up frustration caused you to do something... drastic like this. And your... not your conservative clothing is also a result of that, I gather?" he winked at her.

Alicia reddened even more. "Good thing you didn't see my work uniform then. That is even skimpier."

Charles grinned widely. "Girl, I have seen you naked even. Don't tell me you forgot our only sexy time together. My male ego would take a big hit..."

"Of course I remember. About a year ago, when we robbed that pyramid, right? Too bad we did not finish. Escaping from a dozen of armed catgirls took priority that time." Alicia continued with a more serious tone. "Anyway, when I became a waitress, I needed a home, a shelter. Unlike you, I did not have any money saved up. It seemed a good solution at the time. I would have a home, and I would have had a decent way to earn money. And I would have the opportunity to cherry-pick any guy I wanted at the bar for a quickie."

Charles nodded. "Yes, I get it. Yet you seem troubled."

"Indeed. I was wrong on multiple fronts. First, being groped all day while on the job is not equal to a hot sensual fucking, if you pardon my language. Second, being ordered around by someone good-for-nothing lamia, while earning barely any money is not my idea of a dream job. Third thing is that I'm bored. Being a waitress is far from exciting. Even though I had to risk my life on a daily basis in the past while adventuring, I just miss the rush, the adrenaline... And the pride after a successful mission. You get me?"

Charles, again, nodded. "Yes, I get those feelings sometimes. However, if you came to recruit me, I have to disappoint you. I am quite content with my current way of life. I was a mercenary for like... 30 years. I really had enough."

"I understand. I did not come to recruit you, however. Well, I would if I could, but I respect your decision. I came for your advice. What would you suggest if I said I wanted to work as a mercenary again? Do you think it's smart? And if yes, where shall I restart?"

This caught Charles off-guard a bit. He thought for a while before answering. "Frankly, I have no idea if you would be able to fight now. You used to be good, really good in the past, you saved my butt a couple of times with your sword. But... I just watched you sit down on that char, and you moved so carefully like you were made from chinaware or something. Fighting is not for the fragile. You should test it out what you can and cannot do now. I can help you with that."

After a second, he continued. "As for the other part, I heard a pub opening downtown a few months ago. That part of the city is totally lamia-free, so it should be safe. You know how fussy those snakewomen can be when it comes to unofficial business. As if they weren't gathering slaves themselves. Such hypocrites." He spat on the ground. "Anyway, it is said to be a safe haven for treasure hunters and such. If you are really willing to fight again, you can surely get a job there."

Alicia nodded. "Thank you. Really. I think you answered most of my questions."

Charles raised an eyebrow. "Most?"

Alicia brought out her most charming smile. "You know, that time, at the pyramid... we never finished. I realize that my sex drive is pretty fucked up by this chain, but I don’t care - please make me feel like it was not a total mistake to get it...! A pity fuck, if you must say!"

Charles was caught off-guard, but after a few seconds, he gathered himself. "You know you have a really hot body, right? Especially since your journey to Muldipedete seen your chest... enlarged. And your body is still fit as ever. If anything, sex should be considered a pity-fuck by you, not me... I'm 52, you know?"

"But you still got it, right?"

"You bet your ass I got it."

With that, Charles got up, turned his "Open" sign to "Closed", then closed the door and the curtains. When he finished, Alicia already took off her shoes, and was busy pulling her leather pants down.

"Let me help with that." Charles offered with a smile. With one swift move, he removed her pants.

"Hmm, you seem to have experience undressing girls. You were a womanizer in your day, weren't you?"

"I might have had my share, yes. Remove that thong, let me see your goods."

Alicia did as she was told, while watching Charles undress himself. He was still in great shape, working as an armorsmith helped him keep those muscles.

"You look damn good, Charles. And your dick looks way above average, both in length and in girth. Now, I have a request: do not hold back. I want to get used to my additions, even if it hurts a little. Don't worry about me, I can handle it."

Charles needed no further encouragement. He grabbed Alicia by her waist, and with one swift motion, he turned her upside down, while he still remained standing. The surprised girl found herself dangling right in front of an iron hard dick, so she figured she should not hold back either - she started jerking the base of the cock with her hands, while her mouth found the tip. This position was not really practical for deepthroat, but a blowjob is a blowjob, she figured.

Charles was not idling either. Holding up his former teammate caused no problems whatsoever, and he had a great view of her whole pelvic area. After figuring what went where, he grabbed the chain with his teeth and started pulling.

This unusual configuration required quite a bit of concentration from both of them, but they managed without a problem. Alicia continued jerking the dick off faster and faster, while trying to take as much organ in her throat as possible.

It became increasingly difficult for Charles to focus, especially when he felt his dick getting scraped slightly by Alicia's throat chains (when did this girl learnt how to deepthroat?), but he managed somehow. He focused on pulling the chain out with his mouth, then putting his tongue below it to let the metal pull his tongue inside her anus. Considering her groans, it felt good for his partner. He tried the same method with her vagina, feeling his organ briefly trapped in Alicia's pussy lips before he pulled it back.

Alicia let the dick fall from her mouth. "You might not get tired from this position, but I certainly do. Just do me already."

Charles slowly lowered her to the ground, but before she could get up, he lay down behind her, then pushed on her legs, forcing them to assume a perpendicular position. He did not waste any time, gently clipped the chain on Alicia's perineum with two fingers, then lightly pulled it to the side, letting her savor the feeling as the chain was slowly extracted from between her puffy labia lips. It was already very wet down there, but with the outside pressure removed, she practically gushed.

