Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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now-i just keep wondering what will happen when samantha sees pictures of asian men who push skewers through both cheeks....
what will be the result of that inspiration?
will she have her teeth pulled to further her extreme modifications?
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Please continue.
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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minorhobo wrote:Sarah and jack reaffirm their commitment (Part 2)

I was awakened by the bright sunlight streaming through the bedroom window. With a stretch and a morning groan, I slowly forced my eyes open, adjusting to the room.

Last night had been one of the best sexual experiences of my life. I had cum harder than ever before and was filled with excitement that not only was Jack thrilled by my transformation and the promise of much more to come, but we had made a pact to modify each other’s genitals to the extreme, and in return for me gifting him my pussy to do with as he pleased, he instantly gave me the same control over his cock and balls.

My pussy was still wet from the hours of rampant fucking that went on until the early hours of the morning.

As my mind and body became aware of the surroundings and I looked around the room I became aware that Jack was not in the room.

"Jack" I yelled presuming he was either downstairs of in the bathroom.

When I received no reply I looked around the room for an explanation of my husband’s whereabouts. On the bedside table was a white envelope with jack’s unmistakeable handwriting.

"For my beautiful slut wife" it read.

An instant twitch of excitement ran down my spine as I read his words and scrabbled to open the letter.

"Sarah” it read.

"I love you more than you could ever imagine. The day you married me you made me the luckiest and happiest man on earth. I didn't think you could give me anymore than you already have, but you raise the bar time and time again. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have you. Your transformation over the last few weeks is nothing short of mind-blowing, our sex is beyond anything I could ever dream of and I am sorry I am not there this morning to wake you with my hard cock; however I am sure you will forgive me when you realise my plans for the day"

"Beside the bed you will find a small box with several items inside. I ask that you open each package within the box and follow the instructions"

"I shall return at 1pm. Keep your sweet pussy wet for me as I will need it on my return!"

"Loving you always- Jack"

As I read the words of jack’s letter I could feel my pussy welling up more and more and subconsciously my hand was already rubbing my clit as I reached for the box. Jack clearly had plans for the day and I was thrilled to find out what they were.

I opened the box swiftly; keen to see what gifts he had left........ I ripped it open and found a note and various small packages.


"Your instructions for this morning are as follows".

1) Do not get dressed
2) Do not get out of bed
3) Keep your pussy wet at all times
4) In the first box you will find a set of heavy weights. I think they are heavier than anything we have played with before. There are enough weights for you to attach one to each of your labia rings and your nipple rings.
5) Once the weights have been added open box 2. Inside you will find a huge inflatable butt plug. Insert this into your tight arse and pump as far as you dare. Pump it up until you are convinced your arse is going to split open.
6) Open box 3 and insert the urethral plug into your pee hole

As I read the words I rubbed my clit and felt the cum welling up inside my pussy. I loved to play sex games and this wasn't the first time Jack had left me sexy instructions but today his tone had changed. These were purpose filled demands and as a good slut wife I knew I must oblige.

I opened box 1 and found 6 heavy weights. They were large solid steel spheres attached to thick chains. On the end of each was a clip. Hurriedly I clip each weight onto my 4 pussy rings. My labia instantly hung down low, they felt like they were going to tear off!

I attached the chains to each nipple and stood up. The weight hanging from my pussy and tits was on the edge of painful, and straightening my body up made my most sensitive parts sag and hang. I could feel a dribble of cum slide down my inner thigh as the weights opened me up and swung.

I quickly followed the remaining instructions. Inserting the butt plug into my arse took just a little lube but as I pumped it, I could feel my arse expand past what would be described as comfortable, past what most would described as extreme, past my own expectations and limits, until I genuinely felt like the hole I was stretching would never be able to relax down again. Cum was down dripping from my pussy as I pumped to the point of pain and then pumped again. My arsehole felt huge and sore as gaped open.

The urethral plug slipped in quite easily which made me think that Jack had underestimated what my pee-hole was capable of. It felt tight but not sore and I knew that I could go bigger.

I stood for a moment in front of the mirror, my tits and pussy sagging down under the extreme weights, my arsehole stretched to tearing point and my urethra sounded up to around 8-10mm (my best guess!)

I breathed in and looked at the hardcore freak show slut that greeted me in the mirror. As I inspected myself and shook my labia and nipple weights I heard a car pull up outside.

I walked gingerly to the window; my stride measured and deliberate to accommodate the various weights and plugs that were down adorning my body. Resting my heavy tits on the window sill with a “clunk”, I could see Jack get out of his car and walk up the garden path. He glanced up at me and smiled.

Jack burst into the bedroom with a beaming smile, greeting me with no words, but a long sensual and lingering kiss.

"I see you have followed my instructions" he grinned at me

"Of Course" I smiled back.

With no further words jack grabbed my pussy and slide his hand inside. Pulling it out he rubbed my sticky lady jizz on his lips and said, "Good girl... you have kept yourself wet too."

As I went to reply jack put his finger up to my mouth to silence me. He lay me on the bed and pulled out restraints from beneath, securing my hands and feet in a spread eagle position.

The blood was pumping through my veins and my breath was speeding up. My excitement was all consuming. What would he do next?

