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 Post subject: Story: Samantha Stretch?
 Unread post Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:11 am 

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Looking for a story that was posted on here not too long ago, titled "Samantha Stretch" if I remember rite.

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?
 Unread post Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:59 am 

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Blademaker wrote:
Looking for a story that was posted on here not too long ago, titled "Samantha Stretch" if I remember rite.

I have the story saved to my favorites archive.
I dont know if I can repost it, I think it is not allowed because of the reserved rights.
But I can send the story via pn or mail.

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?
 Unread post Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:12 pm 

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I would love to read it again too, its really long ago :(

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?
 Unread post Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:47 pm 

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?
 Unread post Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:34 pm 

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thx, i LOVE the story, who can add some more to it, or start a very simulair story??

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?
 Unread post Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:03 pm 

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Thanks for the link.

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?
 Unread post Posted: Sun May 17, 2015 5:44 pm 

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can anyone repost or pm it? thx

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?
 Unread post Posted: Fri May 29, 2015 11:54 pm 

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Was looking forward to reading this again but unfortunately the dropbox link doesn't work.
Could someone please repost it or a working link.

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?
 Unread post Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:57 pm 

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Used webarchive for this link.

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 Post subject: Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?
 Unread post Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:51 pm 
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The Transformation Into Samantha Stretch - part 1

She has the most amazing nipples I have ever seen. Her tits were massive, and she had gigantic nipple rings. I'm not a professional but I think they are 16mm rings. Five eighths of an inch dangling from her tits, and I wanted rings like that in my nipples. It was late at night and I was looking at videos of Lady Madeline that my husband saved on the computer. He has the biggest body modification fetish you can imagine. He loves heavily modified girls covered from head to toes with tattoos and piercings, but his favorite thing is massively stretched piercings. He has been saving images and videos to our computer for years and that's how I found myself masturbating while watching a video of Lady Madeline shoving her fist deep inside the cunt of O'Pearl, with O'Pearls wonderful labia plugs surrounding her wrist.

All I could think about while watching this was how much I wanted it to be me with holes in my nipples so big I could put my finger through. My pussy has never gotten wetter than when I think that if I put in enough effort I can have tunnels in my own labia that are more than an inch in diameter. I haven't told my husband yet but today was the day that I decided to finally make my body mine and modify it the way I want without worrying about anyone else's opinion. I know that my husband will think I'm gorgeous, and based on the material on the internet plenty of men (and women) will love the new me when I'm done. I don't just want to stop with my tits and my cunt, I want lots of big facial piercings too. I want to stretch my earlobes as big as the largest ones I've seen on BME. I want the skin of my lobes to touch the bottom of my neck when I turn my head. I think that septum piercings are the sexiest thing a woman can wear (and I'm surprised more girls don't have them). I want to stretch mine as big as I can go so I can feel a heavy ring tugging my nose down and feel the cold steel on my top lip. I want a pretty looking lip plate, cheek piercings, dermal anchors next to my eye, tunnels in both of my nostrils and piercings I can't even think of right now. I'm looking forward to the day that I finally get branded. Feeling the red hot steel melt my flesh, leaving a permanent and beautiful reminder of the incredible pain I want to endure to complete the piece of artwork I'm going to turn myself into.

As the video continued and Madeline slipped a lube covered fist inside of O'Pearl I could feel the orgasm coming. I worked my finger feverishly over my clit and imagined doing this after I get done stretching holes in my cunt and feeling the big rings through the holes. This thought drove me over the edge and made my entire body shudder as waves of pleasure washed over my and ended at my clit. Amazing.

I'm not sure what prompted me to finally come to this decision today. I've loved body piercing since I was a teenager, I got a nose stud when I was fifteen, my belly button when I was sixteen, and on my eighteenth birthday I voluntarily had a needle shoved through my tongue. My mom thought I was crazy but I was in love with body modifications and she eventually came around. After that I got an occasional piercing or tattoo as time went on, inspired by people I saw around the city with jewelry in a spot on their body that I now wanted on mine. That was until I met Jack.

Our meeting, him introducing me to fantastic places on the internet where I could look at extreme body modification, and our eventual marriage might make a good story sometime in the future, but is immaterial to the story about my decision to modify myself past the point of no return. The only thing that matters is I know Jack is completely on board with my plan without me having to tell him, and I want to keep this my little secret for a while. I want him to wonder how far I'm going to take my stretching, him not knowing that I plan on making the holes bigger than he could ever hope for. I think if I told him my plan he would cum in his pants. He's going to find out how far I'm taking this in a couple months when I come home with a large tattoo on my face.

The last few days while I've been putting together my plan I've been hornier than I have been my entire life. That's what makes me sure that turning myself into the next Internet body mod queen is the right choice. Fortunately I got a bit of a head start on my plan by being fascinated by piercings for a long time, and by giving my husband new piercings on myself as gifts for him. I got my nipples pierced six months after I met him, and over time I've slowly stretched them up to 6 gauge. I also have two rings in each of my inner labia with one set at 10 gauge and one set at 8 gauge.

Now that I've taken care of working my clit for a while I can start with the first step in my plan. I know that I need to take stretching slowly so I can achieve the sizes I want, and fortunately my body takes stretching very well so I can go quicker than most people. Tonight I'm starting my plan with my nipples. I think nipples are the sexiest piercing, and they're the holes I want to get big as fast as I can. The last time I tapered my nipples was almost a year ago so they're ready for a stretch. I have big puffy nipples so even though my rings are six gauge right now they look small decorating the end of my tits. I'm definitely taking both nipples to fours tonight, and I'm hoping that the two gauge taper will slide through right after the four without too much pain. I want to start measuring my nipple rings in inches rather than gauges.

The ball for my rings both come off easily, and I slipped out the ring in my right nipple to start with that one first. The lube on the taper makes it a little bit hard to handle but I can get the small end into the hole easily, and my nipple offers almost no resistance as I slide it all the way through. It's almost as if my nipple was asking me for bigger rings, but I know that it's just easy because I've been wearing my last size for so long. After I get some lube on the four gauge ring it follows the taper into my nipple like I've been wearing it forever. My left nipple goes just as smoothly as my right and in less than a minute I have four gauge rings in both my nipples. Since that went so easily I'm going to try to get the two gauge rings in tonight.