Keeping the chain out of the pussy, Charles slowly but surely inserted his cock in the wet channel. After a bit of an adjustment, he was able to deeply penetrate his partner - not quite balls deep yet, but fairly close. He was able to let go of the chain, his dick keeping it out of the way, not letting it submerge between the labia lips for now. With his freed up hand, he caressed Alicia's washboard stomach, feeling her abs stain slightly below his hand as he tried to insert his penis deeper and deeper.

Alicia felt every inch of the invading organ in her sloppy pussy as Charles slowly and surely continued pressuring with his hips. She felt her partner's hand explore her body, first her stomach, then, tracing the chain, finding her right breast. When she felt the rough, calloused hands cup her large boob from below, molding it into whatever shape he desired, the thumb hooked into the chain pulling on the nipple close by, she relaxed completely, letting herself be used for now. Charles knew what he was doing.

Her relaxation also meant that Charles was finally able to penetrate her as deep as he could, his testicles feeling the cool touch of the chains as he penetrated her balls deep. After letting her adjust to his deep presence for a short while, he started pulling out, only stopping when just the tip was inserted inside, then reversed his momentum, keeping a really slow, steady pace for now. Meanwhile, his hand switched to the other breast, only reaching it with the tip of his fingers, drawing circles into the soft organ to continue the teasing.

Alicia had enough - the excruciatingly slow grinding inside her was not enough to reach an orgasm. Was he teasing her, or was he just too careful? Well, it does not matter, she decided, propping herself up with one hand while grabbing Charles's firm butt behind her with the other as an anchoring point, then started moving her hips herself, dictating a much faster pace than before. She was careful not to let the ironhard organ slip from inside her to avoid the need of rearrangement her special body needed for the first penetration, but otherwise, she let wild.

Her jackhammering hips caused much more of the friction she desperately needed, feeling the large penis penetrate her hot vagina all the way deep inside before pulling it out for the next round. Her chain followed suit, multiple chains pulled outside her anus as she was penetrated deep, then going back in once the tension ceded somewhat. Her propped up position allowed Charles to get a firm grip on both of her large tits, his hands going around her ribcage, allowing free reign on the chained mammaries. Her nipples would need some rest after this, Alicia thought.

She was fast to reach her first orgasm, but even when she stopped moving to enjoy the feeling, the sensations never left her - Charles picked up the pace, finally fucking her the way he was supposed to at the start. He also had quite a bit of stamina, bringing Alicia to three straight orgasms before reaching his own, squirting his sperm deep inside the flossed girl.

Both of them drained from the lovemaking, they slept spooning for a long time when a harsh knock on the door interrupted their rest.

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-- chapter 5 --

Alicia tried to ignore the harsh knock on the door, but Charles could do no such thing - it was his shop, after all. He quickly pulled on his pants and went to answer the door, while Alicia, still naked, covered up in a semi-dark corner, hoping she would not be discovered.

The impatient customer was a lamia, and as she slithered in, Alicia realized she know her - it was Cecil, the snakewoman from her inn! Alicia hid behind one of the weapon racks, really hoping she would not be seen - Cecil was a tactless bitch, she would certainly start a nasty gossip or two if she notices her. Not that it was such a big deal to be seen naked nowadays, but still, Alicia would have preferred to remain decent.

Cecil was not bothered by nakedness, however - after saying a few words to Charles, she quickly sneaked her way to the fancy lamia armor Alicia has examined before, then started stripping. Apparently the armor was made for her - Alicia never realized that her big-mouthed college had anything to do with fighting.

With newfound interest, Alicia watched as the snakewoman finished stripping to her underwear. She never really paid any attention to Cecil's physique, so it came as a surprise when she saw the toned abs and well defined muscles on her human part - she was not bluff, but toned, just like herself. Her lacy white bra barely hid her perky breasts (about a C cup, Alicia guessed), and her lower underwear (lamias wore a belt-like clothing instead of panties that matched their unique legless figure) was from the same material.

Alicia inched closer to listen what they were talking about.

" I really need to wear this armor just over my underwear?" she whined.

"I believe so. I have taken your exact measurements. Don't worry, it is padded inside, it should be comfortable, if a bit heavy." Alicia could not help but smile as she imagined a blushing Charles measuring Cecil's every single bodypart. Her old friend never really gotten used to the lamias.

While it was originally not Alicia's intent to peek, she really did not mind Cecil giving her an unintended show as the lamia started to put armor on herself. She required Charles's help (who kept blushing) at a few sensitive parts, but after a reasonable time, she was fully adorned in armor.

Alicia could not help but be amazed. She never really wore heavy armor, finding them too heavy and constricting, but she had to admit that the lamia pulled it off quite nicely as she slithered around barely bothered by the weight. She looked amazing, most of her skin covered by the ornate metal armor while still retaining her shapely figure.

After Cecil was done with the test run, she paid a big sum of money to Charles, then left, still enamored with her new looks. She would turn quite a few heads on the street with her shiny metallic outfit, Alicia figured.

"What was this about?" she asked while dressing up. "I thought that Cecil chick was nothing but a barmaid. What gives?"

"Oh, you know nothing then," answered Charles. "You should see her fight. She is ambidextrous, and usually wields two sabers. You don't want to cross her way, especially in your condition."

Alicia frowned. "Yeah, about my condition. I think we made it quite clear that this chain gives amazing sensations during sex, at least for me. You have to make do with the visuals," she grinned.

"Oh, I'm not complaining. The more I see it, the sexier it gets."

"Figures. However, I'm still not sure what moves am I still able to do, and what motions shall I avoid in the future. If you can spare like, half an hour of your time, we can have a practice match or two. I saw a couple of wooden swords here somewhere."

Charles had no objections, so they skirmished for a while. It was clear that the chain was a serious handicap, but as time passed, Alicia gotten more and more used to it. It basically came down to avoiding turning her head or torso in a large degree, but her limbs suffered no limitations.

