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Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Been waiting too
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Jack hung up the phone and a sly smile spread across his face. He had just got off the phone with his wife, and his mind was wandering.

Sarah had just been telling him about how she has spent the day at home, alone,naked.

She’d described in detail how she had got up in the morning, masterbated, showered and then hung heavy weights on the piercings in septum, nipples and labia.

She’d added more and more weight over the course of the day and described to him how swollen, tender, and sore she was.

She gushed as she told him how each of her piercing holes were starting to gape.

She bragged and boasted that her labia were sagging and her cunt gaping under all of the weight.

She told him that she wanted her labia to hang down to her knees. Sarah had no limits and would often take fantasies to the extreme. As much as we both knew there were some limits to what we could actual achieve, jack nearly came in his pants when she told him how wanted him to wear her inner labia like bracelets, wrapping his hands through her 2inch holes in her labia.

She’d told him this fantasy before, and whilst he’d presumed this wouldn’t be possible to achieve in the real world, she would always just wink and say “where there’s a will there’s a way!”

Jack smiled and imagined his wife’s cunt with huge flesh tunnels hanging from her inner lips. She was already at 30mm, and he had a sudden realisation that his wife would probably make this fantasy come true.

Jack had always been a pervert, and had always had a body mod fetish, but once his wife submitted to being the most extreme example of a body mod sex freak, it was dawning on him that she would be going further than he had ever seen before or ever even fantasied of!

Sarah raised the bar every time. There was almost nothing she wasn’t prepared to do.

Jack knew he was heading home tomorrow and he knew Sarah would want him to “taper up” all of her sagging holes, adding heavier and heavier gage jewellery.

He mused of how he was going to stretch each and everyone of his wife’s piercings to the point where he could fit his fingers, tongue, cock, or even hands through.

He smiled for their holiday which they would be going on after the weekend.

He snapped back to thinking of the weekend and their scene they had planned for his return.

He patted his hard cock through his jeans and tried to shake it off and return to work.

He needed to get finished up so he could get home to Sarah.

It was going to be a great weekend
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Jack returns

The cab pulled into the driveway and Sarah gasped with delight. She was hiding in bed with all the lights off.

The house was locked up and in darkness, but as soon as she saw the headlights she knew jack was home.

Her heart began to race. She knew what she was going to get. She didn’t know everything that would happen, but she had been fantasying with jack for weeks about his return, and she knew he would be coming for her.


Sarah heard the breaking of glass!!!! Shit!
it wasn’t jack!!!

He wouldn’t break his own fucking window!

The noise was immense now. It sounded like the front door had been kicked in.

Sarah’s heartbeat began to rise. Her adrenaline raising her pulse and causing her palms to sweat.

All her thoughts of horniness had evaporated now and she was instantly scared.

She went to shout her husbands name but the words were quickly muted by her brain.

“Stupid bitch …. Don’t let the fucking burglar know your here “ she thought.

She grabbed jacks old pool que and stood by the bedroom door.

She listened through the silence and heard footprints creaking up the stairs. As they reached the top she could hear the breath of the intruder on the other side of the door.

Her panic was spreading throughout her very being. She held her breath.

The door swung open and a tall man stood before her wearing a full face balaclava, dressed head to toe in black.

He lurched to come through the door, as Sarah swung the pool que with all her might towards his head.

The man grabbed the que and wrestled with Sarah trying to yank it from her hands.

He was strong and powerful and she was helpless to fight back in a meaningful way.

He quickly bundled her onto the bed and rammed the pool que into her throat, restraining and choking her slightly.

His gloved hand grabbed her face and forcefully squeezed her cheeks. She could feel her body going into freeze mode. Terror spread over her as she felt a rope pull tightly around her throat.

In seconds this was bound to the headboard on the bed, pulling her head up, restricting her breath, and controlling her movement.

The assailant quickly bound her hands and feet to the bedposts. He took a large knife from under his jacket and sliced Sarah’s bra and panties off, cutting through the central clasp on her bra allowing her ample breasts to billow out.

The knife went to the gusset. The man cut through her knickers to remove the clothing. The pussy that was revealed was beyond thrilling. The bald metal filled cunt lips sagged down as the man removed the remnants of underwear.

Sarah was now naked and tied to the bed. She was fully exposed and was genuinely terrified. This was not jack!

She had tried to believe her assailant was her husband, and her body had deceived her. She knew she was wet, aroused, and excited by this scene, but she also knew this man was NOT her husband.

He was taller and slimmer. He felt different. He smelt different. Who the fuck was this!

Sarah’s breath was shallow as she tried to hold herself through the terror.

Her assailant gloved hands parted her labia and pulled hard against her heavy pussy rings. Her body lurched and pain shot through her. She thought her labia would tear clean off!

He continued to pull harder, squeezing her cunt rings between his fingers and pulling so hard on the jewellery she was sure they would tear through!

Her body awash with both fear and arousal, she didn’t notice when jack first walked into the room. It was only once he was above her, his face smiling down, that she let out a gasp of relief. With this gasp her cunt flooded and with the very next tug on her labia from the assailant,
She came hard.