As all of you probably know it's really easy to go up a couple of sizes when the holes are small like 12 & 14 gauge, but when you get up to bigger sizes each jump is so much larger. I'm planning on wearing the two gauge rings for quite a few weeks before I go to zeros, so I made sure I got rings I liked a lot. I got rings that are an inch in diameter with extra large balls so hopefully some lucky people are going to notice them through my shirt. With the same motions as before I lube the taper and get it started through my nipple. This time I can begin to feel the inside of my nipple putting up resistance to the large taper once I get it about three quarters the way through. I backed it out just a bit and added some more lube to the taper and slowly start pushing again. Not too long after that I could feel the stretch and the taper slid all the way through my nipple. Success. The ring followed behind the taper much easier than the taper and the first thing I noticed is how much heaver this two gauge ring feels. I can feel the electricity in my pussy again, it wants to be used again.

Getting the left nipple done doesn't go quite as easily as the right side but after about two minutes of pressure I hear a small pop and the taper slides through. Giving the tender nipple a couple minutes of rest before inserting the ring, I can think about the plan for tomorrow. Several months ago I got both of my earlobes up to a quarter inch. I think that wearing tunnels in a big hole with a heavy gauge ring through the tunnel is one of the hottest looks a modified girl can pull off and I've been doing it on and off since I got this far. Tomorrow morning I'm going to put in a bigger set of tunnels before I head to the piercing shop in the afternoon.

Earlier tonight I booked an appointment with my piercer to get my septum pierced tomorrow, and after talking with her for a while about the risks I decided that I'm going to have a two gauge punch through my septum. It's going to hurt so fucking much getting a giant hole cut out of my nose, but it's going to signify to me the official start of my journey. I also want to stretch my septum really large and having a decent size chunk of skin taken out will hopefully help prevent the bottom of my nose from sagging too much. Just thinking about the pain and the permanence is getting me wet, tomorrow when the incredible pain shoots through my poor little nose I might just have an orgasm. I can't wait to have shiny metal hanging down from my nose.

After giving my nipple a bit of a break I can put the new ring in my left nipple. Using my brand new ring closing pliers I put the oversize balls in my new, larger nipple rings. I can really notice how much heavier these are, and I grab onto my tits and swing them around in front of a mirror to watch my rings dance around and tug on my nipples. I stand there for a minute and admire my new jewelry and fantasize about what I'm going to look like a year from now. My cunt is aching enough that I sit down back at the computer to watch some more videos. Since I have the lube out already I can use my stainless steel butt plug. After I lube up the plug it slips easily into my ass, giving me the feeling of fullness inside me that I can never get enough of.

Jack has put together the most amazing collection of beautiful modified women, and sooner rather than later pictures of me are going to be in collections just like this on computers all over the world, with people getting off to videos of me playing with my massive piercings. The only disappointing part about that is when they cum, it's not going to land on me. The question now is what video to watch while I masturbate. I absolutely love the videos of Lady Madeline and O'Pearl with their holes so big you can stick your fingers through, but I just got off on that earlier so I want to use something different.

I opened up the folder with Lauren Vey, the inspiration for how big I want to go with my earlobes. Her face is absolutely gorgeous. I love the way the tattoos on her neck creep up over her chin and there's just a hint of ink on her face, like the lines of the ink are desperate to cover her milky white face with swirls of color to add to her beauty. I would love to have a night alone with her, to run my tongue over the tattoos on her neck and up to her massively stretched lobes. I want to run my mouth all the way along the skin stretched around the three inch plugs, whispering in her ear to take the plugs out so I can play with my favorite lobes, so I can gently take them in my fingers and stretch them out. I love the look of ears with plugs, but if a girl has stretched them enough to leave a big hole when you take them out it takes my breath away when the skin hangs down near their shoulders like dangly earrings. Lauren is my inspiration, but I want to go larger than her. I want lobes like some tribal African women have, they are so large they sit at an angle on your shoulder, a massive five or six inch disk.

As I started to build toward another orgasm, I switched folders to the girl I know as Macy. She has the most intricate tattoo sleeves, with the same pattern running onto her chest, down her sides and one of her legs, up her back and onto the sides of her neck. She's a blond bombshell, and the picture I'm going to get myself off to has her sitting on a balcony with a white t-shirt on, her red nipples and her chest piece showing through her shirt. Her tattoo sleeves contrast perfectly with the plainness of the shirt, and her eyes are looking straight through the lens of the camera at me, telling me to come and fuck her. Thinking about my arms, neck and eventually face being completely covered in tattoos pushes me over the edge into another climax.

This is my story, the story about how I transformed from an average trophy wife into an online fetish sensation. The journey about me going past the point of no return in my quest of body modification. Stretching my nipples and cunt bigger than anyone else and putting it all on the internet. This is the story of Samantha Stretch.

The Transformation Into Samantha Stretch - part 2

The next morning I woke up before my alarm clock went off, I was too excited to sleep. I made my way into the bathroom and examined my naked body. I admired the new two gauge rings pulling down on my nipples and the tunnels in my ears. I thought about how this was the last time in my life I would see my nose without a big ring hanging down from it. I was a beautiful woman by anyone's standards, but I closed my eyes and imagined what I was going to look like covered in tattoos and having every hole I could stretch as big as it would go.

I got into the shower and proceeded to wash myself, paying special attention to my newly stretched nipples. In my head I organized everything I had to get done today while I soaped myself up. After I finished my shower the first thing I needed to do was put the bigger tunnels in my ears. I wanted to make sure I did my ear stretching long enough before the appointment at the piercer that my ears had time to relax. After I finished with my ears I needed to get dressed for the day, and that meant my new heels. I decided that to go along with my extreme piercings and tattoos I wanted to train my feet to only be able to walk in high heels. The idea of never being able to walk without high heels on turned me on in the same way the other body modifications did. After that I needed to go out and run some errands before I headed to the piercing shop at 3:00.

I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I wrapped a towel around myself and headed out of the bathroom and down to the office where I kept my piercing supplies. I gathered up the items I needed for this morning and started by removing the two inch diameter CBRs from the tunnels in my ears. I popped my current quarter inch tunnels out of my lobes and massaged the skin around the holes. The next size tunnels were 3/8 inch and with the weight of the CBRs I've been wearing in the holes I expected the new tunnels to go in easily. I opened the package with the first tunnel and put a thin coating of lubrication around the outside of the tunnel and it slipped easily into my right ear. The stainless tunnel went into my left ear the same way the right one did, and I put my heavy CBRs back in to help stretch out my ears even more. My ears still had a long way to go.

After a moment in front of the mirror to admire my bigger lobes I headed back upstairs to the bedroom to get dressed for the day. I wanted to turn myself into a fetish slut, and I've been dressing like it. The first thing I put on was a pair of thigh high black fishnet stockings. To go along with my black stockings I picked out my favorite black miniskirt that's only ten inches long. It hugs my ass tightly and doesn't come down quite as far as the top of my stockings, helping with the slutty look I'm going for. I pull the tightest top I have over my head, my DD tits that Jack bought me pushing the material out and the outline of my two gauge nipple rings clearly visible through my shirt. I wasn't going to wear any underwear and I rounded out my outfit with a pair of black thigh high boots with a six inch spike heel.