As Jack tightened my restraints he smiled. I smiled back but neither of us spoke. The tension was palpable.

He then bent down and kissed my forehead before placing a blindfold over my eyes.

"Ok Sarah...... You have given me rights and privileges over your pussy. I don’t want you to see what is coming next. You must not speak either. Open your mouth"

Without saying a word, my whole body trembling in anticipation, I opened my mouth. Jack secured a ball gag in my mouth.

"You have given me permission to modify your pussy how I choose. This process begins today" Jack said in a calm, smooth voice.

"An appointment has been booked for me at the modification studio for tomorrow. I hope you have plenty of ideas as it doesn't seem fair if we are to be apart that you are left with some gifts to heal and I’m not. You have the evening to contemplate what you wish to do to me, but it’s my turn first".

I could feel every inch of my body break into sweat hearing my husband’s plans for me. My mind was racing as to all the wonderful ways I could fuck his beautiful cock up when I heard the front door open. My body twitched showing my alarm. Who the fuck was that!

"Calm" said jack in his softest of voices.

"That’s just a friend who is going to help me fill your pussy with steel. After we are done today your pussy will be so extreme that the only correct and reasonable word to use to describe it from this point onwards would be cunt.... my cunt!"

I squirmed a little desperate to speak and tell him how I longed for him to own me, pierce me, mark me, make me his.

"So from today onwards I ask that the word pussy is banned. I ask that whenever you refer to your genitals you call them "Jacks Cunt". You don’t refer to it as your cunt, but always refer to it as mine. If in company and referring to it you must tell others that that part of your anatomy is not your pussy or vagina, but is and always will be "Jacks cunt".

I could feel my breathing shorten again and my pussy gush even though it was receiving no stimulation. I clenched my arse tight around the massive butt plug that I had pumped up earlier, feeling the tightness and allowing jizz to dribble out of "jack’s cunt".

"Jacks Cunt" I fucking loved the sound of that!

I heard the bedroom door open and someone walk in.

"Now" said jack.

"I have already given instructions to our friend in the room. They already know what they are going to do to you. Once we begin I am going to remove the gag from your mouth and replace it with my cock. I expect you to suck down hard each time a needle tears through your flesh. The needles will keep coming until I cum down your throat. I shall count each needle as they enter you"

"Do you understand and consent to what happens next", jack said as he removed the ball gag from my mouth

What a question...... Of course I understood....... consent???? Seriously???? In my state of over stimulation, anticipation and desperation I yelled out, "Yes Jack.... Fuck me up already!, make me your cunt!"

With no further delay Jack straddled my face in the 69 position and I hungrily gobbled up his big hard cock, sucking down hard.

I felt a pair of hands that were not jacks under my arse cheeks. I could feel my arse being levered up and cushions being placed underneath, presumably to expose jacks cunt a little more for our "guest" to get a better view.

I sucked jacks cock harder and harder but then instantly slowed down as I heard his words of caution.

"Sarah my dear sweet slut. If you go too fast I will blow off before you get to experience all those lovely needles skewering my cunt..... Slow down a little"

I slowed down understanding that Jack didn’t want to cum until his plan to turn my pussy into his cunt was complete. I was panting and gasping wanting to suck his cock off, but realised I must be restrained.

I kept a gentle pace taking his huge cock slowly down into my throat and back out again. I could feel someone’s fingers separating my labia and running over my clit. I couldn't tell what would come next but knew instinctively that there was a piercer between my legs marking out the project which would be known as jack’s cunt. I had no idea when the first needle would hit, or which part of me would be speared first.

1. Said jack as I felt a needle push through my outer labia. Wow it hurt so good..... I wanted to scream out but just gagged on jack’s cock, and before I could do anything else...
2. Said jack as another needle travelled through the same labia.
3, 4, 5, I heard my husband’s voice bellow as I sucked down on his cock for dear life, my labia throbbing as they were repeatedly penetrated......

6,7,8,9,10 jack screamed as my other labia received the same treatment.... I sucked and sucked and sucked desperate for my husband to spunk down my throat, my pussy streaming jizz with each puncture, I became less and less aware of what part of me was being pierced, but focussed on the pain, my husband counting and my need to swallow his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

11, 12, 13, all felt sublime and then ......

"argghhhh" I gagged, as I heard the word 14 and a needle was pushed through my clit.....I was squirting instantly but still it went on.

15, 16,.... I thought I was going to pass out. I panted and sucked by this point desperate for jack to cum but he didn’t.

I felt him extend himself and his fingers grab each of my inner labia. I froze for a second before I heard the word 17 drip from his lips and the most excruciating hot searing pain leapt through my labia..... What the fuck had he done to me.....? It burnt and throbbed like nothing I had ever experienced, had he cut my labia off?!?!

Before I could process my thoughts I felt the same searing pain rush through my other labia, I was screaming and gagging on jacks cock. I sucked down so hard jack screamed at the top of his voice before spunking down my throat. I gobbled it all down, my whole body shaking uncontrollably. I think I was actually going into shock.

Jack climbed off and licked my clit hard and fast, ignoring the rest of my pussy and provoking a constant stream of cum to squirt from me. My newly pierced raw clit was as sensitive as it was sore, an excruciating blend of pain and pleasure. The feelings were the most intense I had ever felt. I don’t know how long I came for but it felt like I didn’t stop for about 5 minutes..... It was too much, I felt like I was going to pass out..... My whole body was awash with sweat and cum and shaking from head to toe.