"Okay, I think we are done for now," she gasped after managing to disarm Charles three times in a row. "I think I will be able to handle this."

"Yes, I'm quite surprised actually," answered Charles, still recovering on the ground. "Your moves looked quite... strange to be frank, totally relying on your legs even to look around. But somehow you managed. Be careful tough, I'm way past my prime."

After saying goodbyes, Alicia headed home. She initially wanted to seek mercenary job opportunities, but she was way too exhausted to bother - she could just check the tavern Charles mentioned tomorrow.

She took a shower, dressed back up, then headed towards Sherry's, her soon-to-be ex-employee's bedroom. She was confident now that being a waitress, or even a dancer, was not for her, and she also knew she would be able to handle the hardships of fighting again if necessary. She heard Sherry's cheerful voice inviting her inside.

When she entered, she was surprised to see Cecil in the room as well, still in her shining armor, currently being undressed by her lamia landlord.

Alicia took a deep breath, mentally preparing her speech to resign from her job, but Sherry, seeing her expression, just cut her off before she begun.

"If you came to resign, don't worry about it, I already know. I already figured that your kind will be part-timers at best anyway, only needing peace when recovering. All I ask for is to jump in as a substitute sometimes when you are around. You can even keep your room."

It did not even surprise Alicia that much that her landlord already knew. Apparently Charles had been blabbering, and Cecil is not one to turn down any gossip. Or Sherry just already knew everything.

"Umm... are we in the clear then? And I can even keep my room? It would be really good for me..."

"Well, I would not mind a small portion of your loot if you manage to catch something big, but yes, you can keep your room for free now. And I need a tiny bit of your help, right here and now."

While talking, Sherry was busy removing pieces of armor from her lamia friend, but had a hard time taking off the shoulder pads. Alicia jumped in to help, and with her significantly stronger hands, it caused her no trouble to remove the problematic piece of metal.

"Wow, you have powerful hands, you are much better at this than me. Can you finish undressing Cecil? I have a... different task in mind for myself."

Alicia had no problem with it, and apparently her bitchy college did not mind either. Maybe this will bring us closer together, Alicia thought as she removed more metal from the lamia's body, exposing more and more skin to the air. The tight, fit body was a sight for her sore eyes as more and more of it became uncovered.

She was almost done undressing the snakewoman, letting Cecil savor the feeling of newfound freedom, while she herself enjoyed the sight and the occasional touch of the exotic creature. She was about to remove the last, belt-like part from the waist when she felt her own, scarf-like top became undone.

"I told you that this top looks good on you, didn't I? Well, I forgot to mention that you look even better without it, completely topless," Sherry murmured into her ears. "Those prominent breasts of yours are needed to be seen more, especially with their new adornments. I was so busy in the last few days that I did not have any time to examine you more thoroughly. I hope you don't mind."

Alicia did not mind at all. She felt indebted to Sherry right now anyway, and even though she participated in multiple exhausting tasks today (including sex), she felt energized and... Horny. These lamias were one sexy bunch.

She felt Sherry's hands cupping her large, yet still perky breasts, measuring their weight and firmness, while pulling her sensitive nipples up and down along her chain. Sherry's motions were careful yet determined, she knew exactly what she was doing. While fondling Alicia's breasts, she pressed her own, even bigger ones against her partner's back, her huge nipple rings imprinting their shape into the soft skin.

Cecil, who felt neglected, looked behind her back. She had no love for Alicia in the past, but even if she did not say out loudly, the whole chaining part certainly made her more curious, and besides, she did not need to exactly love someone to have sex with her, right? Good looks and mutual agreement was more than enough for that.

Alicia found her chest even more crowded than before when Cecil's hands joined in, molding and shaping every inch of her heavy mammaries. Cecil also kissed her lightly on the cheek.

"Let's settle aside our differences for a bit, shall we? There is kinky stuff to do. And I'm also interested in your... unique anatomy." She kissed Alicia on the mouth before she could answer.

When Alicia was finally out of the greedy, touchy hands of the lamias, her pussy juices already coated her chain from vagina to anus. Having a moment to breath, she compared her two snakewomen partners. Sherry had a matronly, motherly figure, with huge and heavy breasts - she was just soft all around. Cecil was much slimmer and thinner, including the boobs department, but she compensated well by being fit and perky. She also lacked any kind of visible piercings.

Giving a breather to Alicia, the lamias quickly found each other and started making out while removing each other's lingerie. It was a sight to see as Sherry's humongous boobs falling out of her tight bra, visibly jiggling before stopping their motion. Their pantie-belts came off next, sliding down their reptile-parts, revealing their already wet pussies - they were like "standard" vaginas, just angled differently because of the lack of legs, vertically positioned when looking from the side. Right under them started their snake-parts: Sherry had a black, Cecil a green scaled tail.

Alicia waited until they were done removing each other's underwear, then jumped on them, pulling them down with herself to the queen sized bed. She intended to grope both of them at the same time, but they had other ideas, and quickly ganged up on her. Alicia found herself gently pushed on her back, with Sherry at her head and Cecil at her legs.

"You will be our exotic pet for tonight, Alicia. You have legs, and you have this chain going all the way through, so we will just explore your more interesting parts. I hope you have no complains." Sherry silenced her before she could reply by pushing her cunt right in her face. It was more difficult because of the lack of legs, but she still managed it without a problem.

Alicia, like a good pet, started licking the sex-organ right in front of her, realizing her mistress has gotten her clit pierced with a tiny ring to compliment her other body jewelry. The pussy worked exactly like a human one, getting wetter and wetter as Alicia went deeper and deeper with her tongue.