After I did my makeup I went down to the office and grabbed my stainless steel butt plug off of the desk where I left it last night. I pulled my skirt up a couple of inches to allow access and slipped the lubed up plug into my asshole. In order to train my ass to accept bigger objects I needed to wear a butt plug as often as I could. It was also nice that I enjoyed walking around in public with a shiny toy inside of me.

I headed out early to make sure I had plenty of time to make it to the shop in time for my appointment. The time passed quickly and before I knew it I found myself parking my car and my sore feet were walking me into my favorite piercing studio.

My piercer smiled when she saw me. She didn't get as many opportunities as she would like to use a dermal punch on a pretty girl, and she might have been just as excited as I was. We talked about how big I could go with the punch as I filled out the necessary forms.

I only had to wait a few minutes before the room was ready and she led me back. I laid down in the chair as she went over the procedure with me. The piercer lined the dermal punch up between my septum. I was nervous as hell because after she measured my nose she told me she would be able to punch it at zero gauge if I wanted. In the end I wanted my septum to be at least a half inch, so that's how I found myself leaning back in the chair while she positioned the massive punch in my nose. Her assistant was kind enough to record the entire thing for me, because I knew my husband Jack would get off watching me get a ring more massive than I though possible.

"Are you ready?" she asked, "You know this is incredibly permanent. You're having a huge hole removed from your nose. You're going to need to always wear something in it."

She smiled as she said this. She knew how big I wanted to go with all my holes, she was just toying with me. In fact, I think she might know that the idea turns me on. "I'm ready" was all I needed to say before the most blinding pain I've ever felt shot through my nose and straight down to my cunt, sending me into a massive orgasm. I hope they didn't realize the moaning was from an orgasm. Normally I don't get turned on by watching a woman bleed, but watching the blood run down my face after the punch went through my septum is a wonderful sight. The piercer then started to slide the massive fucking ring into the brand new hole she created, the blood from my nose coating the ring as it slid through. I picked the biggest diameter ring the shop had to offer and by the time she put the ball onto the CBR it was touching my bottom lip. As soon as she let go of the ring I could feel the heavy weight of it pulling down on my nose. She cleaned the blood off my neck and where it ran down to my chest and told me to lie still for a couple of minutes while she cleaned the room.

The piercer handed me a mirror to look at my new decoration. The stainless steel ring was now the most prominent feature of my face. It looked so much sexier than I ever imagined, and I think Jack might cum the second he looks at it for the first time. The ring is so big it almost fills both of my nostrils.

"How is it?" she asked me after I stare at my new face for over a minute, "do you like it?"

"It's fucking amazing," I reply, "I love how it fills up my nostrils. I can't wait to get those dermal punched too!"

She looked at me for a few seconds before replying "You're one crazy bitch, but your nose will look so amazing with tunnels in your nostrils and a big fucking ring hanging from your septum."

I stuck my tongue out and licked my new ring. I love how it covered my mouth, that I could kiss the oversize ball all of the time. I walked out of the shop and down the street, excited to have people stare at my new ring. I couldn't wait to get home and play with myself as I watched the ring swing in the irreversible hole that was punched in my septum. It was too late to turn back now.

The Transformation Into Samantha Stretch - part 3

It's been three days since I got my septum punched, and I love it more than I ever imagined. Any ladies out there reading this -- go for it! It's the little things that make having the big ring in my septum really neat. Since the ring hangs down in front of my lips every time I want to eat I need to lift the ring up to take a bite. I was looking for these modifications to transform who I am and I like being a slave to my septum. I also love the weight of the ring pulling down on my nose. I have to be very careful when I turn my head side to side or I have shooting pain going up my nose. I've also had to start breathing out of my mouth more because the ring almost fills up my nostrils, but that will be solved when I punch big holes in both nostrils.

I've also not walked around without high heels on my feet for five days; I'm even wearing them to bed. When I changed from a boot to a shoe today I tried to stand up flat footed and I couldn't. It hurt like hell trying to straighten my feet. Soon I'll be forced to wear sky high shoes if I want to walk at all.

All the stretches I made earlier this week are healing really well. I think I'll be able to stretch them again in a week or two. I even abused my nipple rings last night when I was getting myself off watching videos of girls getting their lip scalpeled. It's so amazing watching a knife slice through the skin underneath her lip and watching the blood flow out until they put the big lip plug in. I climaxed last night when the knife got stuck in a girl's lip. She was screaming loudly and when the blood started flowing out of the hole I couldn't contain myself anymore and I came. Like I said in my last post, I didn't think I was turned on by watching girls bleed, but I'm not sure what's changing. Maybe it's because of the look of helplessness on her face, the modification she has no control over.

This afternoon I have my first tattoo appointment and in three days I go back to the piercer to have MY lip cut wide open! I have three appointments scheduled every week with my tattoo artist. I'll see her every Monday, Thursday and Saturday for three hours each. I have a standing appointment for a year; it will probably take me longer to cover all my milky white skin with wonderful colors of ink. Today's appointment is simple -- I shaved my eyebrows off and she's going to tattoo new ones on, along with some permanent makeup around my eyes. She's also going to give me the most generic tattoo of all: a tramp stamp. Mine is going to be different because it's designed to blend with the rest of the tattoos I'm getting. It's going to be artistic lettering spelling out 'Fuck Toy'. I want people to see it every time I bend over and remember just how much of a body mod slut I'm becoming.

The Transformation Into Samantha Stretch - part 4

I walked into the piercing studio a few minutes early as usual. I showed off my new ink to my piercer and told her my septum was healing really well and I was looking forward to the next dermal punch, but I was really excited to get three anchors around my left eye and get my lip scalpeled. The autoclave was running behind so we had some time to make small talk. I told her my husband was coming home in a few days and had no idea the project I started. I explained to her how I liked the idea of not being in control of my modifications and my newfound lust for blood. She explained enjoying the blood was normal as you progressed further into modifications.

After the autoclave finished we went back into the piercing room and I got into the familiar chair. She was going to start with my dermal anchors -- They're flat pieces of metal that are inserted under your skin and have a small post sicking out to attach the jewelry to. They're not completely permanent but do require a lot of cutting to remove. The first one was placed one inch from the center of my eye, and then one each on the top and bottom 3/4 inch apart following the natural curve of the bone in my eye socket. She put flat stainless steel disks on each one.