“Jack honey” she croaked.

“Surprise” he chirped back, filled with joy at seeing his wife and bringing her this fantasy.

Not all of the details had been worked out, and jack saw the fear in his wife’s eyes when he had first entered the room…. Had he gone too far?

His relief at her smile, her gasp, her cumming, had been palpable…. No it was fine! She was fully in this scene and now she’d seen him she was ready to relax and enjoy it!

Jack wasted no time in removing his clothes, kicking off boots, pants, and jeans in one fluid movement.

His shirt swiftly followed and he brought his knees down onto the bed either side of his wife’s shoulders.

He dropped his huge ball sack, with the two inch gaping hole, held open by a steal flesh tunnel, down onto his wife’s hungry pierced tongue.

She quickly “poked” the flesh tunnel out of his balls to reveal the healed, sagging, tunnel of flesh that went though his ball sack from from to back.

Her tongue rabidly dove into his gaping ball sack and licked around the flesh. She licked out his hole with long lapping movements and she saw his hard, pierced and implanted cock, bulge and twitch. She so wanted to grab that cock and pull it into her mouth, but with her hands restrained she could only lick where her husband directed himself, and it was clear that since getting his transcrotal tunnel, licking his ballsack out was the quickest way to make his cock like granite!

As she continued to gorge on her husbands ball sack, she became aware of tugging and pulling on her labia. Her lips were being separated, gently massaged, and pulled out.

As she felt the first of her inner labia tunnels be removed she gasped and gagged on her husbands ball sack, quickly regaining her Groove.

She could feel tapers being slid through. They glided so easily until 3/4rds of the way through. The weights she had worn and the daily massaging of all of her body parts she wishes to stretch had paid dividends. The jojoba oil, had really helped to soften and stretch the flesh, and the weights play had created enough “give” in her flesh to allow the process to be hard but not unbearable.

The final 1/4 was a hard push, with a brutal, hot, pressurised pop, as the new jewellery was pulled through.

Jack was beginning to pant and as his wife’s inner labia “popped” upto 34mm, she sucked down hard on his ball sack and he began to shake.

No way was he going to let himself cum before he had fucked his beautiful wife. He pulled away slightly to see her hungry tongue beckoning him back with anxious and needy motions.

He gently tapped and rubbed his cock against her outstretched tongue. Enough to tease but not enough to allow her to pull him in.

He rubbed his cock over her nose and face. He rubbed it around her lips and tongue. He particularly liked to rub his cock head into her huge gaping lip plate, which grew bigger every time he saw his wife.

It had been her plan to stretch her lip and ears from the very beginning, and her lip was scallpeled in at a pretty huge size, but every time jack went away he knew his wife would be working daily to enlarge her holes.

She has clearly had some significant success in the two months since he had been away, because whilst he couldn’t tell exactly what sizes she’d achieved, her ears and labret appeared to be fucking huge and we’re clearly at least a couple of sizes bigger.

He rubbed his cock over her lip plate, which now spread the full length of his wife’s lower lip and was a dominating feature of her face, distorting her lower lip and elongating her smile.
It was fucking huge and was truly the first thing you noticed as soon as you met Sarah.

She had become extremely striking and very modified, very quickly.

More tugging continued between Sarah’s legs as jack pushed out his wife’s lip plate, to leave the thick loop of flesh that was now her lower lip dangling helplessly on her chin. Her lower teeth were fully exposed and jack revelled in the glory of the gaping hole in the middle of his wife’s face!

He slid his cock through her lip hole and let her suck his pierced and implanted cock through her sagging lip hole. The hands between her legs continued their work as jack fucked the hole in his wife’s lip, which was now almost exactly the girth of his hard cock. He had never been able to do this before, but seeing how huge Sarah’s lip
Plate had grown while he had been away inspired him to try. Between Sarah’s legs her assailant , who actually happened to be a well known piercer jack had been talking to, unscrewed and then tapered every single piercing to the next size. The ones in her outer labia stung and throbbed. The hood was easy.
As the taper slid through her clit it one smooth continuous motion, she came, gushing out onto the bed. She bit down on jacks cock and he lurched in her mouth, narrowly holding back on cumming down her throat.
Jack pulled away and inspected his wife’s naked body bound to the bed.
He looked down and stroked her face tenderly while smiling.
Their eyes met as he ran his fingers around the rim of her lip hole, pulling and manipulating her sagging lip whilst kissing her on the forehead.
“Your beautiful” he whispered as he popped her lip plate back in so she could regain control of her mouth.
He kissed her tendered on the lips and they rolled their tongues around each other’s mouths.
He inspected his wife’s extremely pierced and newly stretched cunt. It was breathtaking!
A work of art.
Every hole had been stretched and the thick heavy gauge rings that dangled through her labia looked so heavy and sore.
He gently parted her cunt rings with his fingers and slid his hard modded cock into his wife’s cunt.
This was coming home.
He fucked his wife for hours provoking her to cum and squirt late into the night.
His eventual orgasm came as he popped his wifes lip plate out of a final time, pushing his tongue through the hole, and kissing each other passionately. Tongues rolled around each lovers mouth, and Sarah had the added bonus of having her huge lip hole licked out. This sent her over the edge and in a final rush of frantic fucking she let go. Cum raining out of her as her husband stiffened inside her and pumped her full of his seed.

