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 Post subject: The Body Perfect - Erotic fiction
 Unread post Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:47 am 
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I've had so many requests for this story that It is just easier to post the whole thing here. It is not original to me, instead, I took a great story and adjusted it further to suit more extreme tastes. If anyone knows the original author, please give him/her the credit.

The Body Perfect

Doctor Zara stood nervously outside Lounge 3, shifting nervously from one stiletto heel the other, while desire and apprehension warred within her. The note left on her commdeck had been short and to the point: "Ackron wants you. I have agreed. Be in Lounge three, Deck 17, at 1900 hours." Zara had read the note three times, hardly believing the words. Roban was "loaning" her to another. She thought back on the last year and a half spent with Roban, her lover, master, and reason for living. She knew she was stalling, but she knew too, that no matter how long she delayed in the hallway, eventually she would go in, and perform as ordered, as bravely as possible. Zara wouldn't dream of displeasing Roban by disobeying his orders.

She had been Roban's slave for over a year, but more importantly, she was in love. Although she was Chief of Medicine for the entire space station, and despite the tough, professional facade she showed to her superiors and the people under her command, she was completely submissive to her lover, Roban. She had met Roban at Dining Out, one of those insufferable social functions, which her rank demanded she attend. Roban had been the escort of a visiting dignitary, and had made quite a splash in the stations social circles by showing up in a very tight tuxedo of black patent leather. But throughout the party he had flirted shamelessly with Zara, completely neglecting his official date. Zara certainly didn't mind, and eventually she figured out that Roban's VIP escort was just for show- Roban was cruising for someone very different, someone submissive... someone like Zara. When the VIP liner left the station, Roban stayed behind, having fallen hard for Zara. He had no visible means of support, but Zara learned that he was retired, having made a fortune from the erotic clothing and videodisc industry. Within a week he had seduced Zara, introducing her to new frontiers of sexual pleasure, fetishes, and servitude. In another two weeks they had moved in together and three months after that, they had married.

A passing officer snapped her awareness back to the present. She shifted uncomfortably in her restrictive outfit, putting off her entrance until the last possible second. The elaborate clothing was sure to make a stir in there, she thought. Roban's tastes in fashions and the bodies inside them were not only fetishistic, they ran to the bizarre. But Zara seldom gave that a thought. Their fetishes and their games brought both of them such pleasure, Zara was only too happy to comply with her lover's desires, even if she hadn't shared all of them at first. Roban's note had been accompanied by a list of what he wanted Zara to wear to the lounge. The list had started with a restrictive skintight jumpsuit with a built in corset, brassiere, the obligatory anatomic plugs and a high neck. Roban called the stretchy, mirror-smooth material "rubbertex", and its polished surface gleamed as if made from chrome. It's shining appearance acted as a mnemonic, triggering memories of the earlier days of their relationship, and her intense curiosity about Roban's tastes. Zara had already had an interest in corseting, a very ancient fashion and fetish that was unheard of in today's world, where body modifications were commonplace, and could grant the vain whatever figure one desired without discomfort. Roban told her later that he had recognized a fellow fetishist when he had realized Zara was wearing a corset under her dramatically tailored uniform at the dinner party. Later, the station's library had told Zara that Roban's rubber fetish was an ancient one, but Zara soon learned to appreciate it's aesthetic appeal, as well as the wonderful feelings induced by the stretchy, restrictive material. Rubber fetishism had originated with natural latex rubber, the computer told her, although she knew that Roban's rubbertex was a synthetic with more in common with the new organic metal alloys than with latex. It was far more elastic and much stronger than natural rubber, which she herself had never actually seen, and wasn't likely to. Roban was very fond of rubber, at least on his slave. He also wore leather fairly often, but forbade it to his slave, probably to protect her from any possible legal entanglements. His leather was not a synthetic like most people wore but real animal hide that he obtained from some off-station grey market contact. His favorite colors were red, black, white and metallics, and he delighted in flaunting his unconventional fashions at the more conservative members of station society.