After she was done she handed me a mirror. They were so pretty! They really stood out on my face and complemented my tattooed eyebrows and permanent makeup nicely. Next was the fun part, it was time for my lip. Her assistant set the camera up on a tripod to film the cutting because he would need to help the piercer. She asked me if I wanted to remove my shirt because of how much I would probably bleed and I complied. I noticed her assistant start to get a hardon when he looked at the big rings in my tits; I would have to remember for later that a good fetish slut takes care of people.

She asked me one last time if I was ready for such a permanent modification. My mouth is about 1 3/4 inch wide, so I was having a one and a half inch hole sliced through my lip. The plate she was going to put in was an oval that measured 1 1/2 inch wide by a half inch tall. It was HUGE!

She told me that she was ready to start. I felt her finger grab my bottom lip to steady it and felt the surgical knife start to cut deep into my skin. It was hard to believe but this hurt more than my septum punch. I felt the warm blood start to flow down my chin, all I could see were stars in my eye. As she sliced through me to the halfway point I could feel the odd sensation of my lip detaching from the skin that held it close to my chin. You only get that feeling once in your life and as I felt the blood running down my neck I was loving the feeling of my lip detaching as she slowly slid the blade across. I don't know for sure if she went slow just to make me bleed more but she sure took her time. After she got to the end she removed the sharp blade from inside my flesh and looked at me and said, "All done cutting. Want me to let you bleed for a little bit so we can have some fun with the blood?"

I tried to smile at her to indicate yes, but I didn't know which muscles in my face I needed to move now that my bottom lip was detached from the muscles in my chin that used to control it. After a couple moments she grabbed my lip and spread open my giant hole in my lip to put the plate in. When she spread the skin apart I could feel air rushing through the hole before she slid the plate into place. She held up a mirror and I saw the most breathtaking sight in the world: I had a brand new lip plate lodged in my face, on top of that was my shiny septum ring, and there was blood all the way down my neck and puddled on my chest. I was in heaven. She told me to close my eyes and relax, she would be back in a minute to clean the bloody mess up.

When her and her assistant came back in the room I could feel them wiping up some blood on my neck and fiddling around my ears. she leaned her face down next to mine and asked, "Do you trust me?"

"Completely," I responded.

Without another word she stood straight up and I heard the most sickening crunch of my life, followed by red hot pain in both my ears.

She looked at me and said, "I'm glad you trust me. I just dermal punched matching 3/4 inch holes in the cartilage of both your ears!"

My heart skipped a beat as she held the mirror up so I could see. There were bloody holes in the tops of both my ears, big enough to put my thumb through. I hadn't asked her to do this. The bitch decided on her own to permanently remove a huge piece from both of my ears. It was cartilage so it wasn't flexible and couldn't be sewn up. When what she had done set in I had an orgasm, realizing she did exactly what I got off to the other day, a modification I couldn't control. She stopped the bleeding in and put thin tunnels in my cartilage that were bigger than my lobes. My ears instantly doubled in sexiness.

After I got all cleaned up I was able to stand up and look at myself. It was hard to talk; I would need to relearn how to speak with the giant plate in my lip. I looked at myself for a long time: I had a massive plate in my lip with a septum ring big enough to touch the plate now that my bottom lip sat a half inch higher. There were three silver anchors next to my left eye, I had tattooed eyebrows and a 3/4 inch hole in the top of each ear that I never wanted but I was now in love with. My transformation had gone far beyond the point of no return -- I wasn't sure my husband would recognize me when he got back. I was well on my way to being an internet fetish slut and I couldn't be happier.

The Transformation Into Samantha Stretch - part 5

The day after I got my lip scalpeled was one of the most difficult I experienced during my transformation. I was in so much pain when I woke up and I had a three hour tattoo session scheduled for later that day. I was really hungry when I woke up because I didn't eat anything since my lip got done. I walked down to the kitchen and looked for something simple to eat and I settled on cereal and milk. When I started to eat is when I wondered if I was crazy for going to such extremes to make myself beautiful. It took me an hour to eat one bowl of cereal and half of it ended up on my shirt. The first bite I tried to take fell off the spoon completley because once I lifted my septum ring out of the way I didn't realize that the lip plate caused the opening of my mouth to move up. Banging the spoon into my tender lip decoration hurt like hell. When I finally managed to slowly get the food into my mouth I was resigned to the fact that until I healed I was going to be dribbling liquid out of my lips.

After I finished eating I headed upstarts to put on my new shoes. I had ordered seven inch ballet boots last week and they finally arrived yesterday. I already had one pair of ballet boots that I occasionally wore, but my new ones had a strap above the ankle with a lock on it so I could lock the shoes to my poor feet. I changed into new stockings and tried on the new boots that went halfway up my thigh. I walked around in them a bit to make sure they fit, having to take very short steps because my foot was pointed straight down. The boots fit my feet great so I put the stylish lock on each one to secure them to my feet. I grabbed the keys for the boots and I headed down the steps and out the front door to the street outside our house. When I got to the street I looked for the closest sewer drain and walked over to it and threw the only keys that would unlock my boots down to the bottom of the drain. I wasn't geting out of these any time soon. Keeping my feet locked in these painful boots for a long time would make sure I was never able to stand up without high heels on for the rest of my life. The tendons in the back of my legs would slowly shorten over time, rendering me unable to ever straighten my foot out again.

I must have been quite the site walking around because a woman stopped and stared at me until I walked back in the house. I was tempted to tell her that she was welcome inside and I would put on a show for her but I didn't have the nerve. It took me forever to complete the trip outside, and I knew that getting anywhere was always going to take longer now. Before heading out I put the biggest butt plug inside my ass that I had. This one had an extra large shaft that really stretched open my sphincter. My goal was to make sure I stretched out my sphincter enough over time that it would never fully close, forcing my to always wear a plug in my ass unless I wanted it to leak.

The drive to the tattoo shop was much harder than usual, my pointed ballet shoes made driving difficult. The tattoo artist admired all the new piercing work I had done yesterday, complementing me on how big my holes were and my dedication to size. I settled in for a long session that was going to complete my upper back piece and go up the back of my neck to the hairline. When finished my bodysuit would have a blue theme to it, so this work was of an intricate undersea design including a mermaid on the back of my neck that had pierced nipples and stretched lobes.

The appointment took longer than I expected because the work used so many colors. I laid there and enjoyed the pain of the needle constantly poking my skin, injecting the ink into my skin and permanently changing it's color. My face hurt during the whole process because I had to lay face down and no matter how I positioned it I either had to keep weight on my lip plate or the new dermal punches in my ears. The buzz of the tattoo machine made my vagina ache for attention as she worked her way up my sensitive neck.