The couple cuddled and talked long into the night holding each other in their arms. They felt so content and jacks heart swelled with joy at being home.

Tomorrow would be another step in their journey, and both of them knew the significance of this next step.

As they gazed into each other’s eyes they knew this view would never be the same. They knew that they would both be irreparably altered and their descent into their inner freak would be complete.

Joy filled their hearts and tears welled in their eyes as they nodded at each other knowingly, thrilled yet terrified of the next step in their journey together.

They slept soundly and contented in each other’s arms until late the next day.
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Cuts deep

The next morning Sarah woke with a start. She had slept so heavily and contentedly.

She rolled over to check her phone.
12:30!! Wow! They really had slept in.
She gave jack a playful shove and as he came round she smiled at him.

“Hello beautiful” he said.

“Hello lover” she replied.

Jacks hand slid over Sarah’s shoulder and she felt her skin tingle

“No time for that”, she snapped playfully, we got an appointment to get to.

They both got ready swiftly and in silence. Tension filled the air. Neither wanted to talk about what the day ahead would hold. Neither wanted to acknowledge their fears or excitement.

They drove in the car for nearly an hour with hardly any conversation. They held hands as they drove.

On reaching the studio jack parked the car and looked over at his wife pensively.

“Are you sure you want to do this, you don’t have to” she said.

A slow soft smile spread over jacks face.

“Oh I want to and need to do this” he said assuredly

“ just shitting it”

Sarah smiled. “Me too”

They went into the shop holding hands, looking terrified, but united in their intents. This was going to happen!

They were greeted by franc, a world renowned modifier. He talked them through the processes and answered their questions before showing them to a sofa where they could wait while he prepared.

When they were called in the room was all set up and there were two chairs set up side by side for them.

They sat and held hands. Franc began talking to them and gave them both instructions and talked through the process.

“Right then, should we get started” he said.
Jack and Sarah’s nods indicated they were ready and they both took a communal deep breath.

“Stick out your tongues then”

They both did as instructed and squeezed a little tighter on each other’s hands.

Two assistants held clamps onto either side of each of thems tongues.

Franc and his wife Sadie both lined up in front of jack and Sarah. With a final deep breath they took their scalpels and started to cut.

Sadie and franc timed it perfectly. Each cut went deeper and further back and each slice came at precisely the same moment for jack and Sarah.

They groped each other’s hands tighter and tighter as their tongues separated into two, the cuts taking the split right back to the base.

The final slice came and francs voice softly said it was done.

Jack and Sarah had arrived in silence and after stitches were placed in their tongues they remained in silence as they left. They were exhausted and couldn’t talk. They drove home in silence and went straight to bed. As they fell asleep they were still gripping each other’s hands tight.

They had faced their fears. This was their most extreme modification yet, and a warm glow of satisfaction and achievement spread over them. They held each other, looked into each other’s eyes and drooled , “I love you” to each other before drifting into an exhausted sleep.
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Waking up to the realisation you have to catch a flight when you’ve both had your tongues split

A morning of drooling and slobbering ensued while we both tied to munch as many painkillers as possible…… why were we travelling today!!

We knew why and were excited for our holidays. Part of the joy of jacks job is that he gets long periods of leave and this was a bumper break… 6 weeks!

We flying out of Heathrow today to fly to meet husband and wife tattoo masters in Japan. We would spend 4 weeks recovering from our tongue splits while allowing them to tattoo our bodies everyday long into the evening.

We then had a week of sight seeing planned around Tokyo before setting off our nudist retreat. We were both excited to show how our bodies had developed and were genuinely delighted by our rapid progression

As we went to leave and get in the cab jack glanced back at me and must have caught a look

Are you ok he said.

I looked in the mirror at my face knowing how significantly it was about if change. Would it be too much! Could I cope living with it.

I looked in the mirror, turned to jack and said “yeah….. I’m saying goodbye.

“To your face” he replied

“Yes I was just taking a moment to make peace with it… saying goodbye to my old face and welcoming in the new”

“Sounds sensible…. You having second thoughts?”

No. Not at all Sarah replied, her voice springing into life. I’ve made peace with it and I’m welcoming my new face with joyful excitement
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Cant wait to read the next part!
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Same here! Great story nice new parts, go for it
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Thank you.
I love the part about the labret.
Thanks for continuing it.
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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I think ai image gernation will be interesting in the future.
Maybe we can get great images for stories like this.
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Update time? :)
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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This was a really nice find. Thank you so much for a great story.

Anyway. I'd like to read the next part of Samantha Stretch! :-)
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Thanks for the similar story.
All of his stories are great.
Does anyone know other similar stories?
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Any update on Samantha? Please with an overview off all the mods
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