The jumpsuit which Zara wore today included a very tight corset section from hips to breasts, which was stiffened thoroughly with hull-metal boning, light, thin, and very stiff. Corsets, while an anachronism, were actually enjoying a renaissance among the more decadent and vain members of Co-Dominium society, despite the advent of faster and more comfortable medical techniques which could deliver the same look safely, and without discomfort. But a few had asked Zara about her chosen figure, and her erect posture and swaying gait when off duty. Apparently, some of those had experimented, and found the compression and stiffness of the ancient fetish an entertaining novelty in this post-modern universe of ease and comfort.

Zara's thoughts moved up to the day when Roban had first talked about body mods with her. It turned out that he was one of those people who chose to live on the edges of societal standards, and now Zara had joined him there. Like so many others, Zara had already taken advantage of a little of what the body shops had to offer, but Roban had more radical tastes, and with very little effort, he had persuaded Zara to undergo a host of extensive body mod. The first had been inspired by Zara's corseting, which was a new experience even for the decadent Roban. It was merely the removal of Zara's two lowest ribs and a dramatic narrowing of her natural waist, yet Zara was no less uncomfortable in the incredibly tiny corset section of today's garment, since it had been made for her only a few days ago. Roban had showed her a graphic of an ancient Victorian Age woman, whose foundation garment gave her an astounding hourglass figure. "Your waist is already small, lover," Roban had said, "but think what a stunning figure you would possess with a waist like that! You know, I'd love to be able to reach my hands around you..."

Instead of the usual hooked busk, the corset in her jumpsuit made use of flexible magnetic fastener strips similar to the ones in her uniform. The tabs in the corset however, as in most of the clothing Roban had made for her, were far more powerful, and could be selectively polarized by a hand-held wand. They were quite impossible to open without it - Zara had tried, more than once. Instead of laces, it utilized one-way ratchets of very thin hull-metal embedded in the rubber. They had to be mechanically tightened with a tool in their bedroom before the latches would meet. With the latches closed, her waist measured just 15 inches around. Just as he had fantasized, Roban could now make his fingertips meet when he closed his hands about Zara's waist. The corset suit also featured a rough texture within the form fitted breast cups, with a few small bumps molded in just for fun and even larger rubber stimulators strategic placed over her clitoris. Together with the gently humming plugs in her arse and pussy, the suit provided constant stimulation of her most erogenous zones. As if this weren't enough, Roban had ordered her to slather lubricating jelly all over the inside of the garment, so that with every step or turn, its surface slid across Zara's breasts and between her labia, with very distracting results. Zara found that she was hard pressed to stand up, let along walk without wobbling! The next items on Roban's list had been thigh high boots of the same stretchy material, equipped with heels over 6 inches tall. They molded tightly to her legs, were pulled up over the legs of her jumpsuit, and were fastened by more of the same magnetic strips around the tops of the jumpsuit legs. As so often happened, she'd got a serious case of the hornies about half way through getting dressed, and her faintly throbbing sex had been slowly but steadily adding to the moisture inside the already damp and slippery jumpsuit - the tight material slithered across her skin with every movement, as she continued to dress. She was grateful that Roban hadn't seen fit to include any electro-stimulative devices today, and that the material as well as the seams where the boots overlapped, was waterproof.

Roban had quite an arsenal of custom-made toys. Some were painful, and others delivered very pleasurable sensations indeed! Many were custom made to fit some part of Zara's anatomy, or to attach to one of her myriad body piercings. It was fortunate for her that modern medicine had made them as fast, safe and relatively easy as her other body mods. Besides the dramatically reduced waist, Roban had talked his mate into several other exotic changes, and while they must have cost a fortune, he never once discussed the prices. Zara had debated with herself about a drastic breast enlargement for a long time, having experimented with several shapes and sizes over the years. With Roban's enthusiastic urging, she actually went overboard. Where before, she had been moderately small in the bust, she now sported breasts better suited to a sex-pro. They were so large and dramatically underscored by her narrow waist, now 19 inches even when uncorsetted, that all of her uniforms had to be custom tailored. When her somewhat amazed seamstress measured her, her new bust line was 60 inches, and her cup was a HH! They were improbably high, firm, and round, and at first she thought, entirely too large for her smaller frame, but she had gradually got used to them, as they provided endless entertainment for both Zara and her master. In her research, she had read about the primitive early methods for achieving the same results and had been horrified at the complications that so often resulted. Not for the last time, she was grateful that the body shops were able to grant her body the features she wanted, more or less naturally.