Eventually Jack stopped and left me a quivering cum soaked mess lying spread eagle on the bed. He left me blindfolded and restrained and lay his head on my breasts, kissing my face and cuddling me lovingly. I could feel our piercer fitting rings into the holes that had been torn into my cunt, but was barely aware, I almost felt like I was outside of my own body. I heard our piercer friend discreetly leave the room without saying anything.

I couldn't speak, I could barely breath and I could not stop shaking. We lay there for many minutes before either of us uttered a word.

When my breathing slowed down and I began to control the spasms that seemingly affected every muscle in my body, Jack very calmly undid my restraints and gently helped me to my feet. As I stood I felt light headed and had to be still for a moment to avoid fainting.

He gently led me towards the full length mirror, kissing my neck and rubbing my still plugged arse as we gingerly walked together.

He then spoke.

"My darling Sarah I love you so much...... thank you for giving me my very own cunt to enjoy and destroy"

"I hope you will love what I have done with your trust as much as I do and that you will enjoy the cunt I have given you"

I didn't say anything..... I was again filled with anticipation, though was too exhausted to respond.

Jack stood behind me and kissed my neck again. A shiver went down my spine to my arse. I heard my husband whisper in my ear, "are you ready to see".

I nodded

The blindfold was removed and my eyes squinted to adjust and then I looked directly down at my pussy, my cunt, cunt!

I inspected the gifts that I had been given...... I inspected my husband’s cunt.....

Gasping through the exhaustion I couldn't help but feel my pussy well up again and true delight and happiness fill up my heart as I realised what had been done.

I looked down.... I had to separate my blood and cum soaked pussy lips to see all that I had become.

5 rings adorned each outer labia. It was no surprise they hurt so much as each one had been punched through with a heavy gauge needle, probably 4mm in thickness.

3 rings of equal size were pierced horizontally running down the length of my substantial clit hood and a vertical Christina which appeared to be exceptionally long sat just above. A triangle dangled just beneath.

I opened my hood and labia a little to get a better view.

A 4mm barbell went straight through my clit. It looked so raw.... bright red, swollen, and fucking huge!!!

Opening myself up a little more I could see a princess albertina ring going through my urethra and coming out underneath. I hadn’t even noticed the urethral sound being removed, I had been so lost in the pain and pleasure of what my body had been through.
I could see the glint of steel hanging low from my inner labia, but it was hard to tell exactly what was going on as the whole area was absolutely caked in thick drying blood and cum. My original thoughts that jack may have removed my inner labia turned out to be untrue..... In fact he had done quite the opposite!

As I very gently parted my labia I could see that my old piercings had vanished. My labia were now 2 huge hanging loops of flesh, which were being held by a huge flesh tunnel...... My labia which had always been big had been punched and were hanging down like two newly formed raw pieces of meat between my lags. My whole pussy hurt and was incredibly sore but my labia were something else. They were absolute agony hanging down low, dangling between my legs, raw, soaked in blood and on fire. Opening myself up a little I could tell that the tunnels must have been around 20mm’s in diameter. My pussy lips had literally been hacked into huge loops of flesh.

Still feeling light headed and exhausted I could barely speak, but a could feel a massive grin come over my face.

Jack held me, told me he loved me, and then said, “So how do you like it”.
I glanced up and in a shaky, slightly hoarse voice smiled, “I fucking love it ....... I love my new cunt..... Your new cunt!”

As I looked down at all the steel, blood, and cum hanging I knew this was the greatest gift I had ever received. I was overcome with emotions and as I could feel tears run down my cheeks I looked at Jack and whispered, “Its perfect......I love you”.
Jack smiled and whispered I love you back to me and then with a glint in his eye he turned to me and said, “Tomorrow you get to return the favour”.

I smiled; elated at the experience I had just had and began to dream about how I was going to fuck up my husband’s cock.
“You do know it’s going to be fucking hardcore darling” I whispered back to him.
As we held each other and lay back down on the bed Jack looked me in the eye and said “i wouldn't expect anything else!”.
"samantha stretch" found??
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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This is very well writed story! Thanks
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Many thanks !

Please continue 8)
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Another installment.... if theres interest I will continue