Meanwhile, Cecil was busy examining Alicia's crotch. Someone having legs was already interesting for her, but this chain-business that came out of the anus (something that Cecil lacked - lamias had a different digestive system) was something entirely different. She tugged on it carefully, observing the human girl's reactions, and since they were positive, she went ham. She started pulling more and more links out with one motion, let the tension pull them back in, then pushed a few links inside, penetrating with two fingers, observing the metal as it pulled itself out again.

It was already hard for Alicia to focus on the pussy right in front of her, and when Cecil started to go faster and faster, it became impossible. Sherry did not seem to mind it that much, she slithered away slightly so she just lay on her stomach right above Alicia's head, then started to push and pull on the chain the same way Cecil did, except at her mouth.

"Woah, girl, you have literally no gag reflex left, but I guess that makes sense, given your predicament. We should use that to our advantage, right, Cecil?"

Alicia had a hard time figuring out what they were talking about, but it became clear when she felt her mouth forced open even more, gently but firmly, and felt scales on her tongue. "Does she want me to deepthroat her tail? And how deep will she go?" Alicia wondered, but she had no time to ponder - she felt her ass being penetrated in a similar fashion, most likely by Cecil.

The feelings were familiar for Alicia as more and more tail disappeared inside her body, using her chain as a guide to her insides. They obviously could not go all the way through, it would be dangerous for all three of them, but they were certainly going deep into her now. On top of that, since they only used their tails to penetrate her, they were free to use anything else as they pleased. The results were starting to overwhelm Alicia - phallic snake-appendages penetrated her mouth and ass, a pair of hands relentlessly kneaded her boobs and pinched her sensitive nipples, while her pussy was thoroughly eaten out, Cecil using her forked tongue to the fullest. It did not take long until she had an earthshattering orgasm, every orifice of hers contracting and loosening in a rapid fashion.

When she came to, the first thing she realized was that she was not filled anymore; the second thing was that she could not move.

"Awake now, sleepyhead?" Sherry whispered in her ear from just behind her. "I guess we overdid it a little, you came so hard that you passed out right after for an hour. Your throat tightened so hard around my poor tail that it still throbs a little."

Alicia slowly measured her surroundings, realizing that what she thought was a warm, tight blanket was instead Sherry's tail curled around inside her. She also hugged her with her human part, her soft body like a warm pillow behind Alicia, the only thing that broke the immersion slightly was the two slightly colder nipple rings. Lamias are better at spooning than anyone, Alicia realized.

"Let's just relax now. Cecil already left, it is getting late. You should sleep here with me."

Alicia had no complains about the proposition, and even if she had, she could not move anyway. Things were turning out better than she hoped, she thought happily, letting herself fall asleep in the comforting squeeze of Sherry.

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-- chapter 6 --
Alicia woke up with an uncomfortable fullness in her bladder.

"Sherry, you awake...? Sherry, wake up! Damn you!"

"...Hngg... What's up?"

"If you don’t want me to pee in your bed, let me out!"

Alicia knew that lamias were not really early risers, but she did not think that it would be that bad. She slept all night in the coils of Sherry, feeling safe and secure - and a little numb, Sherry squeezed her tight - but she had fairly urgent bathroom duties. Since Sherry did not respond, she started wriggling her body until the coils loosened around her to allow her to escape. She tried to avoid thinking about sex, but it was not an easy task - Sherry's tight hug and soft, full breasts against her back was a very recent memory.

However, she had other things to do first. After doing the daily necessities and cleaning, she dressed up in her usual thong-tight leather pants-scarf top combo. She would have felt trashy about her visible thong straps in the past, but now that she sported an uncoverable chain that was way kinkier, it was not a big deal, it just made her feel more sexy.

Her destination was the pub that Charles mentioned. According to him, it was an ideal spot if you were looking for a job and knew how to handle a weapon. She left her bastard sword at home - being armed was forbidden in every pub and tavern in the Piercer, unless you were part of the official city guard, probably because of a few bloody tavern brawls in the past. Not that fights were uncommon nowadays, but at least the number of casualties decreased.

Alicia was not worried, however. Yesterday's positive events lightened up her mood, and she felt she could take on anyone one on one in an unarmed fight - she had more than ample experience.

She had no problems finding the pub - it was named "Snakebite", cheekily mocking every lamia in the city. What was not-so-cheeky was the stairs that lead down into the bar - stairs were not really compatible with snake lower bodies. Nevertheless, Alicia did not care that much, she just walked down and in and looked around.

Frankly, it was a shady place. The lack of windows and thick smoke resulted the whole bar being shrouded in darkness- it was a stereotypical "bad place". It was filled to the brim with tables and drunks, and there was an ongoing bloody fistfight in the back while the people around cheered them to go on.

Alicia smiled - this brought back memories. She was used to this, she got most of her job assignments and missions from places like this where she had to prove herself first. Especially as a woman, she was only considered as a valid mercenary after she bloodied some noses who questioned her capabilities.

However, that was years ago, at a different place and time - now she will have to prove her worth again to be taken seriously. And being flossed all the way through with a chain did not help in that. With a sigh, she dove in the noisy, drunken crowd, aiming to get a beer first before finding a place to sit.

After getting her drink, and elbowing a few people who tried to grope her, she spotted an empty chair at the wall. However, just as she sat down, she heard a cry of frustration behind her.

"Damn that chick! She couldn't find a better time to get sick, did she? Am I supposed to do this alone?!"

The voice came behind her, in a room separated by a curtain that was probably reserved for employees. It was a female voice, and was filled with frustration. Alicia waited a few moments to see if anyone else would respond, but when no one did, she checked it out.

The girl behind the curtain was busy dressing, or at least she tried to. She was small and skinny, but her most prominent feature (at least from behind) was a chain that immediately caught Alicia's attention.