But Roban hadn't been satisfied. He wanted Zara's body to be turned into a plaything, a toy for their mutual amusement. As the two lovers had grown closer, and their desire for more exotic and bizarre entertainment increased, Zara found herself submerging in Roban's tide of fetishistic lust, until there was almost nothing she would deny her lover. Zara's nipples had been enlarged and extended until they were roughly an inch in diameter and two inches long when erect. They were pierced near the base and the holes had been stretched, enabling her to take large rings, weights or other toys. There were also several smaller piercings, decorated with niobium rings, all over the nipples, and the very end of each sported a huge 3 carat diamond stud, mounted on a shaft, which ran through the length of the nipple to screw into the thick ring at the base. They had been sensitive enough before, Zara thought, but after the piercings, they were very sensitive indeed, allowing her to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. She routinely wore bandages over them when in uniform, to keep from being distracted at work. Since her earlobes were another of Zara's favorite erogenous zones, Roban had had them strengthened enough to allow large piercings as well, and Zara often wore as she did today, fat rings which she could suspend various weights from. Today she had opted for a pair of heavy 2-inch steel balls, anodized bright blue. One of her own ideas was to have her clitoris and labia pierced as well. Roban had agreed with almost pathetic eagerness, although he had insisted on having Zara's clit enlarged radically first. Now well over an inch long it carried its own small array of rings, but each was made of supereweight alloy, which provided a surprising tug for it size. Zara had requested, and been granted, five small piercings down each minor labia, and six larger holes in the major labia. Whenever Roban’s clothing choice for her allowed, each of these piercings was dramatically weighted, elongating her lips and strongly stimulating her at the same time.

Before long, they found that Zara couldn't quite handle some of Roban's larger toys, or his hand, something that Zara desperately wanted to experience, so Roban had Zara's anal and vaginal muscles stretched and then strengthened with electronic exercisers in her sleep. (It had felt so good, she remembered, that she had had to resort to artificial sleep induction during the eight days she had endured the process.) Later, Roban had introduced her to the joys of fisting, and Zara had to admit that her more accommodating passages were a positive addition.

Not just for regular fisting did she need to be enlarged, for Roban himself was making valuable use of the body shops too. Already well endowed when they first met, he had quickly hungered for dramatic enlargement. Given the relative ease of body modification in today’s advanced society, most men could swell to about 12 inches, Roban however, boasted an 18-inch cock, which was easily 9 inches around. He shared Zara’s love of piercings too and this delightful sex rod had the capacity to hold a hundred of them. From the shaved hole of his arse, through his crotch, and all the way under his long balls and along the underside of the shaft, he had 80 rings forming a Jacob’s ladder graduating from ¼ inch diameter at the tip to 1½ inches in his guiche. And each ring was thicker than its smaller diameter neighbour. The effect was visually stunning and, in use, the feeling was almost delightfully unbearable. The other 20 piercings were symmetrically placed down the length of the shaft, pierced straight through the central tunnel with barbells, holding a thick Prince’s Wand in place. His rod was therefore permanently stiff, due to its internal foundation and the end of the wand was plugged with a heavy 2 inch diameter sphere, adding further, although quite unnecessary emphasis to the bulging head of his weapon.