Samantha Stretch- Part 3
The following morning, I woke early. The painkillers I had taken the night before had clearly worn off and my first waking thought was one of a deep, hot throbbing pains in my cunt…… no Jack’s cunt.
I stretched out my legs to climb off the bed and could feel a rush of last nights cum and blood escape from between my labia and dribble down towards my arsehole. It stung…. A lot…!
The wounds inflicted on the very most sensitive parts of my anatomy were going to take some healing and I was going to need to be patient and deny myself sex play for at least a few days.
This was ok as Jack was due to go away with his work again late this evening. Jack worked on oil rigs so was often away for a month at a time, but the money was great and allowed us a great lifestyle, and when he comes home he always has a week or two where we really don’t have anything to do except enjoy each other.
I crawled gingerly out of bed, consciously making small movements to limit the pain that I felt with every movement. As I stood up, I looked back at the sheets and was shocked by the amount of blood staining. It Looked like a murder scene!
As I stood up, I could instantly feel the weight of all my new lovely cunt rings and the flesh tunnels in my inner labia, whilst pretty crusty, swung beautifully as I stood and began to walk.
A warm glow came over me. Despite the pain, and despite the difficult healing process which was to come, I was elated, and utterly thrilled at how my genitals had literally morphed overnight into something so hardcore and extreme. Jack and I had joked last night in bed that after we are done with each other our genitals will be 1 percenter’s!!!
What we meant by this was that 99% of people will not understand, 99% of people will be utterly appalled, freaked out, and repulsed by what we have done to ourselves. If ever we were to be exposed to other people, 99% of them would recoil in horror!
We would have 1% genitals. Genitals that only 1% of the population can truly understand or appreciate. Only the most open minded will be intrigued by the freak show in our pants. Only 1% of people would ever contemplate fucking such a freak. We will be truly niche, and we were both thrilled by this.
We had agreed that as soon as we were completed and healed, we would book a nudist holiday so we can proudly parade our new, extreme, steel filled, cock and cunt to as many unsuspecting people as possible. We want people to see. We want them to be freaked out. We want people to stare in disbelief. We REALLY want them to be brave enough to approach us and talk to us about it!! We want to declare to as many people as possible, who may take even a passing interest, that the extreme, modified, mutilated mess between our legs was the intentional choice of our spouse…. Of each other, and that we gave each other the power to do this without further consultation or discussion.
I want to be able to refer to my cunt as Jacks cunt in open conversation with strangers and to refer to Sam’s cock too….. My cock…. It sounded so good just to say….. MY COCK!!! …… Yum!
I jumped in shower and washed away last nights cum and blood. Initially it really hurt to blast the shower against my raw labia. My clit was burning hot and I could barely bare to touch it! I persevered and continued to blast myself with the warm water, slowly breaking down and removing the crust, blood and cum which has coated my raw wounds and rings. I parted myself and was almost shocked to be reminded of the Triangle and Princess Albertina. In one night, Jack had truly ripped holes in every conceivable part of his cunt. I felt so fulfilled, loved, desired, and special.
Once showered I dried myself off and stood in front of the mirror, legs slightly apart, and admired myself. In just a short period of time my body had gone through so many changes. I had become so extreme so quickly.
I fantasied about how this was just the beginning. I fantasied about being covered from head to toe in beautiful, elaborate, feminine yet very extreme ink. I fantasied about having scarification and brandings work in and out of all the ink. I fantasised about sub dermal implants. I fantasied about having every piece of flesh that is possible to pierce, pierced! I fantasied about every piercing I have and am yet to get being stretched as big as they could possibly go. I couldn’t compute all my plans or everything that would be done to my body…. There was too much to hold in my head at the same time, but I knew that I would not be stopping until I run out of flesh and ideas, and for someone with such a creative mind I knew it would take a long long time for me to run out of ideas!
In the mirror I saw all my modifications to date,
The huge holes in my cartilages, lip and septum had totally changed the shape of my face. Changing my public appearance, along with my subdermals and beautiful butterfly tattoo on my cheek, I had the sobering realisation yet again that I was never going to step outside again without every single person I meet staring at me! I was a freak now! Its 100% what I wanted but presented with the reality that I would be an oddity to the majority, I felt compelled to go further and further. If I’m going to be a freak I may as well be the most extreme, most modified, most provocative freak I can possibly be!
I knew there was no going back, I had permission to start and now had no choice but to go forward. As a natural born extravert, I began to feel my pussy get sticky thinking about all the people I would provoke with my unconventional appearance. I wanted more….. I needed more….. I had submitted to my desires and embraced this addiction.
I fantasied about having my whole face tattooed…. Every inch! I was thrilled by the idea of living behind a permanent mask of tattoos, with not even a millimetre of bare, natural skin being allowed to show through.
I felt the sting of my pussy juices dribbling over my labia. Just looking at myself in the mirror was turning me on so much. I was getting wetter and wetter looking at what had been done, and fantasising about what was yet to be done!
My huge pierced nipples were so erect, and I gently rubbed them while checking out my relatively small tattoo collection. I did a turn in front of the full-length mirror and dreamed of having one continuous blanket of ink stretching down from my fully tattooed face to my feet. I dreamed of the ink being hammered into my most sensitive parts, my ears, my face, my eye lids, my neck, my tits, my nipples, my stomach, pubic area, cunt, arsehole etc.
I looked down at Jack’s cunt. Every bit of it was red and angry, bruised, and raw. I opened my legs a little and very gently swung my hips from side to side. My heavy labia hung down and seemed to swing and dance with my every movement. The whole of jack’s cunt was so heavy, so sore, so hot it felt like it burned, and so fucking beautiful! I knew I was going to enjoy these gifts!
As I exercised my heavy rings, I heard jack walk slowly up behind me. He gently put his arms around me and caressed my tits, rubbing and gently pulling on my nipples until they swelled and throbbed. He then moved one of his hands down across my full, pert breasts and over my soft feminine belly. His hand made it to his creation, and he gently, so tenderly stroked through my jewellery box. I could feel my pussy welling up and shivers shot up and down my spine.
He then kissed my neck and whispered in my ear.
“you are my goddess; you are my freak”
I smiled and welled up. I think I had a slight tear of joy in my eyes whilst I had a gush of warm cunt juice swell up between my legs.
My husband then gently withdrew his hands from my body, reminding me that we had an appointment at the modification studios in less than an hour.
He smiled at me and said, “my darling, we need to go get my cock sliced up and turned into your dream sex toy”.
The joy swelled in my heart, Jacks cock was already massive, coming in at a whopping 10 inches when erect and being blessed with more girth than any other cock I’d ever come in contact with. His PA provoked orgasm after orgasm and since meeting him I have constantly had an underlying need for him to be inside me at every conceivable opportunity. I had never expected or even fantasied about him changing his cock, to me it was perfect, but now…… given this power and control over my man’s manhood……. The ideas were flowing through my mind like a torrent.
Jack went off to shower as he wanted to be “clean and tidy” for his appointment, and I dressed. It was obvious that wearing panties was ill advised with my newly decorated jewellery box hanging down so low and raw between my legs.
I looked at the inflatable butt plug jack had given me and demanded I wear yesterday. I liked it and decided I would wear it again today. I squirted a hand full of lube and rubbed it deep into my arse, gently opening my tight little hole up with my fingers until I was able to slide the uninflated plug inside. Over the next few minutes, I pumped until I thought my anus would split and tear, took some deep breaths, sat for a moment, and then pumped a little more!
I pulled on a see through, short, low cut, white summer dress, knowing this would be comfortable in my newly modified state, giving me plenty of room to wriggle and adjust myself throughout the day. It also had the added bonus of being virtually transparent! There was no disguising my huge pierced nipples which poked through the soft transparent fabric, and my various tattoos showed up very clearly too. I stood in front of the mirror legs slightly apart and was utterly delighted to see that the huge collection of steel hanging between my legs could also be seen clearly through the fabric. The dress was cut just above the knee; hence I knew I could flash my extreme piercings at random people and (most importantly) Jack, throughout the day.