It was an all-the-way through chain, not unlike Alicia's, but a different design. It went right through the body, mouth-to-ass, but unlike Alicia's, it didn't link up front, but rather in the back - it emerged from between her buttocks, going up until it split into two chains to go around her neck and head.

The whole design of it amazed Alicia, who became mesmerized by the sight. It was much tauter than hers (even though she considered hers pretty tight before), it visibly forced the girl to always keep a good posture to keep the chain at least somewhat slack.

"Hey, you there! Will you help me or not?"

The girl's sharp voice finally broke Alicia's daydreaming. She summarized the situation. The girl was obviously in the middle of dressing up, only wearing a short grass skirt while her top lay on the ground. She probably dropped it down by accident and became frustrated when she was unable to simply pick it up - she was apparently unable to bend over. Alicia, while keeping her eyes on the girl, picked the clothing up and gave it to her.

"Thanks. My partner and I usually dress together, and she always helps me in things like this. I just became frustrated, this chain is more than annoying at times. Wait a second, who are you? You seem to be flossed yourself."

Alicia nodded. "I'm Ali. I just heard a shout, so I just checked it out. I'm just a customer here. Who are you?"

The girls eyed each other up and down. "I'm Jezzine, but everyone calls me String."

"Does it have to do anything with you looking like a... bow from the side? A chain being the bowstring, and you being the body of it?"

"It obviously does, smartypants." She smirked. "And you seem to have interesting additions to your physique as well. Would you mind helping me a bit? Or, rather, you mind if I check you out? You seem interested in me as well. My shift is in an hour, I just came in earlier to get ready. I have time for some... well, sexy time."

At first Alicia wanted to protest, but she was just too curious. Jezzine (or, well, String) was a tiny thing, almost a head shorter than her, with dirty blonde, shoulder length hair, a cute but forgettable face and brown eyes. Her boobs were small, a B cup at most, but perky and shapely, and totally uncovered at the moment.

"Hmm... sure, I guess I don't mind. Do you have a quieter place than this? One that is separated by more than that curtain over there from the drunkards in this place." It was just a smallish dressing room.

String rolled her eyes. "I work here as a dancer, sweetie. Most of them already seen me naked, and the ones that didn't are about to do in the evening. So I don't really care, and no, I do not have a place more secure than this anywhere close. If you are worried about any intruders then just keep quiet. There is a comfy sofa over there tough, we can make ourselves comfortable. We will make it work, yes?"

Alicia was about to reply that String's own loud voice was the very thing that brought her here, and if it brought her in, it might bring others - but she saw no point, it was obvious that the girl could not be bothered by such things. However, Ali was too curious to refuse the offer, and exploring this exotic piece of a woman seemed like a worthy time investment. She just hoped that they can do it quietly. Even though she considered doing the same job just a few days ago as the girl right before her, right now she felt a high need for discretion.

Sting already took her answer as a yes as she walked straight to the sofa. The way her chain (it was actually golden, Alicia realized) emerged from between the folds of her grass skirt was exciting. Her own piece of metal was already really hard to dress around, but this one was something else. Anything String wore had to be backless, or had to be fastened between the chain and the skin.

"Stop daydreaming. Just show me what you got - I will show mine!" String was energetic, and was already busy undressing. She sat down on the bed, still with a straight back, and undid her grass skirt. It came off in two pieces (a really convenient design for her), leaving her only in a pair of skimpy green panties, matching the color of the earlier upper clothing. She set her skirt aside, careful not to drop it down - it would be inconvenient to pick up later for her.

Alicia could only scratch her head. This girl was a natural - they only met a few minutes ago, and she had no problems getting naked in front of her. She could never do that - or at least not without feeling embarrassed about it. Their ideal careers were different for sure.

That said, her curiosity was piqued by this chick. Making sure that the curtain was closed, she walked over to the sofa.

"You seem to have no trouble walking around so casually. No wonder, your chain is a front-closing style. At least it rubs over your pussy, doesn't it? It also looks quite slack to me. Come on, don't be shy, undress already."

This girl was quite chatty. She was also wrong - a few days ago she could barely walk without making an orgasming mess of herself, and her chain was anything but slack. Still, she has gotten used to it somewhat - just a light, constant state of arousal and an ever-present tugging sensation that disabled some of her movements. She actually coped with it really well, managing to function like a normal person, she realized.

String already removed her own panties, and was busy tugging Alicia's pants and thong down. "Could you step out of them, will you? I can't exactly bend over to totally strip you, if it wasn't clear enough. I really like that high-cut thong you got there, I have a few like that on my own. You also seem to be quiet one. Not used to the chain yet, are you?"

Alicia had no problems speaking whatsoever (Nelf's good design made sure of that), but she felt like String talked as much that it was more than enough for both of them. The dancer girl seemed like a very annoying person on the long run - on the short run, however, it was worth tolerating her constant chit-chat. She carefully stepped out of her pants and thong, blushing as String fixed her gaze on her pussy.

"Wow, the chain actually goes between your labia lips! Never would have figured. Doesn't it rub you raw? Especially your clitty? It probably does, doesn't it?"

"It's okay. I wouldn't mind you loosening it up a bit tough. It pinches slightly."

"Happy to help! Just lay on your back, will you? I'm much more comfortable up top. I can't even sleep on my back anymore."

And with that, she pushed Alicia down, then promptly turned into the standard 69 position and slowly spread her thighs more and more until her legs were in an almost perfect split, her pussy was right in front of Alicia's face. It was her only way of lowering her lower body in this position, but she had the adequate skills to do just that.

Alicia had no choice but to dig in - her face was full of pussy. It was shaved, pretty and moist. Her tongue quickly found the clitoris peaking from between the labia lips, while her hands went higher seeking the chain emerging from between the buttocks. She found it quickly, the cool metal under her fingers, like a bridge, going above the arch of the dancer girl's lithe body. It resembled the string of a lute, but when she pulled on it, instead of a musical noise, she only got a grunt from the girl.