When she finally finished I asked her for something that I hadn't planned on doing when I came in, but had decided on in the spur of the moment. I turned to her and said, "Could you please put a tattoo on my face? It can be anything you want and I don't want you to tell me what it is before you do it."

She looked at me for a few moments, lost in thought, but finally agreed to ink my face. I closed my eyes as I felt the machine buzz again. I couldn't tell where on my face she was working because she had to hold it still with her other hand. I sat there feeling the ink go into my face and had no idea what was being put on, and it and it took her about fifteen minutes to finish her freehand work. When she was done I told her I appreciated what she did for me and paid her, walking out of the tattoo shop without looking into a mirror.

I had to walk a fair distance to get to my car and it drove me wild having people look at me, not knowing what I had just gotten tattooed on my face! They saw a girl hobbling down the street in ballet boots with two big holes in each ear, dermal anchors around one eye with eyebrows that were tattooed on, and a big stainless steel septum ring bumping into my oval lip plate with every step I took. All I wanted was for someone to grab me and rape me right there on the sidewalk.

When I got home I got undressed and clipped one pound weights to both of my two gauge nipple rings. With the weights on I had to be careful with my movements or a blinding pain would shoot through the nipples that were pulled toward the ground. I shoved four fingers up my cunt, still not quite able to fist myself. I wanted to be ready to orgasm when I looked at the tattoo on my face that I had no control over. My juices exploded around my fingers as I saw it; she had drawn a beautiful blue and yellow butterfly next to the eye that didn't have anchors around it. This tattoo wasn't against my will like the dermal punches in my ears but it was just as wonderful not having control over the design.

The Transformation Into Samantha Stretch - part 6

My husband Jack was coming home tonight. When I talked to him on the phone yesterday I told him I had a fantastic surprise in store for him when he got home. He made some guesses that were way off the mark -- a new TV, his best friend in town, anal sex. He was so far off the mark (well, he was going to get anal sex because I needed to destroy my asshole) that all I could do was laugh. He did notice that my speech seemed a bit off but I told him that I cut on my lip; I just didn't mention that the cut had a huge plate in it.

I needed to get myself off the morning he came home because there was no way I could wait until he got home at 11pm, thinking about my new modifications always got me horny and they were now so extreme I noticed them constantly! I went in to our office and did a small stretch of my earlobes to get my juices flowing; I needed to work on stretching them as often as they would allow because I wanted to get to five or six inches. After my earlobes were throbbing I sat down in front of the computer to look at some body-mod porn. I found that I couldn't get myself off to unmodified people any more.

Jack had a folder filled with pictures and videos of girls from the Mursi tribe who had lip plates that were up to six inches in diameter. Some even had plates on their top and bottom lips. My finger started to rub circles around my clit while I shoved a big dildo up my cunt to compliment the big plug in my ass and I had the wonderful feeling of my fuck holes being filled up. I watched a video of a girl take a drink while having the plate in her lip and it was so hard for her. I loved watching her struggle as I got hotter and hotter. The girl in the video then started to take the massive plate from her lip and show how the skin hung far down and made her lower lip completely useless. I wondered how incredible it would feel to have that in me every day, to struggle with having my lips no longer work because I valued beauty over function. I knew I was going to stretch the plate in my lip some more, I did want to get it big enough that it would be forced to stick straight out but would I go that extreme?

The next girl in the video had plates stretching out her bottom and top lips. These women were so amazing; I had so much respect for them. As I panted and moaned my shiny zero gauge septum ring tapped against my lip plate producing a sexy sound while I masturbated. I thought about Jack's reaction when he saw me -- I regularly got him off while talking about how sexy it would be if he were fucking an extremely modified bitch and he loved it when I did that.

Tonight he would get to fuck his very own stretching slut and it happened to be his wife! As I approached my climax I switched videos to a girl who claimed a tattoo artist inked 56 dark black stars on her face while she fell asleep. She had no idea how lucky she was. They looked great and I wished someone would have tattooed me against my will! Thinking about being helplessly tattooed all over my face sent me into a mind blowing orgasm, my cunt and ass both contracted so tightly the toys slipped out.

After I came down from the high the orgasm brought on I cleaned myself up and put the oversize butt plug back in my ass. I had some more planning to do before Jack got home and I still needed to do one more thing. I slowly hobbled up the stairs to our bedroom as I always did now, the ballet boots that had been locked to my feet for days prevented any kind of quick movement. I wouldn't be able to run away from anyone that wanted to rape me, but that seemed like it could actually be a good thing. When I reached the bedroom I stripped down to everything but my thigh high ballet boots. Time to get ready.

The first thing I got out of the closet was the special thing I'd been saving for today: my black 18-inch corset. I knew it would take a long time to get it tied on, deforming my waist into an unnatural but beautiful hourglass shape. When I looked in the mirror I knew this would be the first picture of myself I would post on the internet for everyone to jack off looking at. The ballet boots forcing my weight to be held on my toes, the corset shrinking my waist and restricting my breathing while allowing access to my cunt and asshole, it also pushed up my oversized DD tits. Was it time to consider enlarging my boobs even more? Making them the size of Penelope Black Diamond's would look so great and make it hard to move around with the giant implants.

While still admiring myself I examined all the modifications I had done up to now: I had four pussy rings, a bellybutton stud, big two gauge nipple rings, a one and a half inch lip plate, a zero gauge septum ring that hung down in front of my mouth, three dermal anchors around my left eye, a tattoo of a butterfly next to my right eye, 3/8 inch tunnels in my lobes with a CBR through each, a tattoo that said 'Fuck Toy' on my lower back, a big tattoo of an underwater scene on the back of my neck and down my back, and finally 3/4 inch dermal punches in the top of each ear that removed most of the skin of my ear and replaced it with a gaping hole. I was so sexy and I wasn't even close to being done with myself.

Before Jack got home I texted him the instructions he was to follow: 'Come in the house, proceed directly to the bedroom, lie on the bed and put the blindfold that will be waiting for you over your eyes. Then wait for instructions.' I knew he would follow this to the letter, this is how I began a lot of our sex games. I waited in the office until I heard his car pull in and listened as he went up the stairs and put the blindfold on. The revelation was about to start!

I went up the stairs, my ballet heels clicking with every step, all the heavy rings I had swinging with every movement of my body. I stopped in the doorway to look at Jack; I hadn't instructed him to get naked but he was, it was probably better that way. His cock stood at attention, the zero gauge Prince Albert sitting at the top with a line of frenum piercings going down the shaft.