Part 4
Samantha Stretch
We entered the modification studio and I left Jack in the reception area whilst I went to speak with Anna, the head Modder at the studio. She smiled at me and immediately said, “your walking well for what you have just been through”!
It turned out that she had been the unintroduced, phantom hands that made a guest appearance in our bedroom yesterday.
We sat and chatted about how wonderful it was to have my cunt carved up during such a wonderful sexual experience and I thanked her for playing her role so professionally and enabling our fantasy. She inspected my modifications and told me how “fucking extreme”, and “fucking hardcore” I was. I had to agree with her, and I beamed with pride!
When she finally said, “you best put your cunt away now girl, we need to talk about what to do with that man of yours”, I calmly and assertively responded, “Jack’s cunt……… Its no longer mine, its his to do with as he pleases, and from today onwards his cock becomes MINE to do whatever I please with!”
She smiled and we began plotting. Anna was a dirty bitch! I had seen her perform in porn and at torture garden shows. I knew she was open minded, flexible and sex positive, so we quickly made plans that included some sex play as well as destroying my man’s cock and turning it into my dream sex toy. After a long chat we were ready.
We walked into reception and called Jack into the modification studio. After an hour of waiting Jack seemed a touch anxious and there was clearly a flood of adrenaline running through him as he psyched himself up for whatever was to come next.
Anna led the conversation.
“So you know that you are consenting today for your cock to be pierced, cut, scarred, tattooed, burnt, and abused in whatever way your wife desires?”
Jack nodded.
“VERBALISE” shouted Anna. “We are on camera, everything from here on WILL be filmed as a keepsake. YOU WILL give consent in an audible way!”
“yes” Jack said in a very clear voice, “I give consent for you to do whatever my wife desires. I give my wife 100% consent and ownership over me. I am hers to use and abuse. I am here to give her pleasure and whatever pain and torture I have to endure to maximise her pleasure I will gladly and happily submit too”.
Jack was asked to strip naked and lie down on a large adjustable piercing bed. His hands and feet were tied, a ball gag was placed in his mouth.
We left him there for a moment to let the anticipation build.
Anna and I put on a little show for him to ensure he was aroused and excited before we cut him up. Anna approached me and pulled my tits out of my dress, suckling on them as they swelled. We both then helped each other out of our clothes and stood naked in front of Jack. Jacks cock was like granite as it danced joyfully as he feasted his eyes upon the two of us. I knew having 2 extreme modified women take care of him would be fair compensation for the suffering he was about to endure.
Anna stood in front of us… her body was spectacular! From her throat to her feet she was covered in very heavy black dot work tattoos. There was nothing left bare. Once naked she then moved her hands up to her head and removed her hair. I gasped as I realised her hair was a wig and that she was totally bald. Her scalp was also totally covered in ink. I scanned her body and could not see an inch, anywhere that had been missed except for the “round” of her face. I was impressed, aroused, and a little jealous!
She explained that every hair follicle on her body including her head, armpits, and pussy had been repeatedly lasered until they were destroyed, leaving her permanently bald. As she said this, she lifted her arms to show the ink travelled up into her bald pits and then parted her labia to show us both that her whole pussy was bald and blacked out. It wasn’t just blacked out around her pussy though. Every inch of her pussy had been tattooed in total black out coverage, the ink covering her outer labia, clit, and even travelling deep inside her. The more she opened herself up the more black ink became visible.
She smiled and explained that she had a friend open her up and put her feet in stirrups so that her cunt cavity and arsehole could be cleanly blacked out. She was VERY proud of the fact that there were no visible gaps in the ink. I never realised a woman could get tattooed internally! I instantly wanted to feel ink being hammered into my own cunt…… She had inspired me and I instantly added internal ink to my “to do” list!
She then flicked at her pierced clit which must have been stretched to at least 8mm. It was the biggest clit I have ever seen! In fact, it looked more like a nipple than a clit it was that large and engorged.
An even bigger delight lay just above and beneath….. she had NO CLIT HOOD and NO INNER LABIA!!!!!. She explained that she had scalpelled these off with her own hands whilst masturbating one day. She giggled as she recounted how she was sat in a puddle of her own blood and cum that day, and she pointed to a shelf where she had cast the amputated parts of her vagina into transparent plastic and mounted them.
This bitch was next level crazy…. Next level extreme…… I wanted to learn everything I could from her in my pursuit to be the ultimate perverted freak!