"Careful with that! It already pulls hard on my insides, you don't need to make it harder for me to eat you out. My chainer told me that she made a mistake when measuring the length, and it is a few links shorter than it should be, but I'm stuck with it and used to it now, and... mfff!"

Alicia had enough of the chit-chat as she pushed the girl's head down towards her crotch, not caring about String's obvious discomfort at the moment. "You should use your mouth for something more productive. Just pull the chain to the side so it doesn't pinch. Get to it!"

This seemed to do the trick - either the girl needed someone to lead her, or her submissive side emerged by Alicia's sudden forcefulness, it did not matter. What mattered was that she seemed awfully experienced in eating pussies out.

However, Alicia did not fall behind - even though the foreign tongue felt amazing inside her, she intended to return the favor, doing her best to mimic the dancer's movements. The danger of discovery was imminent - just a flimsy curtain separated them from the noisy inn, but it made all the more exciting. Alicia even had the composure to orgasm quietly, while pushing her crotch in her partner's face when she reached the big O as well to muffle her.

"That felt amazing, lover. However, it was much too vanilla. Hmm, I have an idea that I always wanted to try it with someone who was a weak gag-reflex like me. Wait a sec." String was back to her chatty self as she slowly and gingerly pulled her legs under her then stood up, looking for something that Alicia did not see. She returned with a ridiculously long, double-headed dildo. It was at least 1 m (3,3ft) in length and had a shiny black surface.

Alicia had no idea at first why and how this contraption came to be, and what purpose it served, but it became more obvious when String pushed it between her boobs and under her chin, measuring it.

"Here is the challenge. We deepthroat this big bad guy from both ends, and we kiss when we meet at the middle. I hope you are up to the challenge, because if you refuse, or we fail to kiss, I will scream loudly and the whole bar will be in here in a heartbeat. And by your earlier reactions you don't want that."

Alicia could only roll her eyes at that proposal. Blackmail for this, really? And how will she scream with her mouth full of dildo? The chain was one thing, it was much thinner and was aided by magic, but talking with this dildo in one's throat was totally impossible.

And she did not even actually minded the challenge. This String girl was far from being smart, but at least she had good ideas, and tools to match. This might be fun. She nodded, agreeing.

String could only smile. "I hoped you are up for it! I am quite experienced in giving deepthroats, but I can only take about half of this long snake there. Just lay on your back like this, it is the easiest way, I will manage somehow on top of you."

And with that, she unceremoniously pushed the dildo into Alicia's mouth who was about to complain, then took the other end of it into her own oral opening and climbed on top of her. Alicia had flashbacks - she recently took quite a bit of lamia tail in her throat, and she was about to do something similar again. At least the black dildo was thinner, softer, and had an even girth.

She had no problems at the beginning, she adjusted the angle with ease, and with slow, small, back-and forth motions, she pushed it deeper and deeper down her throat. Only after a couple of minutes did she open her eyes to watch String pull her top off of her boobs - apparently she was already done with her own half, her throat bulging obscenely around the soft toy, her lips forming a wide O just inches away from the white circle that marked the half-point of the toy. She was already done and waiting, her eyes challenging Alicia to follow her example.

Well, she might have to wait a bit - or rather, she might have to work overtime, Alicia thought as she grabbed the cocky dancer's head and pushed it towards hers. String wanted to resist at first, but she had no real options to escape - a gigantic dildo filled her up probably way down to her stomach while her chain disallowed her to twist or turn out of this. And on top of it, Alicia was much stronger, and she did not let up.

Not that she had an easy job herself - she was also taking more and more of the dildo down her own throat, her long lost gag-reflex finding its way back some extent. That did not repel her however, as she kept pulling and pulling on her partners head, only leaving small pauses to rest for a moment, until most of the dildo disappeared between them.

String was pretty out of it at this point - she did not even try to resist, or even more anymore, her brown eyes gazing into nothingness. She was fully and utterly packed full of dildo, her oral stretchiness and lack of gag reflex reaching its limits. Alicia felt no sorry for her - it was her idea, after all, even though the contribution was not exactly even.

The girl needed no pity, however - when she felt Alicia's tongue trying to enter her own mouth on the underside of the dildo, she was instantly revived. The two tongues finally met, and they circled each other, making use of every inch of available space under the dildo.

With her last final pull of her hand, Alicia rotated her head slightly to the side to avoid bumping noses into each other, and their lips finally met. It was hard to call it a kiss, but it was pretty close, considering their circumstances. With their job well done, her hands looked for different locations, finding her partner's firm buttocks and butthole. She felt the later up with her finger - it was distorted slightly, the chain pulling it upwards even more than usual, the tension of the dildo moving things around. Her other hand went further to the perineum, not exactly reaching the nearby pussy, but getting close.

String was not idle either - her own hands settled for the two pair of boobs nearby, using one to massage her own while squeezing her partner's with the other, comparing the firmness and size of them while pinching a nipple or two. She did her best to give a full-fledged kiss to Alicia, forcing as much of her flexible tongue inside her partner's tightly stretched O mouth as possible, the two pairs of lips pushing against one another.

They exploded simultaneously in a gut-wrenching, gagging orgasm - it was not comfortable, but it was very intense. Alicia felt her own throat squeeze and loosen rapidly, and she did her best to ease more and more dildo out of her mouth as the pressure let up, her body having enough filling for a while.

She was able to dislodge the remaining dildo with ease, then squirmed out from below String's limp body. She realized that she took about 40% of the dildo down her throat - quite an achievement in itself. What amazed her even more was String.