Zara had fallen for Roban’s gorgeous body the first time she saw it, dramatically emphasised by his patent leather outfit. He had excellent muscle development, but it was his firm, bulging, round buttocks, which really made her moist. Since they had married, he had had his pecs enlarged to produce a dramatic shelf effect, and to better support his nipple mods, which exactly mirrored hers. His nipples had gone from small, relatively insensitive buds to bold sexual organs, begging for attention and easily capable of giving him total relief.

Both had 3 large piercings in their tongues. Their tongues alone were in fact works of art, and had been lengthened dramatically, and had muscles added, allowing an extension of almost 6 inches from the mouth. Oral sex had taken on new meaning after the mods were finished. With the piercings providing added stimulation, and the length and dexterity allowing much greater penetration and movement, each could derive immense satisfaction from the other’s mouth. Even the tongue mod had not been enough to satisfy Roban's extreme tastes. Zara's gag reflex was now for the most part disabled, although she found she could summon it voluntarily to keep from choking. She wondered about this until much later when Roban ordered her to service three male friends of his, a task for which Zara, was now quite overqualified. At first, she almost rebelled, but after she relented, she found to her surprise that she could enjoy sex with other men just as well- their bodies were not as good as Roban’s, but they made for an interesting and highly enjoyable comparison of quantity versus quality.

It was during that same incident that she found out that her master enjoyed watching his slave service other people. And THAT had led Roban to seek out and negotiate today's scene with the Timelord, Ackron. Roban wasn't fond of body hair, when it interfered with sexual activity and so he kept his groin and nipples completely hair-free and only kept his tick chest hair because Zara loved it so. Her body on the other hand was completely devoid of hair, apart from her luxuriant blonde mane. In short, Zara had gradually been turned into Roban's image of an idealized, customized, sex object. And she found herself loving it. If they were ever to admit it though, so too had Roban’s body slowly improved to entirely match Zara’s vision of the perfect male.

The third item on the dressing list had been long gloves in the same tight, mirrorlike material, which fastened to her jumpsuit at the shoulder. The gloves had been custom made for her by one of Roban's many technical friends, and had "memory metal" splints molded into the forearms, wrists, palms, and fingers. Once they were put on, she pressed a small stud at the back of each wrist, which stiffened the splints, making it impossible to bend her wrists or flex her hands or fingers. The last item on the list was new to her, and incongruous with the rest. Made from transparent plastic in a neutral grey color, the material was cut in a very loose jumpsuit pattern, yet with snug fitting cuffs at the collar, each wrist, and the ankles. When she moved to put it on over her other clothes, a loud slithering rustle came from the material, and continued with each and every movement. With her nearly useless hands, she had considerable difficulty with it, but fortunately, it had normal closures, and she eventually got it on and closed. Once donned, the loose cut evoked slipping and sliding noises every time she moved any part of her body, and the transparent plastic showed very clearly what she wore underneath. At least now it appeared more or less tasteful, with the slightly darker material over her corset-jumper. Zara had been appalled, none the less. The walk to the lounge had been heaven and hell, as she tried desperately not to gasp or otherwise reveal her intense arousal to the passing residents and crew. Her skin tingled with energy, and each movement of her limbs felt like a kind of subtle massage, sending waves of pleasure through her. More than once, she had sagged against a bulkhead or the wall of a crowded elevator as she grimly suppressed the signs of her arousal, and more than once, concerned bystanders had asked if she was all right. Now, in the corridor outside the lounge, she looked over every surface, making sure it met Roban's criteria of "shiny, tight & tidy". Each item she wore today was as shiny as chrome with a texture so smooth and reflective it looked like real metal, with the exception that it was flexible and elastic. Each had been polished until it reflected an image like a mirror. The rubberlike material fitted tightly, and without wrinkles, making her look more like an old-fashioned humanoid robot than a person. She pronounced herself ready for inspection, took a deep breath, and walked toward the door. Roban was sitting at a table only a few meters away, sipping on something tall and cold, and smiling in her direction. She headed over, waited for Roban's nod, and sat down. Roban grinned around the rim of his glass. "You look good enough to eat, lover. How do you feel?"
"You ought to know how I feel!" hissed Zara desperately; "I nearly came just from walking down the hall!"
"Good," replied Roban in an infuriatingly calm tone, "It will help you get in the mood. Do you want a drink or something to calm you down?"
"Um, I don't think so. I want to be clear headed when I meet him... I don't want anything to muddle my head. Does that make sense?"
"Actually yes, perfect sense. For a change. But enough chit-chat. Ackron is waiting for you. Are you ready?"
Zara took the hint and looked down. "Yes, master. Where is he?"
"Not here, the station news people have been hounding him ever since he arrived. I've reserved Gymnasium 2 for a ah, private workout, so you won't be disturbed. Ackron will be waiting there.
" Zara took a deep breath. "Yes, master."
He looked at the watch dial implant under his thumbnail. "Now scoot- you don't want to be late."