"Welcome home darling," I said, "I'm so glad you're back, I did something amazing while you were gone. I hope you'll like your surprise. Are you ready to find out what it is?"

"I am. I'm so excited to fuck you again," Jack said.

I walked over to him and sat next to him on the bed, playing with his cock ring as I went on, "Would you like to hear a story about a heavily modified girl, sweetie? I would like to tell you all about her while I play with your cock and start to fuck you."

"I would love to. Girls with big piercings and tattoos are great! There aren't enough of them in the world," he said.

"Mmmmm, good. I'm going to tell you a story about a girl who wanted to be an internet fetish slut. She was so sexy," I started, "She stretched her nipple rings really big and had piercings in her cunt. She could only walk around in heels and usually wore ballet boots and a tight corset that pushed her huge tits up and out." I positioned myself over him and slowly slipped his pierced cock into my dripping went cunt. "She loved sex so much she had 'Fuck Toy' tattooed on her and had another big tattoo on the back of her neck. She got a huge septum ring by getting a dermal punch in her nose and got three dermal anchors around one eye."

Jack was building toward and orgasm and I needed to make sure he didn't cum right away so I slowed down my movements on his cock. "She has stretched earlobes and wears heavy rings through them. When she went to the piercer for some work the bitch dermal punched most of her upper ear away against the girl's will but she was such a gauge whore she loved it. She has a butterfly tattooed right on her face so she can't hide it, and she also got her lip scalpeled. When they did that the blood ran down her face and they put a huge lip plate in her. She is so modified it's difficult to do everyday tasks."

I started grinding faster as I prepared for the big reveal, "All she wants is to be extremely modified against her will. Jack, the girl I just described is now your wife!"

With that I pulled the blindfold off his face and watched his eyes go wide as he realized I had done everything in the story to myself. He realized his wife could never go back and his entire body shook and he screamed with pleasure. His pierced cock exploded into my cunt like never before. After he pumped all his cum into me he looked into my eyes and said, "You are so beautiful! Thank you for making my biggest fantasy a reality, Samantha."

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love to read more parts, how she turns this wild dream into her wild new person

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I don't want to steal other people's work but it looks like this hasn't been added to in a long time, so I thought I would attempt to add another chapter in my own words. Hope the original author won't mind too much!

Samantha and Jack reaffirm their commitment (part 1)

Having Jack home was amazing. Over the next couple of days he barely left my side and was constantly horny and extremely attentive. The morning after his return I woke up to him gently lapping his tongue in slow circles around my clit. My eyes were dry and as I forced them open and looked down his handsome face and devilish smile greeted me.

" good morning my love" he said as he lapped up my sweet pussy juices, " I thought I'd wake you by giving your pussy a special kiss, I just wanted to wallow in your sweet cunt juice"

He continued lapping up my cum, sliding his tongue over my urethra and up over my clit. My body ached and my spine twitched from my neck to my arse. It only took a few moments before I could feel my pussy tighten and with little effort I squirted like I never have before. The flow wouldn't stop and Jack continued to bare down harder and harder on my clit. I actually feared I might drown my dear sweet husband but he swallowed and spat and kept.on going.

I knew he was only home for a week before his next trip but I knew we were going to have a week to truley remember

Over breakfast we talked some more. I told him all about my adventures in body modification and whilst we ate toast and drank tea I could see his cock twitching in his pants. We laughed at my uncoordinated attempts to eat and he told me repeatedly how much he loved me, how I was his ultimately fantasy, the sexist woman on earth.

"Jack honey" I said in a soft voice " you do know that this is only the beginning "

"I have committed social suicide, I'm a freak and what I've done to myself can never be hidden and can never be undone"

Jack gulped, " I know my lover"

" I'm am so proud of you, you are my beautiful wife and always will be my one true love"

"But now your also my perfect freak show slut. I can't wait to show you off to the world"

I smiled at my wonderful husband and said, "I would really love it if you would take full ownership of my cunt.... "

Jack paused and looked a little confused, his expression almost requesting clarification of my comment, even though the twitch in his pants suggested he knew what I was going to say next

"I don't ever want you to refer to my pussy as being mine again. I want you to always refer to it as yours"

Jacks eyes widened

"And" I said, " you must modify it to the extreme without ever warning me of what will come next"

" I want you to create your dream cunt; cut me, pierce me, stretch me, scar and tattoo me, all to your liking, with me blindfolded and submissive for each and every procedure".

Jack smiled and went to speak but I pulled my finger up to my lips before he could, purposefully tapping my finger nail against my huge lip plug, a smile creeping across my face.

"Shush" I hissed before gently removing his cock from his pants.

I began to lick around his huge PA ring gently pushing my tongue deep into his urethra.

As I sucked down on his fabulous cock he groaned and shuddered

"I will only own your cunt in such a way if you will return the favour "

He pulled my hair slightly so I was forced to look at him . I loved that my lip plug clicked against his PA while I was sucking his head. He tugged my hair again until I made eye contact with him

"If I'm going to be given such freedom to create my cunt, you must also take ownership of my cock... and balls"

He smiled down at me and I knew that we were going to have an amazing experience and connection through modifying each other's genitals to the extreme, customizing them to our liking.

I sucked harder in glee at the exciting prospect that awaited us. I began thinking of the heavy steel i would add to his beautiful cock, the implants, the tattoos...... I sucked down harder and harder until his cock lurched and poured sweet sticky cum into my mouth and down my throat, the open wound around my lip plug stung as the salty cum got into the raw flesh. I couldn't wait to begin!

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good work
looking forward to seeing where you go with this

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I can't wait too.

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Sarah and jack reaffirm their commitment (Part 2)

I was awakened by the bright sunlight streaming through the bedroom window. With a stretch and a morning groan, I slowly forced my eyes open, adjusting to the room.

Last night had been one of the best sexual experiences of my life. I had cum harder than ever before and was filled with excitement that not only was Jack thrilled by my transformation and the promise of much more to come, but we had made a pact to modify each other’s genitals to the extreme, and in return for me gifting him my pussy to do with as he pleased, he instantly gave me the same control over his cock and balls.

My pussy was still wet from the hours of rampant fucking that went on until the early hours of the morning.

As my mind and body became aware of the surroundings and I looked around the room I became aware that Jack was not in the room.

"Jack" I yelled presuming he was either downstairs of in the bathroom.

When I received no reply I looked around the room for an explanation of my husband’s whereabouts. On the bedside table was a white envelope with jack’s unmistakeable handwriting.

"For my beautiful slut wife" it read.

An instant twitch of excitement ran down my spine as I read his words and scrabbled to open the letter.

"Sarah” it read.