The dancer girl just lay motionless on her stomach, her arms and legs unable to support her weight, her head slightly turned to the side with the dildo still protruding from her mouth. About half of it was still inside her, and she had no energy to remove it herself. She looked up with pleading eyes while grunting quietly, asking for help.

Well, she will get none of that, Alicia smirked evilly while dressing up. She threatened her in the first place. Alicia contemplated about using the dildo sticking out of String’s mouth for one more round, this time using her pussy or ass, but she decided against it - she was satisfied for a moment. Fully dressed, she walked out, letting the helpless, naked girl lay on the sofa, her mouth and throat still full of dildo.

"String needs some help in there! Anyone cares to help her?!" she shouted into the crowd.

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Incredible shit!

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great story! i hope she get some tattoos soon!

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-- chapter 7 --

Alicia was in a good mood - teaching that smug String a lesson lifted her spirits as she watched quite a few guys enter the dressing room where the currently disabled dancer girl resided. Not even the fact that her recently brought beer disappeared did worsen her mood - she just went to buy a new, colder one.

She set down and watched the tavern spectacle for a bit. Quite a few people were playing cards in the back, chugging down insane amounts of beer per minute. What was more interesting was the guests talking about their recent adventures near the entrance.

"The catgirl pyramid is a goldmine, I tell you. I mean, not in a literal sense, but they have amassed huge amounts of riches. It is really difficult to get in at night, but during daytime it's possible when most of them are asleep. Lazy people, those cats. I have gotten my biggest share of money yet without even needing to brawl. I actually prefer this way, I would rather not hurt those delicate, cute cat-persons."

The speaker was a tall, muscly guy who was still fairly sober as far as she could tell - that didn't mean he wasn't just talking big, but then he would have probably told everyone how awesome he was as he beat up hordes upon hordes of catgirls, or rather, how his charm mesmerized the feminine opposition. Alicia was quite out of the loop, she wanted to catch up in the recent news. The catgirl pyramid was a known hunting ground if you had the heart to hurt or threaten catgirls, but Alicia rarely went there.

Her attention was diverted when a familiar person entered the bar - a person that she did not wanted to see in the slightest. It was Fildon, the drunken sellsword guy who harassed and humiliated her recently.

He was drunk even before entering the inn - he was probably thrown out from somewhere else before, so he had to seek the next watering hole to quench his unending thirst for beer, or anything stronger. He was still walking straight, however - his tolerance for alcohol was well developed. He walked past the table where the stories were told to stop before a lonely masked girl who sat in a corner, listening to the stories told. Alicia remained out of his sight.

"I knew you would turn up, you... You! You pierced magician whore! You practically robbed me when I have gotten my ear pierced at your place - never that again! And it didn't even work! I hope you don't mind a punch in the face or two!"

Alicia suddenly felt her blood boil - this drunkard just came in and he was already trouble! And he had no guts, he only dared to threaten a girl sitting alone in a corner with no one nearby to protect her. She did not wait to see if any bouncers were on the move, her body reacting automatically - she rushed behind Fildon in less than a second, and struck him with a swift blow to the temple. She did not even realize how angry he made her, and how hard she struck him until he collapsed in a heap on the floor.

She stopped instantly when she saw he was out cold. She felt a good deal of satisfaction - paying back the humiliation from last time felt good, and when the nearby guards came to throw the unconscious Fildron out, thanking her for doing their job, she also felt happy, not having to tolerate the aggressive drunkard in her sight any longer.

"Oh my, my shining knight in armor. Thanks for saving me, I guess."

Alicia heard the voice in her head - she was being talked to telepathically. It was not her first time experiencing telepathy, but it was far from a daily thing - really far, in fact. She turned around looking for the source.

"I'm right in front of you."

Ali felt foolish when she realized that the girl she just helped out was the one talking to her - since telepathy was often used to cover greater distances, or when the loud noise made traditional speaking impossible, she did not expect the woman right in front of her to resort to speaking directly to her mind. It was a rare ability, even amongst magicians.

She checked the girl (or woman? it was hard to guess her age) out. She wore a mask, covering most of her face - only her bright green eyes were visible. Her clothing was fancy - she wore expensive silks all over her body, fully clothed in red except for a decently sized cleavage. She had shoulder-length jet black hair, adorned with a beautiful tiara. Her ears were pierced with multiple earrings.

Alicia grabbed her beer and a nearby chair, then sat down in front of the woman, checking out her visible features. She guessed the age of the masked woman to be about 25-ish.

"Why are you communicating with telepathy? You are right in front of me. Sure, it's noisy around here, but it's not a big deal.

The answer, as before, came directly to her mind.

"I'm not in a condition where I'm able to speak. To be frank, I haven't spoken with my mouth in the past decade or so. Don't worry about it, I'm quite used to this."

"Well, good for you, because, unlike you, I'm quite unused to people speaking directly in my mind. I also look like a fool to any outsider, talking to myself. Can you also read my mind?"

"Reading minds is a whole lot more difficult - and no, I'm not able to. What I'm able to do, however, is to offer you a job, in case you are interested. The pay would be more than worth your time, and I might offer something extra."

Alicia thought about this for a second. Granted, she came here for jobs, but she would have preferred a more traditional employee, not this mysterious woman who refused to reveal her face or voice. And even Fildon, that drunkard, seemed to have a bad business experience with this strange woman.

"Okay, let's say I'm interested. Who are you? What do I have to do, and what is it in for me?"

Despite the face being invisible, the eyes seemed to be laughing.

"Straight to the point, are you? Very well. I'm Illia, a jeweler. I'm fairly good at my work. As for your other questions, would you prefer to go somewhere more... private? I run a shop not too far away from here, we could go there if you feel awkward seemingly talking to yourself. No one would bother us there."