She spent every waking moment of her life either modifying people, engaging in her sex work, or training in the gym. She had starred in BDSM publications and films and was known to be one of the most brutal dominants on the scene. She stood over 6ft tall and every inch of her body was hard and muscular. She had taken part in body building competitions in the past and her physique suggested she could still compete if she wanted to. Every inch of her was cut and chiselled to perfection. Her huge F cup breasts were very obviously implants and sat up like 2 boulders upon her chest. At the end of each breast sat absolutely massive flesh tunnels, the second I saw them I gushed a trickle of cunt juice over my labia. She smiled as she pushed her forefingers in and out of her tunnels and she looked at me with a knowing smile. She knew that her nipples are exactly what I desire for myself.
Anna then began to give instructions and take charge of the situation, like any good dominant should. We both stood over the bed where my husband lay restrained, and she pushed his legs back further and further, until they could be restrained in stirrups. She instructed me to rub lube into his arsehole whilst she turned away to prepare her instruments. She returned a minute or two later and observed my fingers going in and out of Jacks arse whilst I licked his hard cock.
“you never fisted him?” she blurted out
“err… no just fingered” I responded
She took my hand and tipped more lube over my fingers and moved my fingers and hand harder and harder into Jacks arse. She bent my fingers into shape and told me when to push and when to rest. I did as I was told and was shocked at how easily my whole hand slid inside my husband’s arse.
Jack nearly jumped off the bed, and his cock was so hard. I licked the pre cum off his cock and Anna instructed me to, “Keep fisting and keep licking, but DON’T LET HIM CUM!” I was overjoyed to obey!
Anna moved up the bed and rubbed her the huge flesh tunnel in her right nipple against Jacks lips. As he began to lick her tit I felt so jealous, not because my husband was suckling on another woman’s tits, we are very comfortable to play with “friends”, but I was jealous because I knew I had to have tits that big. I wanted mine to be that big, that hard, that engorged, and I wanted it now. The journey to achieve such beauty seemed REALLY inconvenient!
She ordered my husband to suck on her titty.
“you just suck down as hard as you like but be prepared……. I’m about to hurt you…… A FUCKING LOT!”
In one movement Anna clamped and pulled my husband’s nipple out further than I ever believed possible, and she pushed a huge, thick, 8mm dermal punch very deeply through my husband’s tit!
Jack lurched as much as his restraints would allow and grunted in a way I have never heard before. I fought to keep my hand deep inside hie arse cavity, but pulled my face away from his cock, heeding Annas warning to not let him cum.
She tugged her tit out of his mouth and as I looked up, I could see that there was a trickle of blood running down her breast from where my husband had bit her tit.
She looked down at my husband and gently said, “Honey, you can suck on my titties, but don’t you damage me…….. I’m going to do the other side now…… Suck but DON’T BITE!”
“You bite my titty and I will cut off your balls big boy”
She was so fucking scary… she was FUCKING POWERFUL! I wanted to be just like her!!!!
She then repeated the process on the other side, again letting jack suck her tit whilst she punched massive holes in his. I felt him shudder again but this time he held back a little, I think he was probably terrified of what Anna might do to him!
She looked down at me, sucking his cock and fisting his arse, and smiled.
“Girl…. Half time….. change ends…..Take Jack his cunt while I carve him up for you”
I slid my hand out of Jacks arse. He let out a bit of shit, I don’t think he has ever been fisted like that before. I bent down and kissed his hole before licking the pre-cum of the end of his cock.
Anna adjusted the bed to allow me to straddle my mans face. I knew my cunt was too raw and too swollen to be licked out, so we removed the ball gag from Jacks face and replaced it with a huge dildo gag. It was REALLY FUCKING huge. The packet said 14 inches!!! Far bigger than anything I had put in my arse before, but I was so horny and very keen to work my way down the whole shaft.
I removed the huge butt plug from my arse and lowered my loose, pre-lubed arsehole down onto his face. I did this in “reverse cowgirl” position as I needed to see everything that Anna was doing to my husband’s genitals.
I could feel my labia rings and tunnels rubbing and bouncing into Jacks face, which was arousing and sore in equal measure. I began to ride him, allowing the big dildo to penetrate me deeper and deeper whilst my jewellery box of cunt rings clattered and chimed together, clinking off his chin, as I got wetter and wetter.
“Fuck your arsehole until you shit all over his face”, Shouted Anna.
“I want you to fuck his face until he’s covered and choking on your jizz and your shit”
I wasn’t going to argue with any demand Anna made. She was thrilling, exciting, horny, and terrifying in equal measure. I was in awe of her….. I think I loved her!....... I think I wanted to be her!
Whilst I rode Jacks face Anna positioned herself between his legs. She placed a huge butt plug in his arse to hold him open.
She then held his beautiful, hard, throbbing cock up by its PA ring and clipped out the ball. As the PA was removed, I felt a small pang of regret. I knew it was going to be replaced with something better, but I’d had such fun with his PA over the years and thought that I might miss it.
As I saw the huge 6mm needle travel up through his cock and out the top of his head, I could feel my pussy much begin to oose down Jacks chin. He was writhing around so much and with such force I thought he might break free of his restraints, but Anna knows her business! He couldn’t escape however he may try.