"I love you more than you could ever imagine. The day you married me you made me the luckiest and happiest man on earth. I didn't think you could give me anymore than you already have, but you raise the bar time and time again. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have you. Your transformation over the last few weeks is nothing short of mind-blowing, our sex is beyond anything I could ever dream of and I am sorry I am not there this morning to wake you with my hard cock; however I am sure you will forgive me when you realise my plans for the day"

"Beside the bed you will find a small box with several items inside. I ask that you open each package within the box and follow the instructions"

"I shall return at 1pm. Keep your sweet pussy wet for me as I will need it on my return!"

"Loving you always- Jack"

As I read the words of jack’s letter I could feel my pussy welling up more and more and subconsciously my hand was already rubbing my clit as I reached for the box. Jack clearly had plans for the day and I was thrilled to find out what they were.

I opened the box swiftly; keen to see what gifts he had left........ I ripped it open and found a note and various small packages.


"Your instructions for this morning are as follows".

1) Do not get dressed
2) Do not get out of bed
3) Keep your pussy wet at all times
4) In the first box you will find a set of heavy weights. I think they are heavier than anything we have played with before. There are enough weights for you to attach one to each of your labia rings and your nipple rings.
5) Once the weights have been added open box 2. Inside you will find a huge inflatable butt plug. Insert this into your tight arse and pump as far as you dare. Pump it up until you are convinced your arse is going to split open.
6) Open box 3 and insert the urethral plug into your pee hole

As I read the words I rubbed my clit and felt the cum welling up inside my pussy. I loved to play sex games and this wasn't the first time Jack had left me sexy instructions but today his tone had changed. These were purpose filled demands and as a good slut wife I knew I must oblige.

I opened box 1 and found 6 heavy weights. They were large solid steel spheres attached to thick chains. On the end of each was a clip. Hurriedly I clip each weight onto my 4 pussy rings. My labia instantly hung down low, they felt like they were going to tear off!

I attached the chains to each nipple and stood up. The weight hanging from my pussy and tits was on the edge of painful, and straightening my body up made my most sensitive parts sag and hang. I could feel a dribble of cum slide down my inner thigh as the weights opened me up and swung.

I quickly followed the remaining instructions. Inserting the butt plug into my arse took just a little lube but as I pumped it, I could feel my arse expand past what would be described as comfortable, past what most would described as extreme, past my own expectations and limits, until I genuinely felt like the hole I was stretching would never be able to relax down again. Cum was down dripping from my pussy as I pumped to the point of pain and then pumped again. My arsehole felt huge and sore as gaped open.

The urethral plug slipped in quite easily which made me think that Jack had underestimated what my pee-hole was capable of. It felt tight but not sore and I knew that I could go bigger.

I stood for a moment in front of the mirror, my tits and pussy sagging down under the extreme weights, my arsehole stretched to tearing point and my urethra sounded up to around 8-10mm (my best guess!)

I breathed in and looked at the hardcore freak show slut that greeted me in the mirror. As I inspected myself and shook my labia and nipple weights I heard a car pull up outside.

I walked gingerly to the window; my stride measured and deliberate to accommodate the various weights and plugs that were down adorning my body. Resting my heavy tits on the window sill with a “clunk”, I could see Jack get out of his car and walk up the garden path. He glanced up at me and smiled.

Jack burst into the bedroom with a beaming smile, greeting me with no words, but a long sensual and lingering kiss.

"I see you have followed my instructions" he grinned at me

"Of Course" I smiled back.

With no further words jack grabbed my pussy and slide his hand inside. Pulling it out he rubbed my sticky lady jizz on his lips and said, "Good girl... you have kept yourself wet too."

As I went to reply jack put his finger up to my mouth to silence me. He lay me on the bed and pulled out restraints from beneath, securing my hands and feet in a spread eagle position.

The blood was pumping through my veins and my breath was speeding up. My excitement was all consuming. What would he do next?

As Jack tightened my restraints he smiled. I smiled back but neither of us spoke. The tension was palpable.

He then bent down and kissed my forehead before placing a blindfold over my eyes.

"Ok Sarah...... You have given me rights and privileges over your pussy. I don’t want you to see what is coming next. You must not speak either. Open your mouth"

Without saying a word, my whole body trembling in anticipation, I opened my mouth. Jack secured a ball gag in my mouth.

"You have given me permission to modify your pussy how I choose. This process begins today" Jack said in a calm, smooth voice.

"An appointment has been booked for me at the modification studio for tomorrow. I hope you have plenty of ideas as it doesn't seem fair if we are to be apart that you are left with some gifts to heal and I’m not. You have the evening to contemplate what you wish to do to me, but it’s my turn first".

I could feel every inch of my body break into sweat hearing my husband’s plans for me. My mind was racing as to all the wonderful ways I could fuck his beautiful cock up when I heard the front door open. My body twitched showing my alarm. Who the fuck was that!

"Calm" said jack in his softest of voices.

"That’s just a friend who is going to help me fill your pussy with steel. After we are done today your pussy will be so extreme that the only correct and reasonable word to use to describe it from this point onwards would be cunt.... my cunt!"

I squirmed a little desperate to speak and tell him how I longed for him to own me, pierce me, mark me, make me his.

"So from today onwards I ask that the word pussy is banned. I ask that whenever you refer to your genitals you call them "Jacks Cunt". You don’t refer to it as your cunt, but always refer to it as mine. If in company and referring to it you must tell others that that part of your anatomy is not your pussy or vagina, but is and always will be "Jacks cunt".

I could feel my breathing shorten again and my pussy gush even though it was receiving no stimulation. I clenched my arse tight around the massive butt plug that I had pumped up earlier, feeling the tightness and allowing jizz to dribble out of "jack’s cunt".

"Jacks Cunt" I fucking loved the sound of that!

I heard the bedroom door open and someone walk in.

"Now" said jack.

"I have already given instructions to our friend in the room. They already know what they are going to do to you. Once we begin I am going to remove the gag from your mouth and replace it with my cock. I expect you to suck down hard each time a needle tears through your flesh. The needles will keep coming until I cum down your throat. I shall count each needle as they enter you"

"Do you understand and consent to what happens next", jack said as he removed the ball gag from my mouth

What a question...... Of course I understood....... consent???? Seriously???? In my state of over stimulation, anticipation and desperation I yelled out, "Yes Jack.... Fuck me up already!, make me your cunt!"

With no further delay Jack straddled my face in the 69 position and I hungrily gobbled up his big hard cock, sucking down hard.

I felt a pair of hands that were not jacks under my arse cheeks. I could feel my arse being levered up and cushions being placed underneath, presumably to expose jacks cunt a little more for our "guest" to get a better view.