Zara scooted, walking as fast as her teetering stilettos and throbbing sex would allow. She hurried along, fearing a reprisal for being late, and wanting desperately to make her master happy, yet having a very real difficulty staying upright as the lubricant made every slithering motion of both her tight corselet and the loose flowing jumpsuit into a lovers caress. She fought to keep control. She couldn't fail. In Roban, she had found a new meaning of life- her lover and master had come to fill her entire being, to occupy almost all her waking thoughts, such that she had to consciously push him from her mind before she went on duty. But for the next forty-eight hours she was off duty, and she was only too happy to be able to please her lover. The more so, since things that pleased Roban were more often than not, thoroughly enjoyable for Zara as well.

She arrived at Gymnasium 2 and looked around. There were a few passers- by, but no one seemed to think her mode of dress worthy of a second glance, despite the fact that she felt nearly naked in her revealing outfit. She paused long enough to offer a silent prayer to anybody who might be listening that the being on the other side of the door would not be too frightening, would not be too deranged, or twisted much farther than she was, that he would leave her in more or less the same condition that he would find her in. She looked around the corridor again, feeling almost like a criminal. There was no one around. She approached the door, let it slide open in front of her, and walked in, her pulse pounding in her ears. The gymnastics room looked empty, with the exception of the usual features: pads on the floors and walls, racks and hardware and other implements on the ceiling, walls, and floor. The entire room was furnished in white, including the padding. The ceiling was about at least 5 meters high, and scattered about the room were various pieces of equipment which she noted with excitement looked as much like bondage devices as they did exercise equipment. One wall was apparently set up for dance, with a full-height mirror and a handrail running the length of the wall. There was no one else visible.

There was a chair just inside the door, and a note on the chair. She picked it up. `Disrobe completely, then stand in the center of the room.' She was wondering how she was expected to open the catches on her clothing when she noticed the polarizing wand lying under the chair. That presented a further difficulty, since she could hardly pick it up with her helplessly confined hands. Eventually, she managed to clamp the wand between her jutting breasts, while compressing them with her upper arms, and poke at the glove switches with the end of the wand. Once her arms and hands were free, the rest was relatively easy. After removing the rustling plastic jumpsuit, she used the wand to release her gloves and boots. When she used it to unlatch the corset, it nearly flew off her from the tension, forcing a gasp out of her as the pressure on her abdomen was suddenly relieved. With that and the removal of the oversize plugs from her tender holes, despite feeling relief she also felt strangely wanting, as if she couldn’t do without the stimulus.