Alicia stretched her chin, pondering. She looked around as far as her chain would allow her, looking for any third parties that might be involved, but she saw nothing suspicious.

"I guess we could go there. However, I have a question before that: why me?"

The telepathic answer came after a slight delay - apparently Illia needed some time to gather her thoughts.

"Let's say I got trust issues. However, you check out on a lot of things that I value. First, you are a woman - I prefer female employees. Second, you are not a lamia - although I don't hate all of them, I despise them in general. Third, you seem capable. Fourth, you seem to have a fairly hardcore piercing yourself - being flossed and all that. Probably not practical for what I'm about to ask you, but I sympathize with it nevertheless. And fifth, you seem like a good natured person, since you just helped me out there. Oh, and you are sexy as hell. Does that qualify for an answer?"

Alicia was more than satisfied with the reply. Maybe she really got lucky? There was no guarantee that this woman was up to anything good, but at least she seemed honest, despite being mysterious. She gulped down her beer before noticing that Illia didn't have anything to drink - it seemed strange in a bar, but she did not comment on that. She followed her soon-to-be employer out of the bar.

The shop was indeed close. It was a stand-alone building, entirely made from white marble, with windows and doors draped with red and golden curtains against the sand. It was fancy in a good way - it spiked the future customer's interest while being stylish.

The insides of the shop seemed to keep the theme. It was shop first, and workshop second - only a single corner was reserved for the actual piercing chair, everything else was covered in cabinets containing expensive-looking jewelry. Alicia was careful not to touch anything - she felt way out of place here. She never wore jewelry before, finding them annoying and hindering, especially during rigorous physical activities like fighting or even dancing. Her chain was a whole different matter - it was still jewelry, but also something much more, something different. It was also brand new.

"Please, have a seat. I will be honest - I won't be the one doing the real briefing, I don't know any of the details. However, I will be the one paying and rewarding you. All you have to do is to meet an agent of mine and deliver an item for me. She is a cat-person, so the meeting will be somewhere in cat territory - but as I told you, I don't know the details. The item only holds a sentimental value to me - it’s a ring that I used to wear if you want to know. It has no market value."

It doesn't seem that bad, Alicia thought. The specifics were obviously still missing, and at the worst she could just back out if something seemed fishy.

"So I gather that I will be briefed in detail by someone else, right? And may I ask you what the payment for this is?" She felt less awkward being the only one talking aloud than before, since there was no one else around to listen to her.

"Yes, you will be told about the specifics tomorrow, by someone you know well. As for the payment... As you can see, I'm quite wealthy, you will get a fair price. And on top of it, I have something of an inducement right here. It is a specialty of mine." And with that, Illia clamped a tiny ring to Alicia's chain around her navel.

Ali raised her eyebrows. The ring was really small, in the same color as her chain, and as far as she could see, it was full of runes of unknown meaning.

"What does it do?"

"You have to squeeze it to find out" - came the telepathic answer.

After finding the almost invisible ring on her belly, she pressed on it as instructed. What came next was something that Alicia would never forget.

Her chain started to vibrate. It wasn't forceful or aggressive, it was much more delicate, more akin to a... purring of a cat. It started around her stomach where the ring was, but it rapidly spread in both directions, quickly going down her pants, reaching her clit and labia, while going upwards under her loose top, arriving to her nipples. The links of the metal clinked slightly against one another, making similar sounds akin to wind chime.

It was a difficult to describe sensation that Alicia felt, but it was somewhere between sensual and incredibly arousing. Feeling her orgasm approaching rapidly, she wanted to protest - she came here to work, not to cum, after all, but when she opened her mouth, only groans and moans left her mouth.

The feelings were starting to overwhelm her - she was stimulated in every single erogenous zone of hers at the same time. Her first orgasm came when the vibrations reached her butthole - at the very same time they reached her mouth from the other side. She opened her mouth to avoid the uncomfortable clinking of the chain to her teeth, but other than that, her body did not respond to her conscious actions. She quickly fell to the ground.

The stimulation did not ceased in the slightest - in fact, it became stronger as the vibrations continued to spread all the way through her body. She felt her throat being massaged from the inside as well as her bowels getting their major share of stimulation. She felt her pants and underwear being pulled down - Illia seemed to enter the fray. Her pussy was literally gushing. With most of her clothing done, muffling it no more, the musical, chiming sound become slightly louder.

"It seems to inflict an even stronger reaction than I predicted. Sorry, but you are way too hot, I cannot help myself."

Alicia could barely register anything at this point - she was becoming a continuously cuming, orgasming mess on the ground, but fortunately, the message arrived directly in her mind. She found herself face-first in the mute girl's pussy - and what a pussy this girl had! Even with her barely functioning mind, she admired the work this woman had to go through to install this many rings and metal in her vagina. She licked right into the wettening hole, tasting pussy and metal.

Meanwhile, the vibrations were spreading relentlessly, becoming a full circle inside her stomach. Alicia had a hard time focusing on the pussy right in front of her, as delicious and exotic it may have been - was the clit pierced as well? She could not tell anymore - she could not see or hear anymore, touch becoming her only remaining sense, filling her world up with stimulation upon stimulation. Her orgasms seemed to follow each other rapidly - even time lost its meaning.

When she came to, she was back in the chair, still naked, barely able to think. She felt Illia's hands on her shoulders, her voice in her mind.

"I can make this a permanent thing, if you succeed on your mission. You will be able to activate it at will. Vibrating jewelry is my specialty, I have tried and tested many of my designs, most of it on myself, but none had quite the reaction that I hoped to get - none, except this one. This chain of yours works as a wonderful amplifier. The vibrating ring will be my special thanks to you, should you succeed."

Alicia really hoped that she would.

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