The first needle was swiftly followed by a second. Anna had pierced 2 huge 6mm holes, vertically through Jacks cock head, creating 2 heavy gauge apadravya’s. As the jewellery was pushed through his cock, I instantly realised how stupid my earlier thoughts about missing his PA were. His cock head was bruised and bloodied but the steel bars that were inserted looked like girders in his rigid cock, and I squirted a little more cum down his chin as I imagined him penetrating me and rubbing his cock bolts against my sensitive G-spot.
I slid my arse down a little further and felt myself open up.
Anna Began to pierce needles through the skin of Jacks cock. She pierced with what looked like really large gauge needles, horizontally across the top of his cock from head to base. She then expertly weaved Sub dermal bead strings under the skin of his cock and sutured them in place. Jack had had NO NUMBING CREAM!
He shook at every cut, but he was coping. I slid further down the dildo opening up my arse to the point where I was convinced, I was going to split. I watched as Anna place 5 huge bead strings along the top of Jacks shaft, and then joined them to another set of strings across the bottom of his shaft. His cock appeared to have 5 unbroken lines of beads running around the whole circumference of his cock. As she stitched up the wounds, I felt like his cock had gained an extra inch of girth. I was thrilled with the results….. He was now EXTREMELY ribbed for MY pleasure!!!!!
The sight of Jacks modded and swollen cock made me begin to squirt again and I used the lube to force my arse down just a little further. I felt the excruciating “POP” as my arse opened up and finally swallowed the full length of the dildo. I was relieved, excited, and terrified in equal measure, knowing that the whole 14inches were now embedded in my colon! Within a second of the pop my cunt exploded, squirting all over Jacks chest. It must have stung his newly punched tits!
it certainly stung my labia wounds!!
Anna was ready to move onto Jacks final modification of the day, but before doing so screamed at me to, “KEEP THAT CUNT JIZZ POURING OUT BITCH……. RUB THAT RAW CLIT UNTIL THE TEARS RUN DOWN YOUR CHEEKS”
I did as I was told….. I rubbed my hard, pierced, raw clit as hard as I could bare. I kept my cunt juices flowing and squirting, whilst Anna parted my husbands ball sack. She held the sack widely spread open and took out her scalpel. She began to cut his sack from front to back. I could feel Jack start to lurch all over the place. I think he was probably scared that Anna was following through her threat and cutting his balls off!
She wasn’t……. She sliced the skin apart and made a bigger and bigger hole in his sack, she manipulated his flesh with her fingers, and slid a massive taper through the hole she had scalpelled. She then inserted a ridiculous sized flesh tunnel through his sack…. Front to back…. Jack had received a transcrotal piercing. IT WAS FUCKING HUGE! IT WAS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I was instantly in love.
I felt myself twitch and the jizz began to squirt out of me yet again.
She looked up at me and smiled, “50mm as requested”, was all she said.
“Keep your cunt squirting girl, I’m going to finish off your man” smiled Anna as she pushed very thin, play piercing needles through Jacks cock head. These were long and after she had put 8 around and through the tip of his head, she told me to reach down and hold his cock with these needles. She told me to not touch any other part of his cock but to wank him by pulling all the needles, at once, that she had pushed through the tip of his cock head.
While I wanked off my man, I began to push and pound my arse up and down on the dildo in Jacks mouth. I had loosened up to a point I never thought possible and was now sliding up and down the full length of the 14” dildo and could feel cum squirting out of my pussy but was also starting to relax my arse in a whole new way. I felt like I was going to shit!
I wanked Jack off with the needles and fucked my arse while Anna spread her legs and rubbed her massive black, tattooed, pierced, and obscenely stretched clit with an intense vibrator. She slid a sound into her blacked-out urethra and fucked her pee hole. I was still cuming and we could see Jacks bloodied cock start to shake, with a flick of her clit she removed the sound and her hot sticky cunt jizz began to squirt all over Jacks cock and balls, no doubt stinging his wounds, I wanked him harder with the needles and he began to spunk. All three of us were squirting at the same time!!!
Anna Screamed at me to pull out and shit! As soon as I lifted my arse, I felt shit start to fall from my massive gaping arsehole. I could feel the twitch deep in my stomach…. I couldn’t stop it… I had no control!
She screamed to pull out the needles…. I started to pull the play piercing needles out of Jacks cock and licked around his head, lapping up the blood and cum while being careful not to disturb his new modifications.
I lifted myself up off jack’s face and turned round to see loose shit had caked Jacks face. He was gaging so I helped him by removing the dildo gag and wiping my shit out of his mouth and eyes.
Anna pushed me to one side as all I was doing was smearing the shit around. She hovered over my husband’s face and fucked herself so viciously with a massive (12 FUCKING MIL!!!) sound whilst flicking her hard, pierced, stretched, tattooed clit. It took less than 30 seconds for her to empty what seemed like gallons of beautiful hot cunt juice all over jack’s face, washing away any shit but almost drowning him under the sheer force of cum.