She was nude now, but she hesitated before moving away from the door. She still could see no one else. Perhaps Ackron had had a change of heart? She took a few tentative steps toward the center of the gym. "Ackron?" she called out. There was no answer. She stood shivering a moment, before realizing it was fear, and not the comfortably warm room that made her quake. A gobbet of the lubricating jelly, now mixed with sweat and her own lubricant, slid down the inside of one thigh, distracting her for a moment. She walked to the center of the room. "Ackron? Ackron! Come on out! No fair hiding! Come out and play!" A low laugh close behind her made her jump, but she managed to stifle the tiny scream that had threatened to emerge. Twisting to turn around, she was surprised to see a figure who’s mere outline made her quiver with desire. He had come through a door in one of the padded walls, which she could now see led to a private bathroom. The man, tall, slim, but very muscular with tanned skin, short dark brown hair and stubble on his chin, walked towards her with an air of smug authority. He was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt made of shiny black latex, so tight that every part of his body was revealed and the ripple of each muscle was magnified by the latex sheen. She had always grown moist even thinking of Roban, but this man’s body defied belief – it was so perfectly proportioned. Except that is for his cock. It was massively overscale for even his large frame and formed a bold outline along his right thigh, under the straining latex. She could barely take her eyes from it and found she was lubricating copiously at the mere thought of taking its length in one or both of her trained holes.

He picked up a chrome-steel band and walked around behind her, to place the band placed around her throat. It was a tight and apparently made-to-measure fit. He then attached a selection of chains to the front of the collar, to Zara’s long, thick nipples and to the largest of her clit rings and uttered his first words: “Follow me, slave.” He turned and walked away still holding the leash connecting all the chains, dragging Zara, who by now would do anything to service this body. Locking her chain-leash to a ring in one of the weight machines with sufficient tension on all of the chains to keep her on her toes and thrusting both tits and pussy dramatically upward, he left her to wonder what he might do with or to her. Lost in her own lewd thoughts, Zara suddenly noticed that he had returned, this time holding another leash. “Prepare her, and bring her to me in one hour, slave”, he said addressing the rubbergirl on the leash. He then removed her leash and left. As she approached, Zara examined the rubbergirl’s outfit. She was dressed in a gloss black rubber cat suit with a plunging neckline showing a very dramatic, high cleavage almost as good as her own. This was helped by a red and black rubber corset that looked as if it had reduced her waist to 17 inches at least. The thin rubber could not disguise the rubbergirl’s own large nipples, prominent pussy lips or the well-defined muscles of her taut body. Her legs were sheathed in tall thigh boots of red patent leather with 7-inch heels. “My name is Sadie, you will address me as Mistress, slave”, she said as she put down the pile of rubber goods she was carrying.

“Yes, Mistress”, Zara replied, wondering what she’d got herself into.
Almost as if her new slave-mistress could read Zara’s mind, she interrupted. “You are to be my Master’s slave for the next 2 days”, she continued, “I am the head slave, you are the lower slave. You will address him as Master. If you speak out of turn, or utter a single sentence without the words Master or Mistress in them you will be punished. You will do as you are told, you will dress as you’re told, you will eat, dream and breath as you are told. Do you understand slave?” “Yes Mistress”, Zara replied.
“Any questions, slave?”
“No Mistress” Zara replied meekly, but with a barely restrained hint of excited anticipation. She had to admit to being excited at the thought of the sexual adventures to come.

Sadie now began to cover Zara’s dramatic curves with talc, which she takes time to stroke slowly over her entire body, lingering over her pussy before moving up to her massive breasts. “The master should be very pleased with you.” She says, standing back to admire Zara’s body. “I though I was pretty impressive, but your own master has really taken you to the limit. Do you perform as well as you look?”
As if to answer the question, another large drop of love juice fell to the floor from Zara’s eager pussy, and her nipples grew even more erect. Encouraged by the other girl’s admiration, she said, a little hesitantly “Well, the new Master’s cock shouldn’t give me any problems, no matter where he chooses to use me!”