I sucked jacks cock harder and harder but then instantly slowed down as I heard his words of caution.

"Sarah my dear sweet slut. If you go too fast I will blow off before you get to experience all those lovely needles skewering my cunt..... Slow down a little"

I slowed down understanding that Jack didn’t want to cum until his plan to turn my pussy into his cunt was complete. I was panting and gasping wanting to suck his cock off, but realised I must be restrained.

I kept a gentle pace taking his huge cock slowly down into my throat and back out again. I could feel someone’s fingers separating my labia and running over my clit. I couldn't tell what would come next but knew instinctively that there was a piercer between my legs marking out the project which would be known as jack’s cunt. I had no idea when the first needle would hit, or which part of me would be speared first.

1. Said jack as I felt a needle push through my outer labia. Wow it hurt so good..... I wanted to scream out but just gagged on jack’s cock, and before I could do anything else...
2. Said jack as another needle travelled through the same labia.
3, 4, 5, I heard my husband’s voice bellow as I sucked down on his cock for dear life, my labia throbbing as they were repeatedly penetrated......

6,7,8,9,10 jack screamed as my other labia received the same treatment.... I sucked and sucked and sucked desperate for my husband to spunk down my throat, my pussy streaming jizz with each puncture, I became less and less aware of what part of me was being pierced, but focussed on the pain, my husband counting and my need to swallow his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

11, 12, 13, all felt sublime and then ......

"argghhhh" I gagged, as I heard the word 14 and a needle was pushed through my clit.....I was squirting instantly but still it went on.

15, 16,.... I thought I was going to pass out. I panted and sucked by this point desperate for jack to cum but he didn’t.

I felt him extend himself and his fingers grab each of my inner labia. I froze for a second before I heard the word 17 drip from his lips and the most excruciating hot searing pain leapt through my labia..... What the fuck had he done to me.....? It burnt and throbbed like nothing I had ever experienced, had he cut my labia off?!?!

Before I could process my thoughts I felt the same searing pain rush through my other labia, I was screaming and gagging on jacks cock. I sucked down so hard jack screamed at the top of his voice before spunking down my throat. I gobbled it all down, my whole body shaking uncontrollably. I think I was actually going into shock.

Jack climbed off and licked my clit hard and fast, ignoring the rest of my pussy and provoking a constant stream of cum to squirt from me. My newly pierced raw clit was as sensitive as it was sore, an excruciating blend of pain and pleasure. The feelings were the most intense I had ever felt. I don’t know how long I came for but it felt like I didn’t stop for about 5 minutes..... It was too much, I felt like I was going to pass out..... My whole body was awash with sweat and cum and shaking from head to toe.

Eventually Jack stopped and left me a quivering cum soaked mess lying spread eagle on the bed. He left me blindfolded and restrained and lay his head on my breasts, kissing my face and cuddling me lovingly. I could feel our piercer fitting rings into the holes that had been torn into my cunt, but was barely aware, I almost felt like I was outside of my own body. I heard our piercer friend discreetly leave the room without saying anything.

I couldn't speak, I could barely breath and I could not stop shaking. We lay there for many minutes before either of us uttered a word.

When my breathing slowed down and I began to control the spasms that seemingly affected every muscle in my body, Jack very calmly undid my restraints and gently helped me to my feet. As I stood I felt light headed and had to be still for a moment to avoid fainting.

He gently led me towards the full length mirror, kissing my neck and rubbing my still plugged arse as we gingerly walked together.

He then spoke.

"My darling Sarah I love you so much...... thank you for giving me my very own cunt to enjoy and destroy"

"I hope you will love what I have done with your trust as much as I do and that you will enjoy the cunt I have given you"

I didn't say anything..... I was again filled with anticipation, though was too exhausted to respond.

Jack stood behind me and kissed my neck again. A shiver went down my spine to my arse. I heard my husband whisper in my ear, "are you ready to see".

I nodded

The blindfold was removed and my eyes squinted to adjust and then I looked directly down at my pussy, my cunt, cunt!

I inspected the gifts that I had been given...... I inspected my husband’s cunt.....

Gasping through the exhaustion I couldn't help but feel my pussy well up again and true delight and happiness fill up my heart as I realised what had been done.

I looked down.... I had to separate my blood and cum soaked pussy lips to see all that I had become.

5 rings adorned each outer labia. It was no surprise they hurt so much as each one had been punched through with a heavy gauge needle, probably 4mm in thickness.

3 rings of equal size were pierced horizontally running down the length of my substantial clit hood and a vertical Christina which appeared to be exceptionally long sat just above. A triangle dangled just beneath.

I opened my hood and labia a little to get a better view.

A 4mm barbell went straight through my clit. It looked so raw.... bright red, swollen, and fucking huge!!!

Opening myself up a little more I could see a princess albertina ring going through my urethra and coming out underneath. I hadn’t even noticed the urethral sound being removed, I had been so lost in the pain and pleasure of what my body had been through.
I could see the glint of steel hanging low from my inner labia, but it was hard to tell exactly what was going on as the whole area was absolutely caked in thick drying blood and cum. My original thoughts that jack may have removed my inner labia turned out to be untrue..... In fact he had done quite the opposite!

As I very gently parted my labia I could see that my old piercings had vanished. My labia were now 2 huge hanging loops of flesh, which were being held by a huge flesh tunnel...... My labia which had always been big had been punched and were hanging down like two newly formed raw pieces of meat between my lags. My whole pussy hurt and was incredibly sore but my labia were something else. They were absolute agony hanging down low, dangling between my legs, raw, soaked in blood and on fire. Opening myself up a little I could tell that the tunnels must have been around 20mm’s in diameter. My pussy lips had literally been hacked into huge loops of flesh.

Still feeling light headed and exhausted I could barely speak, but a could feel a massive grin come over my face.

Jack held me, told me he loved me, and then said, “So how do you like it”.
I glanced up and in a shaky, slightly hoarse voice smiled, “I fucking love it ....... I love my new cunt..... Your new cunt!”

As I looked down at all the steel, blood, and cum hanging I knew this was the greatest gift I had ever received. I was overcome with emotions and as I could feel tears run down my cheeks I looked at Jack and whispered, “Its perfect......I love you”.
Jack smiled and whispered I love you back to me and then with a glint in his eye he turned to me and said, “Tomorrow you get to return the favour”.

I smiled; elated at the experience I had just had and began to dream about how I was going to fuck up my husband’s cock.
“You do know it’s going to be fucking hardcore darling” I whispered back to him.
As we held each other and lay back down on the bed Jack looked me in the eye and said “i wouldn't expect anything else!”.

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