She climbed off as though it was no big deal, and quickly removed his restraints. Jack and I held each other shaking, sobbing, spasming in every way possible.
We had just had the most extreme, bizarre, and fucking amazing sex of our lives!!!!
We eventually helped each other to our feet, and it was clear that Jack had been truly destroyed. My once strong, butch, powerful man was a shaky, quivering wreak. Tears were rolling down his cheeks and he could barely speak.
We both stumbled over to the full-length mirrors and inspected ourselves. Jacks nipples had become bigger than mine in 1 day. 8mm nipple bars were punched so deeply through his areola and they looked massive, bright red… almost purple, and very sore……Jacks cock was beaded and ribbed all over. 2 massive bars sat in his cock head and a 2-inch hole had been hacked through his ball sack!
After a long silence we both looked at each other and smiled.
“Thankyou” Jacks hoarse voice croaked. “That was one of the most amazing experiences of my life”.
“Do you like your modifications” I said gingerly…. Not sure if I had gone too far.
My husband looked me in the eye and had a slightly serious look to his face, for a second, I thought he was going to cross with all I had done to him. He held me gently yet firmly by the shoulders and held my gaze.
“My darling wife…… I never imagined we would be on this journey together……. I absolutely love what you have done to me…… I am thrilled…….. I am even more thrilled to see what crazy shit we do next!”
“Next??” I replied…..
“Well we both know what a hardcore slut you are, its not like your going to stop anytime soon and you know that I’m thrilled to see how your body develops……… I know your already fantasizing about how much of a freak you could become”
Slightly unsure of myself I nodded and smiled.
“Well if your going to become a proper sideshow freak, then I was hoping to join you……. Lets do this together…… our bodies can be our playgrounds…… lets get more….. LOTS MORE!”
A huge grin spread over my face. This was music to my ears. As much as it was a fantasy, I had feared that there may be limits to how bizarre Jack was prepared for me to go….. It was now not only clear that he was comfortable for me to go much further, much deeper into my inner freak, but also that he wanted to join me on that journey.
“head to toe” I said almost looking to clarify that he understood the full extent of my desires
“I gotta keep my face clear my lover, I need to keep a job, but neck to toe for me sounds delightful”
“Wow…. You will look fucking amazing” I responded, but I was talking about me………………….. Jack I really want to be covered from head to toe; I don’t want an inch of me anywhere to be left untattooed…… I want scars, brands, ridiculously stretched piercings, implants, and every single bit of skin from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet to be hammered with ink…….. Will you still love me? Will you still find me horny”?
Jacks face beamed the biggest smile ever……. My darling I will always love you, I will always fine you horny, however as you submit further and further to becoming the true freak that you are my love will grow even more intense, my admiration will be all consuming, and your cock will be here to satisfy you and worship you at every stage”.
The pact was made! We were in this together…… We were in this till the end…… We were in this TO THE EXTREME!
We both held each other and smiled….. “Excited?” I said looking for final confirmation
“Very” said Jack….. “thrilled, elated, horny, and very very excited” he confirmed
This was going to be one hell of a ride!
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Wow awesome, thank you for these new parts. Great stuff cannot wait to read the next part. And to be honest, it makes me a bit jealous, because I would like to changes roles with them.
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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For me personally, your story and the sequel is just awesome.
I love this story and can't wait for the next part at all.
You meet exactly my taste with it. There is nothing I would want otherwise.
You describe the situations extremely well, so that one can literally empathize with them and one gets a visual idea of the scenario.
Just the idea of Samatha's piercings and mods, those of Anna and of course the latest mods from Jack.
I wish I was Samantha myself.

Thank you for your wonderful continuation.
I can't wait for the next part.
I love this story and you for continuing it.
Let's not wait too long please please.
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Thanks for the kind comments.... ive decided to work on my writing a bit, and its a nice, safe way to express my own fantasy..... im glad of the positive feedback.
I will post again in about a fortnight
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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minorhobo wrote:Thanks for the kind comments.... ive decided to work on my writing a bit, and its a nice, safe way to express my own fantasy..... im glad of the positive feedback.
I will post again in about a fortnight
I can't wait... I think the fortnight is over. :roll:
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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Please continue
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Re: Story: Samantha Stretch?

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does anyone know similar stories and where to find them?
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