Worried that she may have met her match, Sadie decided that it was time to bind the new and perhaps too eager slave. She turned around holding a black latex catsuit. She explained that her Master far preferred the real thing to the new age rubbertex. It felt much more silky, especially when freshly polished, and its sweet smell combined well with a woman’s natural scent to provoke rapid sensual stimulation. Sadie proceeded to ease Zara into the exceptionally tight suit. It had feet and hands built in and zips up the back, Zara soon realised it had a hood built in too, with a penis gag. She zipped it down to the steel collar where both zips meet and a click confirmed that Zara was locked in once again. The gag was then pumped up really high, and she felt herself really juicing up inside again. Next, Sadie produced a bright red heavy rubber corset, as she laced it up it was soon apparent that this was the most severe corset she had ever worn. Zara felt as if, in a single step, she had been reduced below the magic 15 inch waist of Roban’s fantasy. Sadie then produced long red ballet thigh-boots with 8-inch needle heels. Once on Zara had to keep one hand on the wall to maintain her balance, although the constant wearing of heels, never less than 6 inches, meant that standing was no problem at all. Walking, on the other hand, she thought may be a bit of a challenge. As the boots were being secured Zara felt Sadie’s long nailed fingers tease the entrance to her cunt and arse through the crotch openings. Sadie did not leave her hands free for long though. Locking a bright, shiny chrome posture collar over the catsuit and the first collar under that, she then attached chains to the collar which ended in rubber lined manacles, into which she had her wrists secured. They do not let her lower her hands below her waist. Sadie then started to polish the rubber up to a glossy shine, she worked methodically covering every part of Zara’s dramatic form with a fine mist of cool polish before gently stroking her new skin of rubber to a beautiful shine. She spent an age on Zara’s huge tits and nipples, partly because they needed so much polish and partly for her own pleasure. Zara nearly came several times before the ordeal was over. Finally satisfied she unlocked the lead from the apparatus and led Zara through the private bathroom and outside. They crossed the passage to an unmarked door, which led into a dimly lit and sumptuously furnished apartment. “Let’s see what the Master thinks of you now, slave.” she says.

In the center of the room was a chrome and leather machine, the purpose of which was not instantly obvious. As Sadie led Zara towards it and then forced her to bend over the central supporting pillar, it quickly became clear that she was to be positioned ready for sex. Her tiny waist was strapped to the padded pillar and her legs spread and strapped to the low base. Her head was lifted and secured to a bar forcing her to stare at the huge dildo on a piston level with her mouth. Her jutting tits were firmly clamped into tight cylinders and strong clamps were attached to each straining nipple. Now, from behind, she could feel what she guessed were two more piston-dildoes, invading her wet holes. Slowly all three rods advanced until she was fully plugged. The cunt and arse dildoes were massive and seemed to be made of several balls one atop the other, graduating from only a couple of inches in diameter at the tip to over 6 inches at the base. The effect was to ripple her cunt and arse muscles as they entered. Sadie now set the machine to pump rhythmically in and out of Zara; the cunt and arse plugs alternately penetrated, first one to the hilt then the other, allowing her to accommodate each one’s full diameter stretching her beyond her normal limit. The tit clamps also began to squeeze with the same rhythm making her nipples bulge even more against their own clamps. She quickly warmed to this treatment and began to buck with pleasure. “The Master wants you juiced, gaping and hot, so you will remain on the prep-machine for the next 30 minutes.” Sadie announced as she left the room. ‘Just at the moment,’ thought Zara, ‘he can leave me here for the next 30 days’, as she built to a massive orgasm.

Through the haze of her 10th shuddering climax, she became aware of strong hands feeling her polished, second skin, running all over her long legs and lingering on her high, spherical buttocks. Ackron had arrived to use his slave. No longer covered in Latex, his amazing body still shone from a fine coating of oil, his bulging muscles emphasised by broad leather straps above his biceps, thighs and around his chest. His spectacular cock was supported with a leather and chain harness, which incorporated a number of cock rings and a long collar above his taut shining balls. The harness extended through his crotch and around his rock hard buttocks to its stabilising anchor - a thick butt plug buried over 12 inches into his own trained arse. He also wore thick, heavy, solid gold bands around each wrist, ankle and his neck.

She felt the three glorious, mechanical shafts being withdrawn from her dripping holes, leaving her at once, both relaxed and empty. Unable to take her eyes off his fuck rod, she was sure that wouldn’t last long. He now reached inside her catsuit and hooked out her labia piercings, which he fastened to an elaborate set of hooks and springs to pull her throbbing hole wide open. With her clit now conveniently exposed, he attached that to a strong floor-mounted spring to maintain her fuck holes at the optimum height for him. Moving to her nipples, he removed the ends of each breast cup of her latex suit to reveal the hugely engorged teats and their multitude of piercings. He replaced the nipple clamps with long chrome-plated weights, which swung freely as they stretched her to at least 3 inches. Finally he replaced the cylindrical clamps on her spectacular tits with tight bands around the base of each one; as he tightened the bands so her 60-inch tits became nearly spherical and the overstretched latex took on a mirror finish.

Tethered, spread and molded to his satisfaction, he stood back and admired her form. “Roban was right,” he said “ you really have achieved perfection. ‘The Body Perfect Slave’ Now lets see how you feel.” He rested the tip of his cock against her lips and with unconcealed eagerness, she opened her mouth wide and snaked her long, pierced tongue around the bulging head, making full use of the hard barbells to cause maximum stimulation. Taking his cue, he thrust into her. Assuming her full capability, he just rammed to the hilt and was pleased by the massage her tongue, mouth and throat gave the huge length of his shaft. Her skilled attention quickly brought him near climax and he withdrew as quickly as he had entered, saving his crescendo for another of her waiting holes. Quickly moving behind her, he slipped effortlessly into her, by now gushing cunt, framed by her spread, and ringed lips. She easily took all of him, despite the rod’s huge girth. Ackron’s cock felt as long as her beloved Roban’s, but was easily half as thick again. Now she understood the need for the prep-machine. But why too did her arse need stretching? As if to answer her question Ackron plunged his oiled hand into the remaining hole and sought out the head of his cock, through the sensitive dividing wall. ‘My God’ she thought to herself, ‘he is going to wank inside me.’ He thrust in and out of her cunt hard and accompanied each thrust with an equivalent stroke of his open fist inside her arse. The effect was to stretch her already taut holes every which way and tug even harder on her spring loaded clit. She began to climax uncontrollably adding the rhythmic pulse of her orgasming pelvic muscles to the stimulation Ackron was already giving himself. This, of course was what he had planned and he knew that he would soon deliver his enormous load.

Almost lost to this whole body stimulation, she was suddenly surprised to feel a familiar shape in her throat. She could recognise that Jacob’s ladder of rings anywhere. Roban had joined them and was now thrusting madly in and out of her mouth. Judging by his excitement, he had obviously been watching the whole procedure from a secret vantage point, and could no longer resist joining in. As her Body Perfect was rocked by these two magnificent male specimens, her nippleweights swinging wildly, her clit nearly doubled in length and her whole being shaking with each successive and overlapping orgasm, she realised she had achieved her destiny. The stud-Masters came at the same time, flooding her with their spunk. As they continued to thrust, it sprayed out over her shining latex form, making thick rivulets down her legs to the tips of her needle-heeled boots and dripping thickly from each of her long nipples. Finally the men stopped, spent. They pulled out and stepped away from their creation, each with a thick shining cock oozing its last drops of love juice over their muscular thighs. Zara’s body continued to shudder as one orgasm after another continued to tear through her. The constriction of her corset, the tension on her lips and clit and the still swinging weights on her large, sensitive teats combined with the delightful feeling of her lovers’ hot juice flooding out of her cunt and down her throat would keep her in ecstasy for some time.

As she began to descend from her stimulative peak, she came to realise that she had achieved sexual perfection. A peak of performance and body tuning that now required more than one man to satisfy it, and nothing but perfect specimens at that. The time had come to leave her daily work and enjoy the fruits of her labours, ‘serving’ these two fabulous Masters. Or were they really serving the Body Perfect?

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Thank you very much Sarob.

Great story and well written, a feast for the imagination. Do you by chance ever submit anything to Literotica?

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Thanks Buster H for your compliments. As I said in the introduction to the piece, it is not wholly original, but between me and the original writer, I hope we have produced something worthwhile.

No, I have not written for Literotica; perhaps I should.

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